Temple of Procreation
Name: Temple of Procreation
First Appearance: You Better Watch Out (Mentioned only)
Inhabitants: None
Status: Active
"Procreation. Activating this temple will throw the inhabintants of Chorus into a ravenous sexual frenzy with the intent to increase a potentially dwindling population."
"We... won't be needing that one."
"Well, let's not rule anything out."
Tucker in You Better Watch Out

The Temple of Procreation is one of the many alien temples on Chorus. According to Santa, when activated, the temple causes all of the planet's inhabitants to be thrown into a ravenous sexual frenzy.

Role in Plot Edit

After the defeat of Malcolm Hargrove, the Reds and Blues, New Republic and Federal Army celebrate their victory after Tucker actives the Temple of Procreation, throwing the inhabitants into a sexual frenzy, with Tucker getting several women pregnant and Grif and Simmons apparently having sex in a storage closet.

Tucker's incident with the Temple of Procreation would later cause him to regret his actions when a process server named Spencer Porkensenson delivers a class action lawsuit against him, from the mothers he impregnated on Chorus for child support.

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