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"I recovered, weapons, armor, and A.I. fragments, all in an effort to keep the wrong people from getting them first but I was too slow. Everyone fought over the remnants of Project Freelancer. I didn't think I could believe in anyone anymore. But then... I met the Reds and Blues."
—Washington summing up his experience of Project Freelancer in One-Zero-One

Major Washington, or Wash for short, real name David, is a main character in Red vs. Blue and is voiced by Shannon McCormick. First introduced in the series' second saga, The Recollection, Washington was once an agent of Project Freelancer, assigned to the organization's Special Operations Recovery Unit, where he was charged with recovering the A.I. and destroying the equipment of dying Freelancers.

Upon learning of the atrocities committed by the Project, Wash recruited the Reds and Blues to help him in his mission to shut down the organization and the sim troopers would later grow to be Wash's greatest allies and closest friends. Wash would later part ways with them before the events of Zero in order to continue serving in the military.


Wash in Season 9.

Before the Recollections, Washington was an easy-going soldier who, despite his high rank, acted like a rookie. However, after being implanted with the A.I. Epsilon, Washington witnessed the Director's crimes, the Alpha's torture, and possibly went insane due to the implantation. Washington is one of the most complex characters in the entire series. Although introduced as the main protagonist in Reconstruction, he later becomes an antagonist alongside Meta (formerly Maine) in Revelation. Near the conclusion of Revelation, however, he helps defeat the Meta and becomes a member of the Blue Team after the Reds and Blues help him fake his death so that he can avoid life imprisonment and live a new life.

Role in Plot[]


Before he was recruited into the Freelancer program, David was enlisted into the UNSC during the Great War, where he completed his basic training at the Leonis-Minoris system. Afterward, David became an Army Corporal and bounced around different systems until he and his squad were attacked by the aliens one day. Fortunately, David managed to save his platoon but disobeyed orders from his Staff Sergeant to do so. David then injured his Sergeant, which resulted in him being court-martialed.

After the incident, David undergoes a psych evaluation conducted by Counselor Aiden Price, where the two discuss David's interest in joining Project Freelancer. Price asks David why he wants to join the project, in which David replies that his interest stems from the fact that the humans are losing the war. However, Price figures out that David only wishes to join because he has nowhere else to go. After a long conversation, David is enlisted into Project Freelancer and is given the codename Washington.

Project Freelancer[]

S9 E7.png

In his early days, Washington was one of the worst agents, teased by higher ranked members for incidents such as throwing a grenade without removing the pin. Thus he spent much time with The Triplets: Ohio, Iowa, and Idaho. Still, eventually he climbed to the top ten of the leaderboard and became a regular in the Project's missions. At one time, Washington was listed as the sixth-ranked Freelancer. After a failed mission with C.T., Washington tries to console her, but she pushes him away. She then explains that the missions decide between the best and worst Freelancers and that Wash had better choose whose side he's on soon. Hours later, Agent North Dakota approaches Wash, worried that "Internals" had questioned the latter about his use of equipment on a mission. Wash tells him not to worry, but their conversation is interrupted when a group of soldiers head towards the training floor. Wash and North head there as well and witness Maine, Wyoming, and York fighting Agent Texas.

Wash being yelled at by the Director.

When York is injured during the fight, Wash, Carolina, North, South, and C.T. rush down to his aid. The Director then enters and yells at the Freelancers. When Wash tries to defend himself, saying that Maine and Wyoming weren't following protocol, the Director angrily responds that the enemy won't follow protocol either. Wash is later seen in the briefing room with most of the other Freelancers, preparing for the mission to retrieve the Sarcophagus. He's assigned to Team A, along with Maine, Carolina, and a recovered York.

Wash and Carolina fire.png

During the mission, Wash is seen with Team A in the 110-story building, where he finds the Sarcophagus. Carolina gets the idea to send it up a window washer lift by having Maine serve as a counter weight. As the Sarcophagus is being sent up the lift, a soldier with a flame thrower battles Carolina and Wash. Wash tries to kill the soldier with a Fuel Rod Cannon, but the beam bounces and explodes harmlessly behind the soldier. After Carolina defeats the soldier, the two regroup with York at the top of the building, where they unexpectedly confront Tex.

Tex ditches Wash.png

Suddenly, the four become surrounded by Insurrectionists, but are soon saved by the Mother of Invention which fires the shipboard MAC gun (Mass Accelerated Cannon) at their location. When the building begins to collapse, the Freelancers hop off the building and escape. During the free fall, Wash lands on the Sarcophagus and brings down a Hornet with his battle rifle. Afterwards, a Pelican picks him up, with the Sarcophagus in hand. After the mission, Wash spots C.T. talking with an Insurrectionist, forcing her to end the video chat as a result of being interrupted. C.T. leaves and tells Washington to mind his own business.

A.I. Interaction[]

Carolina's pep talk to Wash, North & South.png

In the UNSC Scrap Metal Recycling Station in space, Wash is sent on a mission to infiltrate an Insurrectionist space station and capture its leader, alongside fellow Freelancers: North Dakota, South Dakota, C.T., and Carolina. Before they set off, Carolina tells them not to over use their jetpacks or they'll end up like Georgia, which only makes Wash feel uneasy. During the mission, Wash attempts to access the leader's location via a computer module in the space station's main hangar, but nearly gets killed by a falling Warthog. When the Freelancer team obtains new information on the leader's whereabouts, they prepare to depart to Bone Valley, until York crash lands inside the station's main hangar and joins them.

Wash hooked.png

After they leave the station, the Insurrection plant an unknown nuclear device in space, forcing the Freelancers to escape. As the others make it into the Pelican, Wash slowly catches up, out of fear of ending up like Georgia, but is saved when Carolina locks onto his armor's codpiece with a grappling hook. After the mission, Wash and York are introduced to North's A.I., Theta, and are amazed by their success in a test involving the two. After a class about A.I. theory, Wash joins North Dakota and York on their discussion of the Alpha A.I. in the mess hall. Wash asks many questions during the discussion, while eating a couple of snacks in the process.

Washington using his EMP

Washington is soon sent on a mission to obtain C.T.'s armor at the Longshore Shipyards, along with fellow Freelancers Carolina, York, South, and North Dakota. During their arrival at the Shipyards, the Freelancers quickly attack the Insurrectionists, where Wash activates his armor enhancement: an EMP unit that he uses to shut down two Warthogs before they hit him. After North eliminates a sniper group, Wash and York are attacked by the Sleeveless Insurrection Soldier. Wash manages to disarm the Sleeveless Insurrectionist, but is soon chased by a Warthog. Taking cover, Wash activates a beacon, which sends down a drop pod containing Maine and Sigma.

"Uh oh."

As Wash and York watch Maine handle the Insurrectionists from behind cover, Sigma appears before them to speak with Delta. He soon dismisses himself afterwards and Wash, along with York, soon join Wyoming inside the Leader's bunker, but are pinned down by Twin Insurrectionist Chain Gunners. When Carolina arrives and begins to give orders, a cloaked Tex breaks through the Twin Gunners' line of fire and surpasses them. Carolina, enraged, charges after her. Still under fire from the Twin gunners, Agent Florida, who had recovered after being hit by a tomahawk to the chest, shoots a crane arm and sends the crate it was carrying at the Insurrectionist soldiers, splattering them underneath.

Epsilon Incident[]

Wash sorry.png

Back aboard the Mother of Invention, Washington is scheduled for A.I. implantation, along with South Dakota, for either the Eta or Iota A.I. Unfortunately, his schedule is pushed back by Carolina, who decides to take both A.I. for herself. While Carolina is prepped for surgery, South complains over the latter's decision and is further angered when Wash claims that he has been rescheduled for implantation sometime soon. Afterward, Wash and York visit Carolina after her surgery in the medical observatory, where she soon wakes up and demands a match.

Freelancers watching Texas and Carolina - S10.png

Afterward, Wash, York, North, Wyoming, and Maine gather in the observation room to watch a match between Texas and Carolina. As the training match begins, the Director comes in and questions why there is an unscheduled match going on, before noticing that Tex herself is participating. He then yells out her name in concern, which sends all the A.I. in to a relapse, calling out "Allison" as a result. The Freelancers, except Wash, double over in pain in response to the A.I.s' screams. However, this quickly subsides, and the Freelancers recover, except for Carolina, whose A.I. have become unstable.

Wash during his implantation.

Several days later, Washington is assigned to be implanted with the Epsilon A.I. Immediately after the operation, Wash loses control, seeing a twisted kaleidoscope of Epsilon's memories of Allison, which causes him to launch into a fit of severe pain. After a long minute of screaming and thrashing, accompanied with the A.I. Epsilon trying to kill itself in Wash's head due to the sheer painfulness of the memories, Wash is soon sedated and sent into Recovery. A few days after his implantation, Wash wakes up in the medical room, with North and South standing by him. They tell him that the Director not only removed Epsilon but plans to remove all of the A.I. from the Freelancers. Wash then questions Carolina's whereabouts, in which North reveals that the Director has been planning to send Carolina to go after Tex, who has recently gone rogue. A security alarm suddenly sounds off, indicating that Tex had come back.

