Underwater Lair
UnderwaterLair S15.png
Name: Underwater Lair
First Appearance: A Fistful of Colours
Inhabitants: Blues and Reds (formerly)
Status: Abandoned
"This place is awesome! There are fishes! Dripping water! Swimming pools! Great machine!"
Caboose in A Fistful of Colours

The Underwater Lair is an area below Desert Gulch and serves as a major location in Season 15, acting as a base of operations for the Blues and Reds for a number of years whilst Temple planned his revenge against the UNSC.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The base was located underwater somewhere beneath the surface of the planet Armada 8. The base itself contained a number of rooms including an office, workshop, "trophy room", recreational areas, meeting room, basement, hanger and various others. The base was large enough to house both the Blues and Reds and the Reds and Blues along with various other Simulation Troopers from Project Freelancer.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

After finding out about the collapse of Project Freelancer, the Blues and Reds establish their methods of operations within the underwater lair. Several years later, the Blues and Reds lure the Reds and Blues to Armada 8 and take them to their base. After bringing agents Washington and Carolina to the lair, Temple traps them in his trophy room, along with the frozen-in-place bodies of 10 other Freelancers that the Blues and Reds had killed over the years. Upon revealing his true intentions to the Reds and Blues, Temple locked them away in the brig. After being rescued, the Reds and Blues along with Locus escaped through the hanger.

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