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"I don't know, it's just cool. I mean, come on. You guys have been through a lot together. Don't you want something to remember all the good times?...OK yeah, it wasn't perfect, but look what you all got out of it...Well, sure there's that, but Sarge, you got to lead an actual military operation. And Tucker, you learned to use your sword like a pro. You found a new team. Simmons got back his old team. I managed to keep a patient from dying..."
Doc's speech
"And I didn't die!"
"You see? In the end we all worked together and everyone got what they wanted."
Doc in Reckless

Hello there, I'm Agent Maroon78 (Maroon for short) and I'm a huge fan of Red vs. Blue and RWBY. I've watched every single episode, know the staff behind them, and enjoy discussing my ideas with others. If you want to get to know me or just talk, feel free to message me. I also have fun facts and know other people that can help you if I can't.

Simple things you may want to know...[edit | edit source]

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  • My favorite characters are:
  • The character I hate most in the series is Vic for several reasons.
  • Since 2007, I've watched Red vs. Blue and also enjoy Rooster Teeth overall; so I'm willing to help this wikia and staff when necessary.
  • Since the episode Players and Piece aired, I have become a big fan of RWBY.
  • I still enjoy watching "kid shows", such as: Ed Edd n Eddy, MLP: FiM, Samurai Jack, and Power Rangers.
  • I helped make several articles, templates, categories, and the Character Article Format that all main characters must follow.
  • I commonly work on the Red vs. Blue Timeline and Blood Gulch Crew articles, but I still go onto other pages and update them.
  • I enjoy making RvB blogs about random stuff, such as: Best Moments, RVB: the Videogame, RvB Multiverse, and several others. Feel free to check them out.

"Fun Facts"[edit | edit source]

I love trivia a lot, to the point, I know any detail or reference in a episode. However, some of the trivia I've found is consider speculation or isn't confirmed yet. Thus I made this section to contain what could be considered to be my personal head-canons.

  • If Church had used the same method of naming himself like O'Malley (combine the A.I. name with the owner's first name) then Church's name would most likely been Allen (Alpha + Leonard).
  • If Epsilon had used the same method of naming himself like O'Malley, then Epsilon's name would most likely been Eddy (Epsilon + David).
  • Eta and Iota are the only A.I. shown to merge their holographic bodies in Season 10. This suggests that the yellow unidentified A.I. the Meta had in Reconstruction is both Eta and Iota.
  • It's implied in Retention Deficit that Simmons was stationed somewhere else before the Blood Gulch Chronicles, as he mentions a "arctic outpost" when talking about eating a dog.
  • The main characters from RWBY share several similarities to the characters in Red vs. Blue and could have been inspired by some of the characters from the web-series.

Blood Gulch Crew Images[edit | edit source]

This is just a gallery dedicated to show the adventures of the funniest and best military squad ever made: the Blood Gulch Crew. It contains images that aren't used in the actual article, which can be found here.

Overall Main Cast[edit | edit source]

There are over 100 characters in Red vs. Blue, but these are the 28 most known, recurring, and had the biggest impact on the entire series. They are listed in order of the amount of episode appearances.

Main Characters
1. Caboose 8. Wash 15. Director 22. South
2. Simmons 9. Tex 16. Omega 23. Delta
3. Grif 10. Epsilon 17. Carolina 24. I. Leader
4. Sarge 11. Doc 18. Wyoming 25. C.T.
5. Tucker 12. Lopez 19. York 26. Gamma
6. Donut 13. Meta 20. Andy 27. Felix
7. Church 14. Sheila 21. North 28. Locus

Friends[edit | edit source]

(Sigh) Good old friends.

These are the people I currently trust most and get into decent conversations with. They are pretty great and if I get to know you then you'll be on here too.

  • Western Gen: know him since I started here and he is a great guy, even gave me my avatar.
  • oo7nightfire: one of the admins and is the person who help's me most.
  • Jman98: another of the admins and a funny dude to talk with.
  • TheBluester: I commonly work with him on the timeline article and he's pretty cool.
  • Euan117: a common visitor to my blogs whose understanding.
  • Sniperteam82308: a bureaucrat of the wiki who's pretty nice and fun to talk to.
  • Cyrus Arc: another admin who is quite supportive.
  • CroAgent: a cool editor who I find quite likable.

YouTube Page[edit | edit source]

I've created a YouTube page and plan to eventually make Let's Plays and reviews. Though, I'm having problems actually starting it. XP


Sounds good mate can you leave a message on my talk page to help me make a youtube channel to and I will watch your videos cause were friends hope to chat soon!!!!jball149 02:03, October 15, 2015 (UTC)

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