This article is about the Epsilon created double. You may be looking for the original character.

Vic (ε)
Name: Vic (ε)
Affiliation(s): Neutral
Status: Inactive (inside Epsilon Unit)
First Appearance: Mid-Game Substitution
Armor Color(s): Halo crewman model
Occupation(s): Communication Officer
Voice Actor(s): Burnie Burns
"Roger that senorita we read you loud and clearita how you doin?"
—Vic to Tex in Mid-Game Substitution

Epsilon's memory of Vic is a character who is heard in Red vs. Blue: Season 9. His personality is near identical to that of real life counterpart.

Role In PlotEdit

Vic works at Command. When called by Tex he begins to talk to her about her mission in Blood Gulch. He makes another appearance in MIA: Episode 3 when Sarge contacts command regarding Grif's disappearance. Vic advises Sarge that Grif was most likely captured by the Blues and decides to send a medic, Doc, to assist them.

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