UNSC Supply Depot
UNSC Supply Depot
Name: UNSC Supply Depot
First Appearance: Prologue (Season 15)
Inhabitants: About a Dozen UNSC guards, UNSC Police
Status: Partially destroyed
"As you can see behind me, UNSC police are swarming the scene of a brazen late night heist. We're told the attack has taken the lives of a dozen UNSC guards, with untold millions in industrial goods stolen."
Dylan Andrews in Prologue (Season 15)

The UNSC Supply Depot is a UNSC depot situated on a tower on Earth, where weapons, ammunition and other UNSC military equipment was stored. This was one of the many sites that was attacked by the Blues and Reds, who are mistaken for the Reds and Blues due to their identical armour colors. It appears as the first location in Season 15 and the first location used in the Halo 5 engine.

Role in PlotEdit

Dylan and Jax arrested

Dylan and Frank being arrested by UNSC Police for tresspassing

In Prologue, the Blues and Reds attack the depot and kill all the UNSC guards situated there, with the leader leaving behind his bloody helmet as a symbol of their attack. After the attack, UNSC Police arrive on the scene and lock down the building, forbidding any entry from the public or unauthorised personnel. Interstellar Daily reporter Dylan Andrews, along with her cameraman Frank, sneak into the site to get footage for the story she is working on revolving around the supposed attacks from the Reds and Blues, However they are eventually discovered by UNSC police and arrested, with their employer being forced to pay bail to get them out of jail.


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