When We're Together Trocadero Album

When We're Together is a live album composed by Trocadero that contains music used in various Red vs. Blue episodes. The album was released in 2014 and is currently available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Spotify.

Track ListingEdit

# Song Title Artist(s) Running Time Featured In
1. Intro (Live) Trocadero 0:32 None
2. Contact Trocadero 3:38 Season 11, The Federal Army of Chorus
3. So Good (Live) Trocadero 1:14 None
4. Bolt (Live) Trocadero 3:51 None
5. Colors (Instrumental) Trocadero 3:28 None
6. Vale Deah (Live) Trocadero 3:51 None
7. Steady Ride (Gun Metal Green) - (Live) Trocadero 4:13 None
8. Man In Red (Live) Trocadero 5:18 None
9. Shiny Thing (Live) Trocadero 1:18 None
10. Carolina In The Morning Trocadero 2:30 Out of Body
11. Best Girl (Live) Trocadero 5:08 None
12. Good Fight (Live) Trocadero 5:12 None
13. Blood Gulch Blues (Live) Trocadero 2:58 None
14. Colors (Live) Trocadero 3:20 None
15. (617) - (Live) Trocadero 4:08 None
16. Good Fight (Instrumental) Trocadero 5:39 Recovery One (Parts 1-4), Think You Know Someone


  • The album title comes from a lyric in "Colors".

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