"At first we thought it was help. It ransacked Blue Base, searched all the bodies... then it came after us. Seemed focused on the guys that were infected. Eventually, it just started killing everything."
—Walter describing the Meta in Reconstruction: Chapter 1

Private Walter Henderson was the lone survivor of the events at Outpost 17-B "Valhalla", after the Meta attacked and killed all of the soldiers there. Despite only appearing once, Walter Henderson is a key witness of the Meta and what happened to the pelican from Blood Gulch.

Role in PlotEdit


Walter was stationed at Outpost 17-B,  where a ship's crash landing started a series of events in which both the Blue Team and Red Team were obliterated. The Blues destroyed their own communication tower before turning on each other due to some "infection". Afterwards, the Reds became "infected" as well, before they were wiped out by the Meta, with Walter being the only survivor of the events.

He was later found hiding in a cave at Valhalla and was brought to Freelancer Command to give a report to the Counselor. After giving his report, two soldiers escorted him to his "new quarters". The Counselor promised him safety and aid, but Henderson's fate is currently unknown, especially given Project Freelancer reported a "total loss" of Outpost 17-B to the Chairman. It's also unknown if Omega ever infected him and how he managed to survive Meta's attack.

After Project Freelancer was shut down most remaining Simulation Troopers joined the Blues and Reds in their campaign against the UNSC. It is unknown if Walter joined them, leaving his current status unknown.



Walter having a flashback of his old base in Valhalla

Although making appearance for a short time, Walter Henderson appears to be a loyal soldier to the Valhalla Red Team and respectful as he refers to the Counselor as "Sir." He's shown to be nervous (if not scared) because of the events that happened at his outpost and stayed hidden in a cave even after the Meta's attack. Walter also seems quite observant as he could tell the Blues were destroying their equipment instead of building something like his comrades believed and possibly learned how to hide from the A.I. & Meta due to this.



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