Terrified Mercenary
Terrified Mercenary returns
Name: Terrified Mercenary
Affiliation(s): Charon Industries
Status: Unknown
First Appearance: Locus of Control
Armor Color(s): Steel
Occupation(s): Mercenary
Voice Actor(s): Unknown
"I saw... terrible things... people I've killed..."
—The Mercenary explaining what he saw in the portal in Locus of Control

This Terrified Mercenary is a space pirate first seen in Locus of Control, informing Locus, Felix, and the Mercenary Scientist about what he saw in the mysterious portal at the Jungle Temple.

Role in PlotEdit

This mercenary was tasked along with a Mercenary Scientist in searching for information about a mysterious portal. After Felix boots him into the portal, in order for the pirates to learn the purpose behind the temple's instructions, the mercenary returns, terrified and in shock. He explains that he saw many people he killed before the scientist checks his vitals.

Considering many of the mercenaries have died following the assault on Armonia and the siege of the Communications Temple, it is unknown whether he survived or taken into custody.

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