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Name: Archives
First Appearance: Hate to Say Goodbye
Inhabitants: UNSC soldiers
Status: Occupied
"Hey chief, what do you want me to do with this thing? I can't get anything out of it, it's dead as a doornail."
UNSC Police soldier about the Epsilon Unit
"I don't care. Toss it in evidence. It's all a bunch of junk now, anyway."
—UNSC Police chief in n+1

The Archives section of Freelancer Command was a storage facility of Project Freelancer that contained files and evidence of numerous events, until it was taken over by the United Nations Space Command. It's where the Epsilon Unit was kept after it was damaged during the Reds' and Blues' final battle with the Meta.

Role in Plot[]

After Epsilon got trapped in the Epsilon unit, the UNSC Police confiscated the unit and placed it within the archives. During the events inside the unit in Season 9, Carolina has the Reds and Blues help her break into the archives to rescue Epsilon, so that she can use the A.I. to locate and kill the Director. When Epsilon is freed, Caboose, Sarge, Carolina, and Washington escort him out of the archives. When they're outside, the extraction team, consisting of Grif, Simmons, and Tucker, arrives and escape the area with the others.


  • This interior of the archives is represented on the Halo 3 map "Orbital", while the exterior of the location is represented by "Standoff", another Halo 3 map.

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