Meta using voice manipulator
"Gather your team, we want you to stop Agent Washington at all costs. This is a level one directive. Good luck Red Base."
—The Meta's fake radio transmission to Sarge in Reconstruction: Chapter 4

The Voice Manipulator is an armor enhancement that allows the user to record radio transmissions, manipulate them how the user wishes and send the manipulated recording via radio to another soldier. The Meta used the enhancement to record Washington's radio conversation with Command, before manipulating the audio to send a fake transmission to Sarge in order to get the Reds to eliminate Wash and the re-gathered Blues so they would no longer be a problem to his plans.


  • This armor enhancement is the least used or mentioned enhancement, having only ever been seen once.
  • It is currently unknown how the Meta obtained this enhancement.
    • The enhancement may have originally been Wash's, as the symbol for Epsilon is present on the screen of the device and Epsilon was the A.I. assigned to Washington. The enhancement may have also been given to Maine to help him communicate, or it may simply be standard equipment. However, none of these theories are confirmed.
  • The name of this enhancement was finally confirmed in Meta vs. Carolina: Dawn of Awesome.
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