North, Wash, and South staring at an empty bed.png

Following the aftermath of Tex's break-in and the Mother of Invention's crash-landing on Sidewinder, Wash's memories begin to merge with Epsilon's, allowing Wash to experience the torturing of the Alpha. Wash continued to have trouble sifting out which of his memories are actually his and which are the displaced, agonized, dying memories belonging to Epsilon. To make matters worse, the Director and Counselor began to suspect if Wash inherited Epsilon's memories. Because of this, Wash grew distrustful of having another A.I. in his head, fearing that he wouldn't be able to hide what he knew from another program.

Recovery One[]

Delta meets Washington.

Some time after the events of the Freelancer break-in, the Counselor questions Washington about the Epsilon incident, where Wash expresses a few grievances with the overall program, having grown more cynical and apathetic. Because of this change, Wash is given the new call sign "Recovery One" and is charged with recovering abandoned A.I. and armor enhancements. One mission leads him to recover Delta, after Freelancer York is KIA. While recovering Delta Wash plants an explosive onto York's armor, but is then attacked by Wyoming. As Wyoming corners Wash, he realizes that the explosive on York's armor is about to detonate and flees as a result. When Delta reminds Wash about the detonator, Wash takes Delta and manages to escape the explosion. He is then contacted by Recovery Command and is sent to answer a Priority One distress call.

Washington in the Halo 2 engine.

Wash responds and finds the two Freelancer twins, North and South Dakota. North is KIA, but South was left alive. Upon questioning South, Wash discovers that North still had his A.I. construct, Theta, but is soon contacted by Command and is ordered to kill South. Wash only pretends to kill her, later saying that he needs her help. He orders Delta to lie about South's death, much to South's disbelief, and the group go to a city, where Wash explains the situation to South: something is hunting down the Freelancers and stealing their armor enhancements and A.I. Wash plans to implant Delta into South for safekeeping, but South protests, saying that she isn't rated for implantation.

Washington and South Dakota in battle.

Nonetheless, South goes through with it. Wash and South are then attacked by the Meta, the entity that is hunting the Freelancers. In an effort to protect Delta, Wash suggests that South escape while he provides her cover. This turns out to be a severe mistake when South betrays Wash and shoots him in the back. South then confronts the Meta and convinces it to steal Wash's armor enhancement before the timed charge she allegedly placed on his armor detonates, giving her the time to escape with Delta. Washington is last seen lying on the ground motionless with the Meta looming over him.

Pursuit of the Meta[]

Washington in Reconstruction.

Washington makes his re-appearance in the very first episode of Reconstruction, having escaped the Meta from his last encounter simply by playing dead. Wash also reveals that he was able to survive South's betrayal because he had taken York's Healing Unit. Upon offering counsel to Recovery Command on the incident at Outpost 17-B: Valhalla, Wash is ordered to investigate the last known location of the Omega A.I.: Blood Gulch.[1] When he arrives, he learns that all of the soldiers, with the exception of Sister, have been transferred to different bases, although Sarge is also present, having refused his reassignment orders. After a fruitless attempt at interrogating Sister, Wash questions Sarge, who shows him Caboose's reassignment orders as recorded by Lopez.

Washington's Recovery beacon activates.

When he arrives at Caboose's new base at Outpost 28-A: Rat's Nest, he learns about Caboose's immense stupidity the hard way. Shortly afterwards, Wash and Caboose manage to find Church at Outpost 48-A and persuade him to join them in hunting the Meta. After finding and re-activating Sheila at Valhalla, Washington's suspicions about the Meta are confirmed, but he is interrupted by a distress call from Delta, implying that South is under attack by the Meta. Upon arriving at the location of Delta's distress call, a fight ensues with the three (Wash, Caboose, and Church) against the Meta. When South attempts to escape, Wash orders Church and Caboose to stop her, so Caboose shoots her in the legs and injures her. Not long after, Meta activates his time distortion unit. About to kill Wash, Meta's suit has a malfunction, forcing him to retreat. The three regroup after their defeat and confront South. Delta appears to be safe and informs the three of how South tried to give him up just to survive, and reminds Wash about how South sacrificed him just to try and escape. He then reminds Wash about how she had done the same thing to him, and evidently to North, allowing her own brother to be killed just to escape. Not to mention, she is wounded, and would only slow their process. From this, Delta informs the three that they should not allow South to hamper their progress. Without a second thought, Wash agrees and executes South.

Reconstruction 12.png

After incinerating South's corpse, Wash manages to track the Meta back to Zanzibar, only to have Sarge and the newly reformed Red Team to appear and hamper their progress in stopping the Meta. As a result, Wash manages to convince the Reds and Blues to work with him to stop the Meta. After Wash assumes command of both teams, Church gives him a message that he received from Delta: "Memory is the key." Wash reveals that the message meant that the Alpha A.I. is the only thing that can stop the Meta, and that there is only one place where they can find it: Freelancer Command. After commandeering some vehicles at Valhalla, Wash, the Reds, and Blues sneak into Freelancer Command, where, Wash takes Church with him down into the A.I. Containment Facility where he begins to search the corridors. After some searching, Washington finally comes across the panel he was looking for, but instead of extracting the Alpha A.I. from it, he extracts his A.I.: Epsilon.

Reconstruction 15.png

Church is furious that Wash lied to him, but Washington explains everything. He explains that all the other A.I. were never copied from the Alpha (because one cannot copy an A.I.), but instead fragments of it, created by torturing the Alpha until it began to split off parts of its personality in order to protect its sanity, which were then harvested for use. Finally, Washington provides Church with a jarring revelation - the reason why Church always agreed with everything Delta said, why he was assigned to Blood Gulch, why he can live without a body, and why he was unaffected when the Omega A.I. jumped into his head, is because Church himself, is the Alpha A.I.


Washington and Church, moments before the EMP is activated.

Church refuses to accept Wash's explanation, and insists on leaving with the rest of the Reds and Blues, despite Wash's appeal for help. Wash makes his way back down to a computer terminal in order to trigger Command's EMP, luring the Meta in behind him. The Counselor and the Director of Project Freelancer each plead with Wash not to go through with his plan, but when Wash refuses, they allow the Meta to attack him. When Wash is injured, Church appears and stalls the Meta long enough for Washington to activate the EMP, destroying the electronic facilities of Freelancer Command and the Meta's collection of A.I.

Washington Is In Prison.png

Washington's fate is revealed in Catching Up, where it is shown that he survived the gunshot wound, but had been stripped of his Agent status and imprisoned in a UNSC Maximum Security Detention Facility for his actions in Reconstruction. Caboose contacted him, requesting help for himself and Donut, but Wash stated that assistance from him would be unlikely; however, when approached by the Prison Guard, he claimed that he needed to see "the Commander," stating ambiguously that he had found "the missing piece to his puzzle." The commander is revealed to be the Chairman, who in turn makes a deal with Wash: Wash promised that in exchange for his freedom, he'll find and return the Epsilon Unit to the UNSC.

Pursuit of Epsilon[]

Wash and the Meta team up.

In Think You Know Someone, Washington soon arrived at Valhalla to find Donut, Lopez, and Simmons trying to escape in the Meta's Warthog. Wash orders the Meta to stand down before demanding the Epsilon unit from the terrified Reds. Deeming Lopez and Donut to be useless to him, Wash shoots them both and holds Simmons prisoner back at Blue Base. Revealing that he's working with the Meta, he then forces Simmons to make a call for a medic, and results in Doc responding to the call. When Doc arrives, he is quickly subdued and held prisoner alongside Simmons.


After receiving a call from Sarge, Wash forces Simmons to reply with an all-clear message, hoping to lure the rest of the Blood Gulch squad with Epsilon in tow. However, Sarge and Grif return and overtake Wash with an unexpected plan and in the process, incapacitating him. The Reds then rescue only Simmons and reunite with Epsilon, who followed them back to Valhalla, until Wash reappears alongside the Meta in pursuit of them. He is forced to detour, however, when Epsilon blocks his progress by causing a wall to collapse. Forced to abandon his pursuit, Wash and Meta attempt to free Doc from the wall, but only succeed in tearing away Doc's wall fragment. The two then question Doc, who replies that Simmons "mentioned something about sand."

Wash with Doc and the Meta in the desert.

They then track down a Recovery Beacon to the dig-site, where Washington forced the Meta to dig until he found the source of the beacon: C.T.'s helmet, surprising Wash. After Wash and Meta free Doc from the wall by blasting it, they encountered the Aliens. Doc convinces them to draw a map to Epsilon for them, but unfortunately for the trio, the map turns out to be an insult to the humans, leading the Meta and Wash to open fire on the Aliens. Wash then tries to get Doc to check if one of the Aliens had survived the attack and ordered the Meta to find something they could use to help track Epsilon.

