Grif aiming Suppressor.png

"Let's see you outrank the end of my shotgun!"
"Uh, done. Fucking space laser, bitch."
Grif in Catch Up, No Mustard

The Suppressor is a weapon that fires multiple bolts of hard light. The weapon first appears in the episode Self Assessment, being primarily used by the Space Pirates and later, Carolina and Grif. When the Reds and Blues analyze the weapon in Catch Up, No Mustard, Dr. Grey discovers that it fires alien-like plasma energy.

Users[edit | edit source]

  • Space Pirates: After Felix and Locus are paid by the two Chorus factions in alien artifacts, they bring the weapons to Control to repair them before the Space Pirates can use them. The first functional suppressors appeared in Self Assessment, where Jackson's team is seen wielding them. They later use the suppressors to kill the inhabitants of F.A.C. Outpost 37.
  • Carolina: Before the Space Pirates could execute the Reds and Blues in Cloak and Dagger, Carolina attacks the Space Pirates while using a suppressor. However, when she fires at Felix, he uses his Hardlight Shield to deflect her shots, resulting in the weapon being shot out of her hands.
  • Grif: After Carolina's suppressor lands near his feet, Grif quickly grabs it and fires at the Space Pirates along with the other Blood Gulch Crew, killing one mercenary. After the Blood Gulch Crew escape to the Forest Base, Grif is shown to develop a liking to the suppressor. He also uses it to disable the radio jammer in Fed vs. New, along with the other Reds and Blues.
  • Lopez: In Fed vs. New, Lopez is shown briefly using a suppressor to disable Radio Jammer Station 1C, along with the rest of the Blood Gulch Crew, in order to contact the New Republic and Federal Army of Chorus.
  • Simmons: In Tourist Trap, Simmons is seen holding one while in the armory.

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