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About Me aka The Boring Crap[edit | edit source]

I'm a 20 year old male from the state of New York. There's not really a whole lot to say about me... During the off season, I can be found at Halo Nation's chat My profile is also better over there, so yeah... check it out I guess. I can also be found on the RWBY wiki's chat.

Favorite Characters[edit | edit source]

Halo-Related Favorites[edit | edit source]

Favorite Colors: Blue, Teal, Cyan, Cobalt

Favorite Weapons: Carbine, Plasma Rifle, Halo CE Pistol

Favorite Game Modes: Big Team Battle, Firefight, Grifball, Capture the Flag

Favorite Halo Games: Halo PC, Halo Reach, Halo 3

Fairly Pointless Gallery of Images I Enjoy Viewing[edit | edit source]

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