Wash, Doc, & Meta Revelation.png

The Meta tosses out Epsilon's empty storage unit and Washington orders the Meta to modify it into a capture unit. While the Meta works on the storage unit, Doc asks Wash if they have any way to track the Reds, such as following their footprints, or looking for broken tree branches. Wash informs Doc that they are in the desert, and calls him an idiot. As Doc walks away, Wash asks the Meta if they can track the Reds, with the Meta telling Wash they are in the desert. After modifying the unit, the Meta manages to find a faint trail, and the three prepare to move out. Wash then gets a beacon, and he, the Meta, and Doc leave for Epsilon.

Joining the Blue Team[]

Wash and the Meta battle Tex.

Upon arrival at a snowy Freelancer base, they find the body of Epsilon lying in the snow, but Washington is reluctant to approach. Doc suggests that they would possibly be expected to remain in position by their would-be assailant, to which Wash scoffs at, but is quickly proven true when a ring of mines detonates around them, sending the three flying. Wash is soon subdued by Tex, who demands the Director's location. Shocked that Tex is alive, Wash expresses confusion at her question, when suddenly the Meta attacks. Wash then regains his weapon and joins the brawl. As Tex escapes from a falling cliff she detonated, Wash and the Meta run to safety, barely escaping the fall.

Washington and Epsilon stand beside the capture unit.

After the fight, Meta captures Tex inside the capture unit and uses it to obtain Epsilon, betraying Wash. Wash manages to save Epsilon, at the cost of his own safety. As the Meta gets ready to kill him, Wash is saved by a close rescue by the Reds and Blues. He then finds Tex trapped in the memory unit and begins a short conversation with Epsilon over Tex's past until the Meta returns for a fight. After an intense battle with the Meta, Wash is badly wounded and gives Sarge the Warthog tow cable, which he uses to defeat the Meta.

Wash joins the Blue Team.

Afterwards, Sarge tells Doc to go help the wounded Washington, expressing doubt that he will survive. When UNSC Police forces arrive, the Blues help Washington evade arrest by faking his death and giving him Epsilon's armor, now with a yellow trim. When Wash asked why they were helping him, Caboose told him that they were returning past favors, while Tucker said it was because they were one guy short. Nonetheless, Wash thanks them.

Conflict with Carolina[]

Tucker, Wash, & Caboose.png

As time passes, Carolina takes the Reds and Blues on a mission to rescue Epsilon at the UNSC Archives, where Wash informs Epsilon that he took his armor and his place on Blue Team. After the group leave the facility with Epsilon in hand, they make a pit stop at a UNSC Wind Power Station, where Carolina expresses her regret over the Meta's rampage to Wash, as a result of it being caused by her A.I. Sigma. The two suddenly discover Tucker and Epsilon spying on them nearby, in which Carolina threatens them to get out. After sweeping out the facility, Wash tells Carolina that he was unable to find anything new. As a result, the two ex-Freelancers decide to locate a new target: C.T.

Wash and Carolina find body.png

When the group arrive at the desert, Wash quickly directs Carolina to C.T.'s grave site. While there, Wash wonders why Carolina wanted to find her, in which she retells the events at the Longshore Shipyards, where C.T. was killed by Tex and that the body discovered by Wash and the Meta was in fact the Insurrectionist Leader. After Carolina takes the data pad containing the information on Project Freelancer, Wash plugs it into the computer of an Elephant, but the data file becomes corrupted. Frustrated, Carolina departs on her Mongoose to an Abandoned Island Fortress, in which Wash has everyone move inside the temple, before dark.

Washington watches the sunset.

That night, Wash overlooks the desert on the roof of the temple and hears Caboose attempting to sneak up on him to voice the groups' concerns about Carolina. Wash tells Caboose to get back inside, but is caught by surprise when Caboose tells him he considers him a friend. Carolina returns with Epsilon and tells the group that they are moving to Outpost 17-B. Upon returning to Outpost 17-B, Wash and Carolina head to the Pelican, after a debate with the Reds about the possibility of an ambush due to the teams being wanted fugitives.

"I've already been responsible for enough of their problems in the past..."

After scanning over the Pelican crash site, Wash informs Carolina about his findings: a dog tag and a couple of shell casings. Carolina, angry at the fact that they were unable to find anything useful, decides to leave Valhalla and orders Wash to tell the Reds and Blues that they will be moving out again. Wash points out that Valhalla is still their home and they won't be ready to leave, but Carolina stares him down and says she will see the mission completed regardless. Wash, clearly fed up with Carolina's attitude, then leaves to inform the others. As he goes to tell the Reds, he eavesdrops on a conversation they're having, listening to Sarge state that if they leave, things are going to get worse.

Rescue Mission[]

"...and I'll be damned before I let you cause any more."

Wash and the others then gather in the Hologram Chamber, where Carolina and Epsilon discuss their plan to kill the Director. However, the Reds and Blues refuse to help and as a result, Carolina holds Tucker at gunpoint, forcing them to assist. Furious, Wash aims his pistol at Carolina's head, threatening to kill her if she tries to hurt his friends. Epsilon then begins to blame the Reds and Blues for all his problems, causing the group to depart from the chamber, leaving only Washington, Carolina and Epsilon. Wash coldly tells Carolina that she needs to figure out the difference between her enemies and her friends before walking out of the room.

Sarge talks to Wash.png

Sometime later, the Blues manage to take all of the Reds' equipment, and continue to torment the Reds, but none of the crew feels into it. When Wash questions what else do the Reds have, he becomes astounded when Grif reveals the Meta's Brute Shot to them. Doc soon reminds the Reds and Blues on how much they have changed since they first met. Following Doc's speech, the Reds and Blues decide to go help Epsilon and Carolina but Wash reminds them that the mission will be dangerous. After a brief speech from Sarge however, Wash agrees to help. Suddenly, a trio of UNSC Police Hornets surround the group and attempt to arrest them.

Reds and Blues attack! 2.png

The Reds and Blues, however, steal the Hornets and fly off to Carolina and Epsilon's location. The group find Carolina being attacked by an army of robotic Tex drones. Wash helps Carolina to her feet and gives her his pistol. Afterwards, the group battle the drones but are soon overwhelmed. Wash tells Epsilon that he must confront Tex in order to stop the drones, which Epsilon does so. After Epsilon shuts down the drones he tells the group that he and Carolina must complete the next task alone. After Carolina and Epsilon confront the Director, they decide to relocate the Reds and Blues to a place where they can call home. However, on their way back home, the Reds and Blues crash land a pardoned ship in an unknown location.

Shipwrecked on Chorus[]

"we're just camped at opposite ends of the color divided teams. While heavily armed."

As a result, Tucker, Caboose, and Washington settle at their new Blue base, where Wash creates a journal entry describing his experience at Project Freelancer and his transition meeting the Reds and Blues. However, when he discovers the Reds using Blue team's tank, he stops them and explains that they must repair their communications tower before they run out of food. He and Caboose then return the tank back to Blue base, where Wash confronts Tucker about his insubordination. Wash then has Tucker perform exercises, and later comforts a depressed Caboose.

11 5 00005.png

Soon afterwards, as Wash repairs the comm tower with Tucker's help, Tucker questions why they haven't been found yet, stating that the ship's GPS would have also informed command of their crash. Wash brings up his concern of something watching them and reluctantly agrees with Tucker. After they complete their repairs, the Reds arrive to offer help, where Lopez 2.0 successfully manages to complete the repairs, allowing the group to make contact with Donut. Wash and Sarge inform Donut of their situation and Donut agrees to rescue them.

11 10 itsdonut2.png

Afterwards Caboose returns and introduces the group to his pet Freckles, frightening everyone. Soon after, Wash enters the ship to check the group's food rations, but instead ventures into another area of it. When he returns, he questions why Simmons is at Blue base, in which Tucker explains that the latter simply joined them. Wash scolds Tucker for this and the two get into a heated argument, until Grif and Sarge attack in their Warthog. Wash attempts to calm Sarge down, but only escalates his argument with Tucker. After Wash makes a sarcastic remark of making Caboose Blue Team leader, Freckles misunderstands this and believes that Wash was demoted and Caboose was promoted.

"Sorry Caboose."

As things heat up, Donut, Lopez, and Doc soon arrive and end their commotion, stating that they were dropped off by the pilot. Realizing that Donut allowed the ship to leave the Reds and Blues attack him in anger. With Caboose now the mistaken leader, Wash, Tucker, and Simmons are forced to follow his ridiculous commands, in fear of Freckles killing them if they don't. Luckily, Wash manages to trick Caboose into having him enter the ship and, while inside, constructs something while making an apology to Caboose. He returns to Blue base and finds Simmons having built an internet connection system, allowing both teams to communicate with one another via Basebook.

