Wyoming Clones Season 05
"I got stuck in a loop, and every time I went back, I left a bunch of... copies."
—Church in Same Old, Same Old

Wyoming, as an agent of Project Freelancer, was given a Temporal Distortion Unit as his armor enhancement. The Gamma A.I., also known as Gary, is needed to run the enhancement and allows the user to manipulate time for brief moments.

Role in PlotEdit

At some point prior to Make Your Time, Gamma took the armor enhancement to go into the past and possessed the computer terminal of Zanzibar to aid in Omega's goal, explaining how Gary in season 3, season 4 and season 5 can use it. In season 5, Wyoming and Gary (now in Sheila's old tank body) launched an attack on the Blues at Red Base. Whenever Wyoming seemed to lose, Wyoming used his enhancement and time looped back to a certain point, which only Tucker was aware of, due to his sword. When Tucker tricked Wyoming into thinking he had forgotten about the loops, he stabbed him with the sword, thus ending the loops. The resulting loop caused the Wyoming copies to meet up under Red Base and stage an attack. Using Caboose as a distraction, Tucker hooks up Gary to the Pelican so Sheila can put the A.I. behind a firewall.

Time distortion

With both Gamma and Wyoming's helmet on the pelican, temporal distortion is activated. With temporal distortion active, the pelican (piloted by Tex) takes a year to crash land at Outpost 17-B. The Meta arrives at the crash site and takes both the Gamma AI and the temporal distortion unit. The Meta then uses temporal distortion to dodge Church's rocket launcher fire. During Recovering One, Doc overcharged his medical scanner to fire a bolt of energy which shorted out the Meta's temporal distortion unit, causing him to move extremely slowly. However, since this was relativistic, his fist still carried the same force, and when it just barely touched Doc's helmet, Doc was hurled into the wall, where he remained stuck for several more episodes.


  • With this armor enhancement, Wyoming's ability to reverse segments of time, so as to manipulate them to his advantage, is very similar to the "checkpoint" system common in video games, which allows the player an infinite number of deaths or failures, only to respawn at a set point earlier in their progress in the game.
  • When Wyoming used the temporal distortion, it seemed to reset time to a certain point so things can go over and over again but when the Meta used it, he was only ever shown stopping or slowing down time.
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