Zachary Miller
Zachary Miller - S12E15
Name: Zachary Miller
Affiliation(s): Space Pirates
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Crash Site Crashers
Armor Color(s): Steel
Occupation(s): Mercenary
Weapon(s): Combat Knife
Armor Enhancement(s): Active Camouflage
Voice Actor(s): Josh Flanagan
"I worked with the mercs on another job a long time ago. I guess I did good. They came back and had the offer of a lifetime."
"Wiping out an entire planet?"
"You call it genocide... I call it one hell of a paycheck."
—Zachary in Accentuate the Interrogative

Zachary Miller was a mercenary who first appeared in Crash Site Crashers, but made a more prominent appearance in Accentuate the Interrogative. An ex-military soldier, Zach worked with the Space Pirates before, which earned him the chance to join them on Chorus.

Role in PlotEdit

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After accidentally being teleported back with Carolina and the Blues, Zach attempts to kill Caboose, but Carolina stops him using her Speed Boost. When the latter tries to interrogate him, he refuses to talk, forcing the Blood Gulch Crew to have Dr. Grey step in, who successfully gains the information after she tortures Zach. Afterwards, Zach tells Wash and Carolina about the tractor beam at Crash Site Alpha and Control's large amount of time and effort put into their plans. Unfortunately, as he taunts the group's hope to stop Control, Zach is soon killed by one of his own comrades.


Zach, much like his Space Pirate comrades, was a dark and twisted individual as he called the genocide of the people on Chorus the "offer of a lifetime". He also appeared to have a cold demeanor, as he had no qualms with killing innocent people.



  • Zach's armor consists of an Enforcer helmet, Prefect shoulders, Stalker torso, Recruit forearms, ODST legs, and a Frost visor.
  • Zach is the first member of the Space Pirates to reveal his full name, followed by Felix (Isaac Gates) and Locus (Samuel Ortez).

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