Battle at Crash Site Bravo[]

Freckles And Wash.png

Afterwards, Wash confronts Tucker at the comm tower and tries to give him advice on fixing the radio, but due to their disagreement earlier, the latter only insults him. Tucker insists that all he wanted to do was stand around and talk to his friend, Church, but since he was dead, Wash was all he had. After a pause, Wash then admits to him that he was one of the worst Freelancers in his squad. Even though he is technically the newest addition to Blue Team, he has been put in a position of leadership, something he has never done before. He apologizes, then assures Tucker that he can be a capable soldier if he would just try. After the two make up, Wash apologizes to Caboose for being a poor friend in the latter's time of need. So, as a token of goodwill, Wash gives him a new helmet, resulting in Caboose returning the Captain position back to Wash. Suddenly, four white armored soldiers attack Blue base, forcing the Blues to eliminate them.

Wash interrogating Felix

As the Reds and Blues regroup, they are confronted by both Felix and Locus. Locus asks the group to come with him, but they refuse and Wash orders Freckles to kill Locus. When Locus disappears, the group interrogate Felix, who explains that they have crash landed on the planet Chorus, whose society is undergoing a civil war between the New Republic and the Federal Army. Felix asks for the group's help against the Feds, but they decline. Nonetheless, Felix tells them to prepare for an attack. While the others fortify their bases, Wash questions how Locus has access to cloaking, in which Felix explains that the Feds have access to various pieces of advanced technology.

11 17 12.png

Soon afterwards, Wash dons into his original steel armor color scheme for the upcoming attack, when suddenly, both Lopez 2.0, while in control of C.C., and the Federal Army attack, forcing the group to engage. During the battle, both Donut and Lopez become hurt and downed. Locus then incapacitates Wash and Sarge with a railgun, forcing the unharmed Reds and Blues to retreat with Felix into a tunnel. As Wash regains consciousness, he commands Freckles to "Shake!", prompting the latter to execute a powerful ground stomp that causes the tunnel roof to collapse and seal off, ensuring the rest of the group's survival. Wash is then knocked out by Locus and taken by the Feds, alongside Sarge, Lopez, and Donut.

Where. Are. Our. Robots. - S12E9.png

After the battle, Wash, Lopez, Sarge, and Donut are sent to F.A.C. Outpost 37, where they meet General Donald Doyle, who reveals that the Feds are not the enemy, and are fighting the New Republic for their previous acts of terrorism. Doyle then promises that he will allow them to leave Chorus if they help the Feds defeat the rebels and rescue their friends, which the group agree to. Locus then gives Wash a storage unit containing Freckles, and the group are soon introduced to Dr. Grey, who treated Wash's injuries. Weeks later, Wash and the others prepare to rescue Tucker, Simmons, Grif, and Caboose, but unexpectedly run into them at the compound.

Battling the Space Pirates[]

12 0800019.png

They tell each other the truth behind why the two armies are fighting each other, and Wash comes up with a plan to end the war by having Kimball and Doyle come to an understanding. Suddenly, the compound is attacked by Locus and a group of mercenaries, who force the Reds and Blues to stand down. As Locus prepares to kill them, Felix arrives and betrays the group, revealing that he and Locus used them as a means to cause further conflict in the Chorus Civil War, all due to their superior wanting the planet free of its inhabitants. Fortunately, Carolina emerges from hiding, disguised as a mercenary, and uses a Teleportation Cube to escape with the group.

Blue Team - S12E12.png

Arriving at a secret Forest Base, Carolina and Epsilon explain that their ship was purposely crashed on Chorus by the Space Pirates, who are mass-producing advanced versions of the ship's Freelancer equipment. Soon after, Wash gives Caboose Freckles' storage unit, overjoying the latter, and the group soon discover a connection between the teleportation grenades and Grif's Suppressor. In order to know who supplied the grenades, the Blues and Carolina leave to search the other half of the ship at Crash Site Alpha, while the Reds search the ship's manifest at Crash Site Bravo. While at Alpha, the Blues and Carolina are attacked by Space Pirates, forcing them to teleport away.

Wash and Carolina interrogate Zachary.

However, when a space pirate who teleported back with them attempts to kill Caboose, Carolina rescues him and the group restrain the mercenary. Afterwards, Wash tries to give Tucker advice on leadership, telling him that he must learn from his mistakes and trust his instincts. He then joins Carolina in interrogating the pirate, Zachary Miller, and learns that they used tractor beams to attract their ship towards the planet. Suddenly, more space pirates attack the forest base, where Wash realizes that the storage chip Locus gave him contained a tracking device. Due to this, he teleports the group to a fueling station and informs them of his discovery. After Epsilon removes the tracker, the group are contacted by Felix and Locus, who offer them a first-class trip off Chorus.

12 18 00005.png

Distrustful of the two, the crew execute a sneak attack on the mercenaries at Radio Jammer Station 1C, where Wash engages in a one-on-one fight with Locus, who questions him on why he continues to fight for the Reds and Blues. Wash explains that he has changed and criticizes Locus for hiding behind his "soldier" ideology as means of defending his status as a killer, prompting Locus to attack him. After Felix boasts the Pirates' plans to Tucker, the other Reds and Blues disable the radio jammer, allowing Epsilon to send Felix's recorded words to the Feds and Rebels at Armonia, who finally learn secret behind the Pirates' involvement in the war. Because of this, Locus and Felix teleport away.

Going to War[]

13 02 00011.png

After the Feds and Rebels form a truce, they thank the Reds and Blues for their efforts, and together, learn the true identity of Control and leader of the Space Pirates: Chairman Malcom Hargrove. When the latter declares war on Chorus, the Reds and Blues, Federal Army, and New Republic, accept. A month later, Washington takes charge in training the Rebels and Feds in combat and self-discipline, inside Armonia's training room. Later on, Dr. Grey, Carolina, Sarge, and the other Blues inform the group at Armonia of the activation of an alien temple, which destroyed all of Charon's hybrid weaponry.

Wash talks to the Reds.png

With the pirates now at a disadvantage, the group devise a plan to overtake them, with Kimball leading Wash, the Reds and Chorus armies to attack the pirates at Crash Site Alpha while Grey, Carolina, and the Blues follow coordinates the temple emitted. Upon arriving at Alpha, the assault team engage the space pirates until enemy reinforcements are brought in via the Tartarus, forcing the squad to take refuge inside the shipwreck. Fortunately, Simmons devises a plan of escape by using the ship's engine to create a smokescreen.

Wash rides shotgun.png

In order to safely execute the plan, Wash and the Rebel lieutenants trick Locus into giving away his position and fire at him in order to cease his attacks. After the assault team release the smoke and make their escape, Wash contacts Locus and tells him that he is the real soldier while the latter is simply a killer. Upon returning to Armonia with the away team, who have "rescued" Doc, Wash halts a heated argument between Kimball and Doyle. He then tells the Reds and Blues that they must get the two armies to trust in each other soon in order to beat Charon, though the crew note that it will take time for such to form.

13 12 00016.png

Sometime after, the New Republic threatens to leave Armonia, forcing the Federal Army to set up a perimeter to prevent them from doing so. As a result, Wash warns the Reds and Blues that if they don't act soon, tensions between the armies are going to rise again. Much to Wash's surprise, the crew inform him of their plan to have Doc hold a counseling session with the army leaders. Unfortunately, the session quickly goes awry, as Kimball and Doyle argue once again, this time revealing their true thoughts to each other. Suddenly, the session comes to an abrupt end when Armonia becomes under attack by Space Pirates.

Charon's Final Assault[]

Wash and Kimball clear LZ.png

In order to survive, Epsilon suggests eradicating the pirates by overloading the nuclear reactor in the center of the city, with Wash, Carolina, and Kimball being sent to overload it. However, after running into Sharkface, Carolina asks the latter to spare the two so she can fight him alone, which Sharkface agrees to. As Wash and Kimball proceed to the reactor, they are told that Doyle didn't get on the Pelican with the rest of the Reds and Blues like he was supposed to, but is instead on his way to the reactor, in order to keep the pirates in Armonia. Kimball and Wash try to tell Doyle to return with the others but he refuses.

Wash and Carolina on offense.png

After informing Carolina of this, the two soon find her and an injured Sharkface in the streets and proceed to quickly kill the latter. As the Reds arrive to pick them up, Doyle ignites the reactor's core, selflessly sacrificing his life in addition to killing a majority of the Space Pirates. Still within the blast radius, Carolina uses her bubble shield to protect the Pelican. After escaping, Kimball and the crew regroup at Crash Site Bravo with the armies, who mourn the loss of Doyle. As the crew formulate a counterattack plan to stop Felix and Locus, Kimball delivers a speech to the Chorus armies that motivates them to fight as one.

Locus tries to stab Wash.png

While the Reds and Blues fight off the pirates at the Comm Temple with the Feds and Rebels, Wash and Carolina confront Felix and Locus at the Purge. After a long and brutal fight the Freelancers inform the two that they were simply stalling them and reveal that their base, Crash Site Alpha, has been taken over. Upon seeing the Tartarus being pulled in towards the Purge, due to the tractor beams being reactivated, the four take cover from the ship's destruction. Luckily, Wash and Carolina survive and leave for the Comm Temple to assist their comrades. Upon rejoing the others, the pirates unleash several Mantises.

