"Surrender now! You are outnumbered! Uh, well...technically you're not really outnumbered... I think we have the same number, uh, it's like one-to-one, but we do have airships! Fast, easy-to-fly airships! Which we will now land... in order to take you to jail."
—UNSC Police in Reckless

The UNSC Police are members of the United Nations Space Command who interrogate the Reds and Blues before they take the Epsilon unit back to the UNSC Archives in n+1. They later attempt to arrest the Reds and Blues for stealing Epsilon from the UNSC Archives.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

The UNSC police first appear in the Recollections finale, where one member interrogates the Reds and Blues for eliminating three ex-Freelancers. Unknown to the police, the Reds and Blues help Washington avoid imprisonment, as they disguise him as a member of Blue Team. After the trooper lets them go free, the police take the Epsilon unit back to the UNSC Archives.

However, when Carolina and the Reds and Blues break into the facility to rescue Epsilon during Season 10, they become wanted criminals. So, three UNSC police officers arrive in Valhalla while piloting Hornets and command the simulation troopers to surrender. Instead of obeying the police, the Reds and Blues hijack their vehicles and abandon the police.

They later appear in Epilogues as guards of a UNSC prison, being in charge of guarding and feeding the Blues and Reds. They show particular joy in teasing them, such as feeding them fish.

Themes[edit | edit source]

Hornet Theft[edit | edit source]

UNSC pilot in Hornet.png

A recurring theme of this group is that each time they confront the Reds and Blues, their Hornets are stolen by them. In n+1, the Reds steal one of the UNSC police's hornets, much to the dismay of one soldier who claims he'll lose his job due to this. When they arrive at Valhalla to arrest the simulation troopers in Reckless, the Reds and Blues steal all of their hornets after they land, in which one screams "Motherfucker!" out of anger.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The arrival of the UNSC Police at Sidewinder references the beginning of Reconstruction: Chapter 1, where a Recovery team is seen arriving at Valhalla.
  • Members of the UNSC Police are typically represented in the Halo 3 engine, using characters wearing gray-colored ODST helmets with the standard MJOLNIR Mark VI configuration. White is typically used for the subcolor, though some characters feature different subcolors.
  • In a deleted scene of Season 10, the UNSC police ask Doc, who was forgotten by the Reds and Blues in Valhalla, if he had three extra hornets after they lost theirs.

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