Sticky Detonator

Felix wielding a sticky detonator.

"Holy shit! Those things explode?!"
—Grif in Fire

The Sticky Detonator is a type of grenade launcher that is in the form of a unique pistol. The detonator fires C-4 grenades that attach to the first thing it comes into contact with. It first appeared in Finders Keepers.


  • Grif: When he, Sarge, and Doc began to search in the UNSC Crashed Ship, Grif found the sticky detonator. Unsure what they did, he began to play with them with Doc before Sarge ordered them to stop. After Doc removes a sticky grenade that Grif shot at him, the grenade detonates without their knowledge.
  • Locus: In Fire, Locus fires a sticky grenade at the tank manned by Sarge and Simmons. Although destroying the tank, Sarge and Simmons were able to avoid the explosion after Felix warns them.
  • Tucker: In Hit and Run, Tucker is seen using a sticky detonator while using a Cloaking enhancement.
  • Felix: In Hit and Run, Felix is seen using the sticky detonator in order to create several explosions at a Federal Army outpost. He also used one to kill the third leader of the New Republic, as implied in Cloak and Dagger by rigging the leader's ship.
  • Doyle: In Armonia, Part 2, Doyle sacrifices himself by using a Sticky Detonator to destroy the reactor in order to wipe out most of the Space Pirates.
  • Simmons: In The End is Near, Simmons manages to take Felix's detonator and fires a sticky grenade at Felix's Hardlight Shield, leaving Felix vulnerable to a grenade tossed by Tucker. Both grenades detonate, resulting in Felix's death.
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