Carolina, Wash, and Kimball.png

Because of this, the Freelancers remain outside with the armies to destroy the droids while the Reds and Blues broadcast their message from the temple's control room. After the Freelancers and Chorus armies destroy all the droids, the crew manage to defeat Felix and Locus upon encountering them, and broadcast the message, revealing Hargrove's crimes across the galaxy. Unfortunately, the Chairman himself flies to Chorus in the Staff of Charon and releases even more Mantises. As the Freelancers and armies hold off the droids, the Reds and Blues board the enemy ship to override the droids' controls. With the override being a success, Wash, Carolina, Kimball, Dr. Grey, and the lieutenants fly to the ship to evac the crew.


"I have seen some amazing things in my life, but this... this takes the cake"

After the crew defeat Hargrove, Wash finds out about Epsilon's sacrifice, leaving him and the rest of the crew devastated. The Reds and Blues then decide to retire to a remote moon, where Wash grows a beard and takes part in the crew's antics. Ten months later, IDA reporter Dylan Andrews and her cameraman Jax Jonez arrive on the moon and explain the recent attacks attributed to the crew, as well as the disappearance of several Freelancers. Dylan then reveals a distress message from Church, prompting the crew to take action. Carolina and Wash leave to search for the missing Freelancers while the crew, bar Grif, and the reporters depart to find the message's source.

Carolina and Wash hold hands.png

Carolina and Wash arrive at a beach and search the residence of ex-Freelancer Illinois. Although the two don't find him, they find a photo inside his hut, depicting Illinois, Carolina, York, Wyoming, and North Dakota drinking at a bar. As the two begin reminiscing about their time at Freelancer, Carolina expresses guilt over missing an opportunity to start over with York but Wash assures her that she still has time. Carolina then attempts to throw away York's Lighter but Wash stops her and holds her hand. Wash then proposes they use their Recovery Beacons to lure the ones attacking the Freelancers to them, which Carolina agrees to. After some time, the Reds and Blues themselves arrive at the beach alongside the Blues and Reds, former sim troopers of Project Freelancer.


Wash and Carolina frozen in armour lock by Temple

Upon getting acquainted, the Blues and Reds inform Carolina and Wash about the UNSC's eradication of Freelancer personnel as well as their plan to take down the UNSC, though Carolina argues against taking a confrontational approach. Temple then leads the two Freelancers to a room containing Agent Illinois and several other ex-Freelancers, all frozen in armor lock; all dead. He reveals that he has been hunting and killing the remaining Freelancers and proceeds to lock Carolina and Wash in their armor, before leaving the two imprisoned. After a few days pass, Locus, having turned a new leaf, breaks into the room and frees Carolina and Wash from armor lock, though the Freelancers are left heavily fatigued and starving.

Wash after being shot

Upon regrouping with Dylan, Jax, and the other Reds and Blues, the group make their way to a hangar bay guarded by Grunts and formulate a plan. However, after a revenge hungry Tucker recklessly attacks, the group is forced into a firefight. Wash, hallucinating from the fatigue, walks aimlessly into the battle and gets shot in the throat much to the horror of Tucker and Carolina. Locus flies him to General Doyle General Hospital, where Wash is taken under the care by Dr. Grey

Brain Damage[]

"Did I ever tell you about my cat Loki?"

Having made a significant recovery, Wash is visited by Carolina on Chorus and shares a story about his resilient cat named Loki. Wash then challenges Carolina on a training course despite still being in recovery, to which she agrees after some hesitation. Unfortunately, Wash takes a fall and questions why they were racing to begin with, completely forgetting that he was the one who initiated the idea. As a result, Carolina takes Wash to Dr. Grey and tells her about his frequent lapses in memory. Dr. Grey discloses that Wash is suffering from brain damage due to the neck injury he endured. Carolina decides against telling Wash, fearing it may worsen his recovery. After receiving a call from Dylan about the Reds and Blues time traveling through history, Carolina prepares to leave Chorus to consult Dylan's expert on the matter, with Wash insisting to tag along. Carolina anxiously agrees, having to witness Wash still suffer from his injury.

Film Set recreation of Temple's killing room.png

The two soon arrive at Jax's film set of his 'Red vs Blue' movie, based on their adventure with the Blues and Reds, and shows them a recreation of Temple's secret Freelancer chamber. Wash comments how he doesn't remember the area, shocking both Jax and Carolina. Jax then directs them to Sarge and Simmons, who demonstrate their Time-Portal Guns. Jax explains that because the crew's time-traveling had no effect on the timeline, their actions caused a closed loop where no matter what you do, events will play out one specific way. Suddenly, Caboose and Lopez arrive out of nowhere and present a slideshow of their time-traveling shenanigans.

Wash watches his Stunt Double getting shot, triggering his PTSD.

Overwhelmed, Wash leaves the room but is quickly taken by a crew member to a set recording, which is revealed to be the scene of his neck injury. As Jax and his crew film multiple takes of the scene Wash watches his stunt double repeatedly get shot in the neck, triggering his PTSD. Carolina finds Wash and tries to comfort him but he leaves the set. Later on, Tucker, Sister and Grif arrive at Jax's set and inform the others about the Cosmic Powers. During this discussion, Washington questions what the Gods and time travel have to do with finding Church, confusing them. Carolina quickly covers Wash's condition by claiming he is just joking about how absurd the entire situation is. Soon after, the Reds and Blues leave to meet the Cosmic Powers on Starseeds. The Cosmic Powers explain their origins and their relationship with Chrovos, a being who can control time and manipulate others. They request for the Reds and Blues to use an enchanted hammer they created to reinforce Chrovos ' bindings and ensure that he never escapes his prison.


Left to make a decision, the crew question whether they should use time travel to stop themselves from time traveling in the first place. Wash, however, explains that they can't use time travel as a crutch to relieve guilt or fix mistakes but instead must learn and grow from them. He agrees to help the crew clean up their mess but Carolina finally speaks up about Wash's psyche. She reveals that he has Cerebral Hypoxia, caused by the lack of oxygen his brain suffered after getting shot in the neck. Wash then lashes out at everyone, repeatedly asking them if they knew, which they deny. Carolina says that she kept it from everyone because she didn't want to upset him. After Wash abruptly storms off, Donut steals the Hammer and leaves through a time portal. As a result, the crew decides to prevent Wash's injury from happening and return to Iris for supplies, while a broken Wash returns to Chorus.

Into the Everwhen[]

Donut reunites with Washington S17E3.jpg

Unfortunately, by preventing Wash's throat injury, the Reds and Blues create a paradox. The paradox's resulting effect rewrites Wash's history, while also making him experience an oscillating situation where both the previous timeline and the new one happen concurrently - manifested visibly as he alternates between the sane person following treatment and the groggy and delusional one prior to being shot. As a result, Wash frequently visits Dr. Grey complaining about a neck wound that was not there, eventually inspiring the doctor to perform insurance fraud by exaggerating to the UNSC about Wash's medical conditions. The compensation allowed Wash to open his own penthouse, where he is visited by Donut, the only of the Reds and Blues absent from the paradox.

Wash points a gun at Genkins.

Donut fixes Wash's oscillation once the latter realizes he has memories of two simultaneous timelines. Donut then explains that Chrovos was not freed because he reinforced the bindings with the Hammer, but Genkins is navigating the crew's history to create more paradoxes and break the Titan free. Upon confronting Chrovos, Wash devises an idea that to fix the timeline but Genkins arrives and sucks Donut's Time-Portal Gun away. Regardless, Wash and Donut enter the Everwhen and explore their old memories, starting with the memory of Wash shooting Donut. After then traveling to the Reds and Blues' briefing of their assault on Charon, Wash nearly breaks the crew free from the "prison" of their past, but Genkins, in Epsilon's guise, incites Carolina's suspicions. Wash, still wary of his former friend, angrily storms off but Donut convinces him to keep trying.

Wash Carolina S17E4.jpg

The two then decide to repeat what healed Wash: making the Reds and Blues aware of something they can't possibly know, given that they are feeling deja vu and thus could be convinced. As they jump further back in the past, Wash finds himself at the Island Fortress, with Recovery Command requesting a status report. After Washington fully remembers the situation he is reliving, Wyoming appears. While talking to his would-be adversary, Wash realizes that Genkins will again manipulate Carolina to foil him and Donut, meaning he has to bring her to their side. Given that during the period Carolina was deemed dead, only resurfacing once she recruited the Reds and Blues to rescue Epsilon, Wash travels back to his Freelancer days in an attempt to discover her possible whereabouts following her supposed "death".

"Recovery One" meets "McCallister".

After some unsuccessful attempts in trying to get information out of Carolina and York, Wash vents his time travel frustrations to the Triplets, until Iowa suggests that he just ask Carolina at a point in the future where she and him are friends. Wash does exactly this, learning that Carolina enlisted in the UNSC to help end the war somewhere Project Freelancer would never look for her. Back at the Island Fortress, Wash leaves to Carolina's location and, with Delta's help, finds her going under the name "McCallister", at a UNSC base. Carolina is suspicious at first, not helped by seeing York's AI with Wash, but is eventually convinced given Wash knows the reasons why she eventually wanted to exact revenge on the Director. Both depart to Blood Gulch to get the Reds and Blues.

