"I-is it working? It seems kinda...small..."
—Utah upon using his armor enhancement.

Freelancer Agent Utah was once an agent in the Special Operations program Project Freelancer. He was mentioned by Washington in Captive Audience. In a point of his life, Utah was recruited into Project Freelancer and given a Domed Energy Shield armor enhancement. Utah nearly died during a training session after using his enhancement.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Domed Energy Shield[edit | edit source]

Revealed in a deleted scene on the Season 9 DVD, Utah nearly died while testing out a prototype version of the Domed Energy Shield. Although it did work, the actual shield was only large enough to cover his head. He quickly realized that he couldn't deactivate the shield and almost suffocated.

Lucky Penny[edit | edit source]

In a deleted scene[1] on the Season 10 DVD, Utah is seen on the Mother of Invention, where he notices Georgia's lucky penny. Suddenly, Georgia slams on the window from outside the ship and Utah calmly says "Hey Georgia", in which Georgia responds "Oh, hey Utah". A brief conversation between the two ensues as Georgia slides down.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Utah's armor consists of the default Mark VI helmet and chest with recon shoulder pads in the Season 9 deleted scene. However, in a Season 10 deleted scene, his armor has changed to EVA shoulder pads and a CQB chest plate; although he still retains his Mark VI helmet.
  • In a deleted scene of Season 10, Utah is humming the song Now That We've Come So Far.

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