Grif's speed unit
"That was fast! Man that was super fast! I'm so fast! God, so fast! Why is it so hot in here?"
—Grif in Standardized Testing

The Speed Boost is an armor enhancement that allows the user to move extremely fast. Simmons found this enhancement at the Freelancer Offsite Storage Facility and then installed it into Grif's armor. Without an A.I., the user might experience an overload of speed. Grif stated that when using the enhancement people talk so slow, the lights hurt his eyes, he can smell clouds and it feels hot. He also became overly energetic and talked really fast. Simmons mentioned that the unit has a timer which may be a reference to the equipment timers in Halo: Reach. When the timer ran out, Grif collapsed in exhaustion. In the episode Spiral, Carolina uses the speed unit enhancement to catch an Insurrection soldier in order to obtain a briefcase.

Carolina using her Speed BoostEdit


  • Coincidentally, Carolina and Tex, an A.I. who was based on her mother, obtained similar enhancements: both super strength and speed unit increase the user's physical abilities while cloaking and camouflage allow the user to utilize stealth.

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