Fixing Time[]

Donut saves the Reds and Blues.jpg

Washington and Carolina arrive in Blood Gulch shortly after Donut was supposed to get trapped under Sister's ship. Wash introduces everyone, and everyone recognizes the two but can't remember from where. After some prompting from Donut, the crew realize that they know each other without being able to and are freed from the paradox. Carolina immediately apologizes to Wash for keeping his brain damage a secret from him, but Wash stops her, saying he doesn't care about his injury anymore and assures Carolina he's always going to be her friend. When the crew, however, refuse to forgive Donut for his betrayal, despite Wash stating that Donut was the one who saved all of them, Donut chews them out for all the crap they constantly put him through and why he sided with Chrovos in the first place. After he storms off, Wash firmly orders everyone to apologize.

S17E9 Thumbnail (No logo).jpg

After the crew do so, Donut explains the situation to everyone and how to travel through time. He and Wash then make a plan on what points in time everyone should meet up in and compare their progress on fixing the paradoxes they encounter. As they make progress fixing the various paradoxes scattered across time, Wash and Carolina meet on Iris, looking out at sea and reflecting on their past together. Carolina apologizes again, but Wash tells her he has braced himself for the last stop. Carolina realizes that there is only one paradox left to fix: the original one where Wash was shot in the neck, and realizes this means Wash must get shot and suffer brain damage all over again. Wash assures her he is okay with this fate if it means saving the universe, and before they leave he and Carolina express that they love each other.

S17E10 Donut Reds and Blues Time Portal.jpg

Wash and the others arrive at the first paradox. Wash walks out into the gunfire preparing to get shot, but Genkins, who had recently betrayed Chrovos and now possesses her power, freezes time and prevents Wash's throat injury from happening. When time resumes, Wash is pulled aside by Locus, and the fight in the hanger resumes. Wash then separates himself from the past versions of everyone and regroups with their present-day versions. They realize they cannot travel through the Everwhen anymore or use their Time-Portal Guns to travel through time, but can use them to talk to Donut and Chrovos in the present. Donut recalls the first paradox Genkins made was during Church's original death, and the Reds and Blues use the Portal Gun to observe. Simmons realizes objects can pass through the portal even if they themselves can't, and they use the club Caboose was given to stop Genkins. Genkins retaliates by using his powers to pull them from the hanger and trap them all in the Labyrinth on Starseeds, where they are confronted by their deepest fears in an attempt to get them to commit suicide by throwing themselves into a black hole.

Carolina Tucker and Wash.png

Washington is faced with an illusion where he and his friends are in a firefight with an enemy force in the Labyrinth, and he watches as all of them die due to his leadership. Right as he is about to make a final charge, intending to avenge his "dead friends" he finds the enemy force completely destroyed by Doc, who finally gained control over his O'Malley personality. He and Doc rescue Sarge together, and then meet up with Donut, Grif, Sister, Simmons, Tucker, and Caboose and all prepare to go save Carolina together. The crew help Carolina overcome an illusion of her past self, which then transforms into the Labyrinth A.I. Donut convinces the A.I to help them fight Genkins, and then tricks Genkins into jumping into the black hole himself by telling him that it will send him to the beginning of time, explaining to everyone afterwards that he figured out Genkins was actually the past version of Chrovos.

A New Timeline[]

With Genkins defeated, Wash prepares to once again go back in time and get shot, with all of his friends assuring him they will be there for him the whole time. Wash and everyone go back in time to the hanger, and Wash is shot, undoing the final paradox and fixing the timeline. Wash is then rushed to the hospital on Chorus. Doc informs the crew that while Wash will continue to suffer from Cerebral Hypoxia, his condition is stable.

At some point, Wash and Carolina break off from the Reds and Blues and join the Alliance of Defense. During that time, Wash’s brain injury is fixed with cutting edge robotics and old kitchen appliances, and is later given the rank of Major. Sometime after that, while working for them, he and Carolina are tasked with protecting an ancient alien artifact. However, they're attacked by a syndicate trio named Viper, who take Wash and torture him for the coordinates to ancient alien temples that contain an ultimate power. Afterwards, Viper leave him at the base after getting the info they needed. Shatter Squad agents West and Raymond return to the base and recover Wash, but not without West having to fight the Viper agent Diesel. West and Raymond return Washington back to their main base and Wash is immediately rushed to the hospital. Wash later reunites with a recovering Tucker after the latter was attacked by Viper and his sword stolen. Wash chuckles at Tucker's complaints and expresses joy upon seeing him again.


Wash E18.png

Originally, Washington was very kind, compassionate, and obedient. He interacted very well with the other Freelancers, specifically York, North and on occasion, Carolina, and his compassion and understanding led him to comfort others during times of trouble. When C.T. returned from a failed mission, Wash attempted to tell her that it wasn't entirely her fault, but was rebuked when she claimed he was just making excuses for her. Although he was quite naive and a bit immature during his early career as a Freelancer, acting like a child towards anything that piqued his curiosity, Wash could be serious when the situation required it. He wasn't afraid to voice his opinions; an example of this is when he accused Maine and Wyoming of protocol violation after York's injury to the Director.

"So this Alpha thing is what creates the fragments?"

After the trauma he sustained from Epsilon's breakdown, Wash's personality took a drastic change. His positivity took a plunge, and his previous kindness and compassion was drowned out by a cold-hearted bitterness. Now knowing about the horrors the Director inflicted on Alpha, and in turn its effect on the other Freelancers, Washington became cynical, bitter, and somewhat distant. His interaction with other soldiers and A.I. units was cold, limited only to tactical input and vital information about missions. He showed little remorse when he discovered his friends had been killed (although he did attempt to comfort South for the loss of her brother, albeit hardly letting her have any time with him).

Wash returns.png

Washington also has very little tolerance for disloyalty; a prime example was when he expressed his desire for retribution against South's betrayal, as well as threatening to kill Carolina if she hurt his friends. He was extremely ruthless in completing his objectives, whether it be revenge or freedom, unhesitatingly killing South, and shooting Lopez and Donut. It is possible that this low tolerance comes from numerous betrayals by all his previous friends and teammates at Project Freelancer, to which Tucker sarcastically comments that Wash was used to being betrayed on a weekly basis.

Wash was also callous, murdering the Alien survivors of C.T.'s dig team with the Meta out of mere impatience. Alongside his grittier demeanor, Wash had also become cunning and charismatic, setting up plans to defeat the Meta and shut down Project Freelancer long before the events actually occurred. Wash's personality in regards to betrayal during his Recovery One days was notably vengeful. The excessive violence he used in disposing of Agent South Dakota's body and armor shows this to an almost comical extent, which included him shooting her corpse, tossing an active plasma grenade at it, incinerating it with a flamethrower, and then placing several explosive power cells around it before igniting them with his rifle. This comically excessive use of force displayed unsettling signs of Washington's questionable sanity at the time.

Washington about to get hit - S11E18.png

In terms of his relationship with the Reds and Blues, Wash had his methods of keeping them in line, from simple bargains to keeping them informed of possible consequences for not following his orders. Though he was still capable of some kindness, such as helping the crew escape from Command whilst telling them to be careful and treating Caboose with fatherly care, despite his immense stupidity. During Season 10, Wash takes over the role of the leader of Blue Team, and eventually comes to care very greatly for the Reds and Blues, showing fierce loyalty towards them and seeing them as a new family and place to belong. This becomes very apparent when Carolina threatens Tucker. Wash snaps and, seeing as she has crossed a line, threatens her at gunpoint. Washington feels responsible for the problems he caused them in the past and wants to prevent more from happening to them. This is extremely prevalent in Wash's nightmare sequence where he sees himself shooting and presumably killing Donut and Lopez while Simmons screams at him.

Wash CG S13E11.png

During his time after joining the Blues, Wash's cynical and cold hearted nature seems to have retreated some and his older, comical personality becomes prevalent once again. He seems to act more like a member of the Reds and Blues, though he still retains some of his more cunning quirks. In Revelation, for example, when Doc suggests following heat signatures to find the Reds Wash dismisses it, although he does eventually follow Doc's advice. In Season 13, Wash tricked Locus into giving away his position by holding his helmet up with his rifle, fooling the mercenary. This is an act that the Reds and Blues would typically perform. Especially after Carolina rejoined him, Wash seems to have healed, and doesn't seem to blame Epsilon for trying to kill itself in his head anymore. Now, he serves as a leader for not only the Reds and Blues but also the Feds and Rebels, as well as a sort of father figure for Caboose. By this point, the Reds and Blues have essentially adopted Wash into their family, and whether Wash knows it or not, he has picked up on their quirks.


