This is who I amEdit

So, I'm 42andblue, I'm a huge nerd, and my favorite RVB character is Caboose, and my favorite running joke is Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow! Other wikis you can find me on are: Elder Scrolls Wiki, Nukapedia, and Rangerwiki.

ring ring ring. ring ring ring.

Is anyone there? No? Ok, I guess I'll leave a message.

So, mister 42. Recently, it has come to our attention that you run a discord server for Red vs. Blue, under which you call yourself Caboose. Upon visiting the server, I was greeted by an odd lot. I have delayed leaving this message by a lot (this was meant to be sent in January), and I'm afraid it's past due. My visits will be few and far between, and short, too. Be on the lookout for me, Caboose.

~Sincerely, a forgotten pal

(And p.s., I'm not Josh)

​​​​​​Hello! I'd like to clear a few things up up, respectfully of course, I'm not an asshole after all! I am actually not Caboose, I go by Loco, and use the same username as I do here, and I don't run the server, neither does Caboose, Church is the owner of the Blood Gulch Server. I hope you enjoyed the server, whoever you are! Sincerely, 42andblue AKA Super Colonel Loco

ring ring ring

Nobody there? Ok.

So, mister Loco. I hear you're not the leader? I'm sorry for the inconvenience. If you would please forward my above message to the real owner, that would be great.


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