Starseeds Planet.png
Name: Starseeds
First Appearance: The Shisno
Inhabitants: The Cosmic Powers
Status: Occupied
"It has been many eons since mortals were allowed audience here, on Starseeds, the seat of the Cosmic Powers."
—Atlus to the Reds and Blues in Docudrama

Starseeds is a planet orbiting a black hole at the centre of the galaxy, and the seat of the Cosmic Powers and their leader, King Atlus Arcadium Rex. It is first introduced in the premiere of The Shisno Paradox.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The only known feature of Starseeds is the vast mountaintop palace from which the Cosmic Powers watch over the universe. It contains Atlus' throne room within its expansive complex, and is built in ancient alien architecture with many complex water features and alien machines. The sky of the planet is dominated by colourful, constantly-shifting clouds and aurorae.

There is some kind of extradimenional space accessible from the palace, apparently private to Atlus (although Tucker was able to access it) and providing a view of the cosmos; he is able to destroy a moon from this space which was visible from the planet where he later meets with Tucker, Sister and Grif. The tower of the Fates is also implied to be located somewhere on Starseeds, and several other surface structures are visible from the palace, descending into the clouds.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

The Reds and Blues arriving on Starseeds

After realizing that the Pizza Quest of the Reds and Blues on Earth has begun, Muggins travels across the universe to Starseeds to inform Atlus. Some time later, the rest of the Cosmic Powers assemble there to discuss the matter, before Atlus leaves to try and destroy the Reds and Blues himself.

After Tucker, Sister, Grif and Huggins unite in the past, Huggins returns to Starseeds to request an audience with the Cosmic Powers on their behalf, to which Atlus agrees, with some coercion from Kalirama. Following that successful meeting, the Reds and Blues reunite and portal to Starseeds in person to hear from Atlus and the rest of the Cosmic Powers.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The appearance of the black hole is based on the black hole from the 2014 film Interstellar.
  • The palace is the Halo 5 level Mercy.

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