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"Yeah… did you get a big medal from beating Project Freelancer?"
"Yeah. Sure. I got a bunch more metal in my life now."
—Washington in Catching Up

The UNSC Maximum Security Detention Facility is a prison run by the United Nations Space Command, making it's first appearance in Recreation. The prison is headed by the Chairman and the only other known staff member in the prison is the Prison Guard.

Role in Plot[]

After Reconstruction: Chapter 19, Agent Washington was sent to the detention facility for breaking into Command. Roughly 3 months later, Caboose calls the prison to speak with Washington, revealing to him that he's stationed at Valhalla and still possesses the Epsilon Unit. After his call, he obtains permission from his guard to speak with the Chairman, where he negotiates with him. Ultimately, they make a deal that Washington (and the Meta) will obtain their freedom in exchange for returning the unit to the UNSC.


  • The facility is represented on the Halo 3 map, Orbital. At the bottom of the escalator are stations which are used for prisoners to answer calls, as seen in Catching Up when Caboose calls Washington.

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