Teleporter Grenades
"Future cubes! The cubes of the future!"
Donut in Fire

The Teleportation Grenade, also known as Future Cubes, as named by Grif, is a type of grenade that was first found on the UNSC Crashed Ship. They seem to have the ability to "store" items in subspace that are caught in its blast radius. Then these items can be released when another grenade is thrown, allowing them to "transport" any item easily.

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First appearing in Finders Keepers, many "teleportation cubes" were found by Grif while he, Sarge, and Doc were on the crashed ship. Not knowing what they do, he throws one cube at a pile of objects, which disappear before he throws another cube, which brings back the objects. Grif grows attached to them and, using the cubes' abilities, takes all of them back to Red base. After Doc pleads him to experiment them and being threatened by Sarge, Grif begins to test the grenades to understand them more.

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After the Federal Army first attack in Neighborhood Watch, Grif discovers with Doc that the cubes can be set at different frequencies which will have different affect on those in their blast radius. Grif also throws one at Doc, causing Doc to go missing throughout the rest of the season. Later, Grif and Donut use the cubes to fight the Federal Army in Fire, where Donut uses a cube to destroy Lopez 2.0/C.C. 

It is later revealed in Season 12, however, that the Teleportation Cubes can be used to teleport anything in the blast radius to another location in a short amount of time, so long as the proper coordinates are inputted. The Blood Gulch Crew and Space Pirates use these to transport themselves to various areas on Chorus, but they have a side effect of causing those being transported to suffer from side effects such as nausea.


  • The teleportation cubes are represented by Halo 4's Forerunner pulse grenades, which have a completely different use. Anyone caught in the radius of the blast will have their health drained and when the blast is finished, anyone still there will instantly die and disintegrate.
  • Donut states that the teleportation cubes are similar to Poké Balls from the Pokémon franchise, much to Grif's frustration.

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