Red vs. Blue Episode
"The #1 Movie in the Galaxy: 2"
Sarge and Tucker Movie 2
Episode no. 16.5
Airdate August 9, 2015 (sponsors)
August 10, 2015
Running time 4:50

Red vs. Blue Season 13
April 1, 2015 - September 7, 2015

  1. Trailer
  2. Prologue
  3. Capital Assets
  4. What's Yours is Ours
  5. Tourist Trap
  6. No Fighting in the War Room
  7. Along Came a Spider
  8. Locus of Control
  9. Test Your Might
  10. You Better Watch Out
  11. Temple of the Key
  12. Dish Best Served
  13. Off - Key
  14. The Thin Fed Line
  15. Counseling
  16. Armonia, Part 1
  17. Armonia, Part 2
  18. All or Nothing
  19. Great Destroyers
  20. The End is Near
  21. The End

The #1 Movie in the Galaxy: 2 is the fourth PSA of Red vs. Blue: Season 13. It is the sequel to The No. 1 Movie in the Galaxy PSA and aired on August 9, 2015 for sponsors and August 10th, 2015 for the general public.


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In a world where movie trailers are the pinnacle of cinematic achievement, one trailer stands above the rest...


Tucker: The fuck is this?

Doc: Oh! Maybe it's an abstract painting. How does it make you guys feel?

Caboose: Alone.

Sarge: Aha! I see you're all ready for the focus group screening.

Grif: Screening? What screening?

Sarge: Well, few years back, we put together a trailer for a Red vs Blue blockbuster!

Tucker: You mean the thing you butchered and turned into a movie all about yourself?

Don't tell me you actually made a stupid sequel!

Sarge: What, no! Of course not! The script is very intelligent.

Simmons: [gasps] Thank you, sir!

Sarge: After some significant rewrites.

Simmons: Aw...

Donut: Sarge, if I may?

We here at Franklin Delano Donut Productions saw a lot of promise in last year's critically acclaimed

summer blockbuster "Sarge", so we have combined efforts with Red Base Entertainment Productions Limited

to produce a sequel that we feel will reach a MUCH broader audience.

Grif: Alright, this sounds dumb, I am outta here.

Sarge: Too late, hit the lights.


Sarge: You know, they say war doesn't determine who is right. Only who is left.

Grif: Sarge, you're gonna wanna come with us.

Sarge: I say, war doesn't determine who is Blue... only who is Red.

Donut: [dramatically] From the studios that brought you "Sarge" and "How we were Sent Forward in Time by an Explosion..."

Simmons: I'm sorry, sir. We had to bring you here. He's... he's... [sniffles]

Grif: He's got Lopez.

Donut: [dramatically] Comes a story of betrayal...

Wash: Why, hello, Sergeant. It's good to see you again.

Sarge: It's Colonel now. What do you want, Blue?

Wash: I've had something of mine stolen from me, and I want you to retrieve it.

In return, I'll return what I have stolen from you, allowing you to retrieve it.

Sarge: So, if I return from this retrieval to return what's been stolen from you, you promise to return what you've stolen? Never to return and steal again?

Wash: Precisely.

Sarge: Alright, then.

Donut: [dramatically] And a story...

Wash: Not so fast. You'll be taking one of my men with you.

Sarge: Who?

[Record scratch] Donut: [cheerfully] Of unlikely friendship!

Tucker: 'Sup? Partner.

[Jazzy music]

Sarge: You know what, Blue? I'm starting to think this might just work!

Tucker: I'm thinking this would work a lot better if we could get a bigger ride. You know, more chicks!

Sarge: Son, what are you gonna do with more than one woman?

Tucker: Hey, you know what they say. Women are like Voltron. The more you hook up, the better it gets.

[Both laughing]

Sarge: Ah, you kids and your diseases! Heh heh heh!

Donut: This summer, watch as two heroes fight for their lives!

Tucker: So, you got a girl?

Sarge: You could, uh... you could say that.

Donut: And fight...

...for love.

Sarge: You know, I always thought fondly of you, Lopez.

Just never knew how to say it.

Because I don't speak Spanish.

Donut: But love will have to wait...

because first... they'll have to save Christmas!

[Christmasy music]

Sarge & Tucker: Whoaaa!

Tucker: The Warthog! It's flying!

Sarge: Of course it is, son! All we had to do was believe!

Donut: Save Christmas from what, you may ask?

Life-threatening disease.

Tucker: [Coughing] I'm sick, Sarge. They say I only have six months to live.

Sarge: Dammit, partner, what is it? Cancer? AIDS? Whatever it is, we can beat it. Together.

Tucker: No... it's...

bein' a zombieee!

Sarge: Tucker, nooo!

Donut: It's the violent, blood-curdling horror that will sweep the nation, filled with monsters.

Coming of age tale!

Doc: I'm doing it! I'm doing it!

Donut: Giant, fighting robots!

Simmons: Put the cube inside of Freckles!

Donut: And musical numbers for the whole family!

[Singing] So let me blooow you (blow you)

blow you all!

[Spoken] So no matter what you do this summer, be sure not to miss

"Sarge 2: Sarge Harder."

Sarge: You know... I'm gettin' too old for this shit.

Tucker: How old are you?

Sarge: 29.

Tucker: Wait, wha--


Sarge: So... what'd y'all think?

Donut: Well, I thought it was great!



  • This is the second sequel to a PSA, the first being Raise 'Em if Ya Got 'Em.
  • Tucker's statement, "Women are like Voltron. The more you hook up, the better it gets." is a reference to The Rookies, where he makes the same statement.
  • The song "Donut: The Musical" is featured in this PSA.
  • Freckles reappears in his Mantis form.
  • Simmons saying "Put the cube inside of Freckles!" is a reference to the 2007 film Transformers, where Sam puts the AllSpark in Megatron to kill him.
  • The title for the sequel, Sarge 2: Sarge Harder, is a reference to the 1990 film Die Hard 2: Die Harder.
  • This is the second RvB video to use the Flood.
  • Sarge's age is questioned again.
  • Caboose's answer to Doc's question is a reference to the 2015 show Daredevil, reflecting Wilson Fisk's feelings on a white abstract painting.
  • The line, "All we had to was believe," was a reference to the 2012 novel "Chasing Christmas," by Steven Hunt.
  • Sarge stating he is 29 years old and Tucker's reaction of "Wait, what?" references the PSA Rehashed.
    • The trailer of the film also refers to the PSA, where Sarge states they will miss it.


PSA The 1 Movie in the Galaxy 2

PSA The 1 Movie in the Galaxy 2

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