"Our assignment is to destroy all the Blues, no matter the cost to ourselves!"
—Turf in Orange is the New Red

Colonel Turf was the reckless leader of a red squad known as FH57. He and his squad commandeered an alien ship after it crashed on a squad of Blue soldiers, and became determined to use said ship to hunt down and eradicate all the Blues in the galaxy.


As the acting C.O of his unit, Turf set very high standards for his solders to meet and often required more than his soldiers could reasonably deliver. Similar to Sarge, many of his plans involved suicidal objectives, however, oftentimes his plans included his own death also, whereas Sarge would fix it so he was the only survivor. He stated that the war was bigger than any one individual, showing that despite his trigger happy attitude, he did take the war seriously, and wanted the Reds to be truly victorious.

Unlike Sarge, Turf was able to learn from his soldiers, as he stated that he learned a large number of things from each of the soldiers under his command. He also seemed willing to compromise with his men, as opposed to installing a wine bar on the ship, he compromised to make a wine shelf. However the entire team was blown up seconds later.


  • With the rank of Colonel, Turf was, tied with Sarge and Surge, the highest-ranking member of the Red Army and the second highest ranked character in the series, behind Doyle, who is a general, and Kimball, who is president of Chorus, thus making her the highest ranking character.

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