UNSC Wind Power Facility
Zanzibar S10
Name: UNSC Wind Power Facility
First Appearance: We Must Rebuild
Inhabitants: Omega's forces, Zanzibar Reds
Status: Abandoned
"Yes, this place will do nicely for an evil lair. It's diabolically designed!"
"As a student of Feng-shui, I can tell you this house is 88% good luck. Also, very breezy. I like the floor plan."
—and Doc about Zanzibar in New Toys

The UNSC Wind Power Facility is a power station located on an island with a windmill where the Reds and Blues were transported to in the supposed future after the bomb in Church's body exploded. During the Blood Gulch Chronicles, O'Malley and his allies often used this location as their base of operations.


Episode 47

Doc/O'Malley made this place their evil lair, and is accompanied by the Red Zealot and Lopez. This is where Lopez made his army of robots and where the Blues meet Crunchbite (who destroys the Robot Army) and Andy, after the teams assaulted the island in an attempt to capture O'Malley, which fails. Tucker finds his sword underneath the windmill and the Zealot dies during this battle. Before anyone had arrived in the location, Gary installed himself in a computer terminal here until reuniting with Wyoming. After they reunited, they left the location to aid O'Malley at Blood Gulch.

Reconstruction 8

In Reconstruction, Washington, Delta, Church, and Caboose attempt to capture the Meta while he tries to obtain power when they returned to Zanzibar. However, the Red Team interrupts their mission, causing the Meta to capture Delta and escape. After the Meta attacked the entire group, the Reds joined forces with the Blues and Wash to stop the Meta before they left Zanzibar. In Season 10, the Reds, Blues, and Carolina arrive here to make a pit stop after rescuing Epsilon.


  • The power station is represented by Zanzibar in the Halo 2 engine and Last Resort in the Halo 3 engine.
  • It's revealed in the Reconstruction: Chapter 7 sponsor cut that the facility was turned into another simulation outpost, as a Red Team is shown to be stationed at the location.
  • The power station has the third most appearances out of all locations in the series, with the first being Blood Gulch and second being Sidewinder.
  • It's possible that, after the revelation by the A.I. Santa in Season 13, the wind power facility is the alien temple that houses the Great Key for the planet that the power station is located.

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