Main article: Washington's Relationships

Washington seems to dislike or distrust almost every character he meets. However, by Season 10, he started to trust the Reds and Blues, and they become the only friends he's had in years, saying "they're not that bad, once you get to know them."



South betrays Wash.png

Washington's mental/physical resistance is immensely significant compared to most other characters in the series, in which he is able to come out (seemingly) unscathed from grave and traumatic situations that would leave others mentally and/or physically destroyed. Despite being seen as the most capable member of the Reds and Blues, Wash's survival "skills" are either out of the use of his equipment, others rescuing him, or pure luck. His impressive record of survival show that:

Season 9[]
  • He was nearly incinerated during the encounter with Sharkface had Carolina not pushed him out of the way.
  • Had Tex not assisted him, Wash and the package could have been lost on impact after the free fall in The Sarcophagus.
Season 10[]
  • He dodged an oncoming falling Warthog after he reactivated the gravity on an Insurrectionist spacecraft in Heavy Metal.
  • Was rescued from a detonating nuke by Carolina in Turbulence.
  • He prevented a Warthog from running him over, by using his EMP armor enhancement.
  • Survived the self-destruction of his implanted Epsilon A.I.
Recovery One[]
  • Managed to escape from a gunfight with Wyoming mere seconds before Agent York's armor, which Washington had rigged to explode, detonated.
  • He recovered from a near-fatal gunshot wound in the back, inflicted by Agent South (survived due to possessing Agent York's healing unit. It is unknown if he still possessed it from Reconstruction onwards)
  • Was saved from being executed by the Meta while in a frozen state due to the Meta's equipment failing.
  • Swiftly recovered after the Meta struck him twice with the blade of his Brute Shot.
  • Battled and defeated a Hornet single-handedly, without getting injured. (This is one of the few times that Washington's survival was based on skill).
  • Barely survived a gunshot wound to the shoulder, inflicted by the Meta.
  • Survived getting hit by a speeding Warthog.
  • Survived being in the middle of a powerful explosion, detonated by Sarge.
  • Survived being in the middle of another powerful explosion, detonated by Tex.
  • Managed to escape from a collapsing glacier due to the assistance of Doc.
  • Was injured by the Meta, but was spared the final blow due to the intervention of the Reds and Blues.
Season 11[]
  • Was one of the sole survivors of a large ship crash.
  • Was nearly sniped in the head twice by Locus, but was "saved" at the last second by Felix.
  • Survived a direct hit from a Railgun.
Season 12[]
  • Survived several injuries and a hallucination inflicted by Locus, after being saved by Emily Grey.
  • Was nearly sniped again in the head by Locus, but was, again, "saved" at the last second by Felix.
  • Was nearly disintegrated by an Incineration Cannon by Locus, but was rescued by Carolina and Epsilon.
  • Narrowly fell off a cliff in Fed vs. New, but quickly saved himself.
Season 13[]
  • Nearly fell to his death if Felix had dropped him and Carolina had not rescued them both.
  • Survived the Tartarus crashing into the Purge.
Season 15[]
  • Survived being frozen inside his armour for several days without food or water. Was saved by Locus, but mentally unstable afterwards.
  • Survived a shot in the neck and his brain being starved of oxygen for several minutes. He was saved by Locus and Dr. Grey but at the cost of having permanent and irreversible brain damage.
  • Almost committed suicide during a Labyrinth illusion, but was saved by Doc who broke the illusion.

"Of All Time"[]

"This is the worst gun ever, of all—!"

In Reconstruction: Chapter 6, after Washington witnesses Caboose throw a spike grenade into the wall they are hiding behind, he states "That was the worst throw, ever. Of all time." Since then the phrase has appeared in later seasons as a running gag, often being used by Wash. However other characters have used it as well, sometimes splitting the phrase between two characters.


Warthog Wall Crash Revelation.png

Throughout the series, Washington has had several instances where he is nearly killed by a car. In Upon Further Review, Washington is run over by a warthog after Sarge and Grif set an ambush. As the Warthog was driving towards him he questionably yells "CAAAAARRRR?!?!?" Since then, it has been a running gag that Washington has bad experience with automobiles. In Heavy Metal, while hacking a computer, a Warthog nearly crashes into Wash and he asks "Why do cars hate me?". In Fall From Heaven, while fighting Insurrectionists, he was chased down by an enemy soldier in a Warthog while yelling "Caaaarrr!!!" once again. It's even stated by Monty Oum that Wash was originally going to be cut in half by the Meta with the Warthog in Reunion.


"I'm not crazy, okay? I'm totally and completely sane."

Washington's psyche has been brought up to question throughout the series. A notable example being the comical lengths he goes to destroy South's corpse for her betrayal in Reconstruction. Originally, Washington acts less mature in the Project Freelancer Saga, such as when he sees Sharkface in The Sarcophagus, as he asks "What the fuck is with this guy?" due to the enemy's bold entrance and when he took a Fuel Rod Cannon to combat the soldier, he made a big fuss about the fact that the charge bounces off the wall while in the midst of battle.

"Now if you'll excuse me I need to go blow up this dead body."

After the implantation of Epsilon, Wash suffers much psychological damage, drastically changing his mood and attitude as seen in the Recollections. Wash also seems to be very begrudging, especially concerning South Dakota after her betrayal, evidenced by, comically, the lengths he goes to when disposing of her corpse. In order, he utilizes; a burst of his Battle Rifle, a plasma grenade, a sustained burst from a flamethrower, and at least a dozen fusion coils and propane tanks. Amusingly, Washington makes several attempts to add the final core to the stack, pushing it back onto the pile when it keeps rolling off.

Washington aiming down - S12E9.png

Washington also states in Think You Know Someone he'll do anything to obtain freedom, including betraying his former allies, implying he lacked any empathy due to the constant abuse he has suffered in his life. However, after the Reds and Blues fake his death to allow him to start a new life, Wash seems to be kinder and more sociable to the Reds and Blues, stating "They're not that bad when you get to know them," to Carolina.

It is also possible that his time with the Reds and Blues, who were much like he was before the Epsilon incident, could have aided in his recovery from the psychological trauma of Epsilon self-destructing in his head. During The Federal Army of Chorus, Wash hallucinates over various events from his past, such as his last encounter with the Director, his talk with the Counselor on hunting the Meta, and his betrayal of the Reds in Think You Know Someone. Fortunately, he is resuscitated by Dr. Grey.

Wash watching his stunt double die.jpeg

In Red vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox, Wash's psyche is coming under strain. The events of Red vs. Blue: Season 15, especially him being shot in the neck, have left him under serious mental stress. He has frequent lapses in his Short-term memory, and is struggling to remember even the events of where he was tortured in Temple's killing room. Washington is also shown to have PTSD of the moment he was shot in the neck in Quicksave causing him to panic. After the Paradox prevents the injury from ever occurring, Washington spent some time with the same erratic and unstable behavior that he showed following his torture by Temple, something Dr. Grey summed up as "acting really odd".

Skills and Abilities[]


Washington wielding a Fuel Rod Cannon.

Despite lacking the advantage of an A.I., as well as paling in comparison to some of his more skilled Freelancer allies, Agent Washington still demonstrates formidable combat ability throughout the series. He held his own for a while against Agent Wyoming in Recovery One, drove off the Meta in Reconstruction, and has taken down two Hornets single-handedly in Reconstruction and Season 9. Washington also seems to have an amazing level of skill with firearms, being able to fire his Battle Rifle accurately and, in one instance, while being run over by a Warthog, cocked Sarge's shotgun one-handed in midair. In addition, Wash fired a Fuel Rod Cannon despite having never seen it, let alone wielded it, before and shot a Rocket Launcher out of the Sleeveless Insurrection Soldier's hand while being blown off his feet by an explosion.

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A battle rifle is Washington's symbol on the Freelancer leader board and he has shown unmatched skill with it, being able to draw and fire it faster than the Meta could lift his Brute Shot in n+1. Wash was also able to shoot a speeding Tex in the back during their battle. When the situation calls for it, Washington is also quite skilled at infiltration tactics, being able to sneak into Freelancer Command in Reconstruction.

He also appears to be good with knives. He was able to severely injure the Meta with Tex's Combat Knife in n+1, even throwing it accurately from a considerable distance. In Great Destroyers, he dodges Felix's daggers, even catching one mid-air and using it against Locus later.

Wash fights Locus.png

Washington seems to be adept at hand-to-hand combat, as was seen in his fight against Tex in Revelation, as he was able to trade several blows with her before being knocked back. During Season 12, Wash fights a vicious duel with Felix, utilizing his battle rifle's skills to disarm Felix of the latter's DMR, and when Felix closes to melee range, he again uses his battle rifle and hand-to-hand combat skills to block Felix's attempts to stab him with a knife, demonstrating exceptional reflex time. Furthermore, in Season 13, Wash holds his own against both Felix and Locus in one-on-one fights, holding the upper hand against Felix for the majority of their fight and even taking Locus by surprise.

