"Out here, your main enemy is boredom. Boredom and a C.O. who really likes putting dog shit in pillowcases."
—Vargas to Casio 06 in Prologue

Vargas was a UNSC soldier that grew up in the south. Stationed at a UNSC supply depot, he was killed when several criminals attacked the depot in order to steal millions of industrial goods.

Role in Plot Edit

Vargas informs his C.O. McCready that something had tripped the motion sensor in the lower level of the base. McCready, irritated at the news, orders Vargas to show a new recruit around the base while he heads off to check. Vargas and the recruit chat for a few minutes before an explosion goes off in the facility, killing the entire staff. Still alive, Vargas sees the group of terrorists and charges at the leader with a knife. However, he is quickly shot and killed by one of the other terrorists.

Personality Edit

Vargas does not appear to be very intelligent, switching up the idiom "all bark and no bite" and apparently not knowing what a botanist or books on tape are. Nonetheless, he appears to be more reasonable than his C.O., and actively works to bond with the new recruit before they are both killed in the attack.

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