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"These Donut Holes are tight! They can only fit two grown men at once!"
Donut in Incendiary Incidents

The Time-Portal Gun is an energy weapon-esque device that shoots portals that allows for one to travel through time and space. First appearing in The Shisno, they were given to Donut by Chrovos, who in turn passed them onto the Reds and Blues.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

The portals, also called "Donut Holes", can only fit two grown individuals at once and exceeding this capacity returns the group to the present. However, the same amount of time the wielders spent on the past will have passed in their home period, as demonstrated when Sarge and Simmons discover one year has passed since they left, during which the Reds and Blues were deemed disappeared. The Portals can be set to take the user to a specific time period and location but there is also a shuffle button, which will open a portal to a random time period and location.

In the latter part of Singularity, after Genkins was able to absorb Chrovos' power. The former trapped the Reds and Blues in the time when the Paradox started, and when they tried using Simmons' Time-Portal Gun, they found that they were unable to pass through it without being rejected and harmed by the portal. Although with some testing by Agent Washington and Simmons pointing out that he could shoot through the portals. They would come up with a plan to use the portals to take out Genkin with the help of his Golf Club.

All of the existing Time-Portal Guns have since been lost in time after sealing the Everwhen.

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