Wash and Carolina fire.png

Washington also proves himself to be extremely adaptive and a quick thinker. When attempting to reveal Locus during the assault on Crash Site Alpha, he used his own helmet to bait Locus into firing and, with the help of Smith and Bitters, caught the vapor trail. In Great Destroyers he baited Locus' sniper fire again, this time by throwing a grenade up at the mercenaries, allowing him to damage the rifle's scope while Locus was distracted. When fighting a cloaked Locus, Wash uses a knife he caught from Felix to slit his own hand and throws blood around himself, revealing Locus' position.

Still, among the other Freelancers he was not considered among the best combatants, something Washington noted to Tucker on Chorus. York straight up calls him the worst fighter on the team in "Fall From Heaven". Washington's high rank in the Freelancer leaderboard implies he still held his own even if lacking the field specialization of other Agents, such as York's lockpicking, Carolina's hand to hand combat and North's sharpshooting.


Wash and Meta fight 2.png

Washington has an almost extraordinary ability to survive fatal situations, whether being saved by his allies, circumstances or physical resilience and displays an indomitable will to achieve whatever he wants, whether it be revenge or freedom. He has also shown great patience, having harbored rebellious thoughts against Project Freelancer and the Director for many years before turning on them and is never shown to be frustrated during his hunt for Epsilon, despite the many setbacks. Wash also appears to have a high pain threshold, cutting his own hand and using his blood to expose a cloaked Locus in battle.


"I got flashes when they put Epsilon in my head. Memories of what the Director did to it."

Washington is shown to harness amazing memory, perhaps as a byproduct of Epsilon's breakdown, as he was able to remember all of the things that happened to the Alpha after all the years, and also keeps a record of the worst actions he has ever witnessed with that memory, as he comments on both Caboose and Doc's throws as being the worst and second "worst [throws] ever. . . Of all time" respectively. During Season 10, Wash was shown to have remembered the location of C.T.'s helmet, and in Reconciliation, Wash remembered what he was most known for during his time as a Freelancer: having a grappling hook stuck to his groin. However, Wash was noted to possess an acute memory before being paired with Epsilon.


"Alright, everyone together! We can do this!"

Despite his early days in Project Freelancer and his stumbles during Season 10, Wash has grown to become an impeccable leader and has been shown to support his comrades, advise them, and take charge of situations numerous times throughout the series. In addition, after getting to know the Reds and Blues, Wash is also willing to sacrifice himself for the safety of his comrades. In Reconstruction, Wash led the Reds and Blues in the destruction of Project Freelancer, and allowed them to escape while he went to prison. During Season 11, he is also shown to have sacrificed himself in order for Felix, Tucker, Caboose, Griff, and Simmons to escape by commanding Freckles to "shake" and bring down the wall between them and the fight, effectively cutting them off from the battle.

During his pursuit of Epsilon, Wash took command over the Meta, but the latter betrayed him. In Fire, Wash led and supported the Reds and Blues during the battle of Crash Site Bravo and later gained the respect of both the Federal Army and New Republic due to his leadership.


Washington has defeated multiple enemies throughout the series; most notably South Dakota, the Freelancer A.I.s (with the exception of Epsilon) with the EMP, and guns down Sharkface alongside Kimball. He also mentions that he "took care of Wyoming" in the Everwhen Timeline.



  • Washington was in possession of York's healing unit during Reconstruction: Chapter 11 when he uses it to stabilize Caboose. This could be the reason for his remarkable survival skills, as most of his miraculous survivals occurred after finding York's dead body.
  • Washington's original armor enhancement was revealed to be an EMP Unit, where he used it to disable two Warthogs in the episode Fall From Heaven. This explains his apparent knowledge of the pronunciation of EMP.
    • In Reconstruction, Wash uses a particular armor enhancement: the 'BioCom,' which allows him to check on a teammate's vital signs during battle, as he used it in Chapter 10 (Although, it's possible this is just standard issue to all commanding officers or Recovery Agents, or even perhaps it is in all armor sets and, much like the megaphone/speech amplification, it is just not known by the Blood Gulch soldiers).
    • It is also possible that his armor enhancement is the voice modulator that the Meta has at the end of Chapter 4. It has the symbol for Epsilon on the corner of it, which was Wash's A.I. It is possible that the Meta took this enhancement at the end of Recovery One.
  • When Wash pulls up the BioCom in Reconstruction: Chapter 10 you can see a part of it that says "Replay Last Film!".
  • Washington's prisoner number (619-B) is a reference to the address of Rooster Teeth's office building which is 619 B Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701.
  • According to Burnie Burns, Washington was the last Freelancer to be officially active, as his pursuit of Epsilon allowed him to get out of jail. All the Freelancers at that time other than Wash had been KIA, had gone rogue or punished after Project Freelancer was shut down.
  • Washington was once ranked 6th on the Freelancer leaderboard as shown in Season 9. His rank later increased to fifth, but, in Season 10, returned to the 6th position.
  • Washington has only been portrayed in the Halo: Combat Evolved engine during the DVD menu of Reconstruction. Due to color limitations, this is the only representation of Washington without his yellow markings, being colored completely in Black.
  • On October 14, Rooster Teeth animator Monty Oum announced that in the episode, Reunion, Wash was initially meant to be smashed and cut in half by a Warthog thrown by the Meta. The scene was cut for various reasons.[2] Monty stated "I don't think Wash could survive getting cut in half by a car..."
  • Washington seems to have had a fear of ending up like Freelancer Georgia, whose fate was caused by a jetpack malfunction.
  • During What's the "I" Stand For?, Washington can be seen without his helmet at the Freelancer A.I. course, though his face is not visible. He appears to have spiky blonde hair.
  • Washington is one of only three Freelancer agents to not have his face shown while not wearing his helmet. The others being Agents Florida and Maine.
  • Washington is one of only four Freelancers whose name has been seen on the Freelancer Ranking board in every scene in which it is featured; the others being York, North Dakota, and Carolina.
  • According to Wash in Reconciliation, he was most known for getting his balls stuck by grappling hook during his time at Project Freelancer.
  • Washington, along with Florida, is one of the few Freelancers who did not go rogue and disband from Project Freelancer. Rather, Wash was fired by the Director during Reconstruction: Chapter 19.
  • In Reckless, after Donut mentions getting shot back in season 7, Washington whistles the tune of "Pelican Reveal", track twenty-four on the Season 9 Soundtrack.
  • Washington's locker in the Mother of Invention was known to have contained a skateboard, indicating that skateboarding may have been a hobby of his during his downtime. Other items include two pictures of cats and a rubber duck.
  • During the AfterBuzzTV Red vs. Blue: Season 13 episodes 1-8 Live review with Miles Luna and Gray Haddock, Miles jokingly nicknames Wash, "The Tastiest Onion".
  • Washington may be ambidextrous, as he is shown briefly wielding his knife and Battle Rifle in his left hand during his fight with the Meta in n+1. Washington also throws a grenade left-handed in Great Destroyers.
  • Washington is the second character to have stolen a full set of armor.
  • According to a psych evaluation Wash had with the Counselor prior to joining Project Freelancer, he was a Corporal in the UNSC who had been recently court-martialed for injuring his Staff Sergeant following a disagreement about sending men on a suicide mission against alien attackers[3]. It is also revealed that a similar incident occurred during Wash's childhood when angry thoughts he harbored about a school bully for years culminated in Wash violently smashing the bully's face into a mirror, almost blinding them in one eye.[4][5]
    • This explains why Wash was able to harbor his thoughts of rebellion against Project Freelancer for years and plan his revenge well in advance. It may also bring to light why the Counselor expected the eventuality in Reconstruction: Chapter 19. In addition, Wash's ability to hold grudges is brought up during the session, a trait that was used to the Counselor's benefit in Reconstruction: Chapter 1 when he asks Wash to track down South.
    • The same psych evaluation also reveals Wash had an excellent long term memory that he favors to repress, even before he got Epsilon. He clearly recalls both the incident with his former Staff Sergeant and the school bully's name when mentioned by the Counselor.[5]
    • Humorously, Wash was late to the session due to a "car thing", referencing his running gag with cars. In his own words to the Counselor: "Me and cars don't get along."[6]
    • The psych evaluation revealed that Washington also used to wet the bed, as was revealed in Season 8 when Simmons pulled up psych profiles on all of the Freelancers.
  • According to the Red vs. Blue: Ultimate Fan Guide, Wash has several sisters and an unnamed mother[5]. Whether or not they are still alive is unknown.
    • It is also revealed that Wash did his basic training in the Leonis Minoris system before the system's implied destruction. Leonis Minoris is an actual star system in Halo that was all but destroyed in 2537 by the Covenant. Assuming this is the same system, Wash enlisted at 18 and he completed training in the same year as the system's destruction, this would make his birth year 2519.
  • In Previously On, it is revealed by Carolina that Wash grew a beard during their retirement. This makes two confirmed facts about Wash's appearance beneath his helmet known: that he is a blond, and that he was clean shaven during the majority of the time Carolina has known him.


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