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Training Room
Training Room S10.png
Name: Training Room
First Appearance: Captive Audience
Inhabitants: Project Freelancer personnel
Status: Abandoned
"What the hell is going on here?! No matches have been authorized for- No! Allison!"
Director in Three's a Crowd

The Freelancer training room is an arena that is located inside the Mother of Invention. In this room the Freelancers test their skills, spar with one another, and practice using their equipment. This room is notable for being the location where York obtained his eye injury.


York, Wyoming, and Maine.png

The training room first appeared in the episode Captive Audience, where Tex is seen defeating York, Wyoming, and Maine in a sparring match. During this match, it's shown that the room has the ability to change its layout for specific exercises, as pillars are seen to appear and disappear. Also, it's shown in The New Kid that the room itself can bring out turrets to simulate a real firefight. Tables holding weapons can also rise out of the floor for Freelancers to use in matches, as seen in Three's a Crowd. In addition, the room also contains a spectator room, where others can watch the action from above. The room itself is run by F.I.L.S.S.

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