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Roses vs Violets Achievement

In Halo 4's Spartan Ops mode, there are various Red vs. Blue easter eggs hidden within radios throughout the various Spartan Ops episodes.


Certain episodes of Spartan Ops' first season have hidden UNSC radios. Shooting these radios will cause them to play Red vs. Blue's opening theme. In addition, as a consequence of triggering the easter egg, dialogue from key moments of a chapter will include humorous dialogue from the series' cast. Finding one of these easter eggs will award the Roses vs Violets achievement.



While Crimson is defending the artifact.

  • Commander Palmer: "Fireteam Castle, this is Commander Palmer. I need an ETA on clear skies."
  • Caboose: "Seriously, the regular radio guy said he'd be right back. He's in the bathroom."


Crimson activates the first computer.

  • Caboose: "What does this button do?"
  • Church: "Caboose, don't touch anything!"
  • Caboose: "But I'm great at buttons. Oh, look at that explosion!"

Recording ends.

Crimson activates the second.

  • Church: "Oh great! You broke it!"
  • Caboose: "No. The fire broke it - ah, see? Great, now I'm on fire too now. Awesome."

Recording ends. Crimson activates the third.

  • Grif: "Hey, Simmons? What do you think this thing does?"
  • Simmons: "How would I know? It's a forty-foot, seamless monolith with one massive holographic button. It could be anything from a giant microwave oven to a weapon with enough power to-"
  • Caboose: [screaming] "I'm on fire!"
  • Simmons: "Hey, is that Caboose?"
  • Caboose: [indistinct screaming]
  • Grif: "Probably. He's on fire."
  • Caboose: [screaming] "It's like the armor! It does nothing! Ah!"[1]

Shootout in Valhalla[]

Pelicans fly in with Mantises.

  • Simmons: "Hold tight, ground forces. We are inbound with reinforcements. Don't wanna say exactly what, but you'll like 'em!"
  • Grif: "It's giant robots."
  • Simmons: "What?! Grif! You ruined the surprise! You have no flair for the dramatic."
  • Grif: "They're in battle, idiot! How dramatic do you want it to get?"

Pelicans drop Mantises.[2]

Rally Point[]

When Crimson reaches the waterfront tower.

  • Vic: "Hello? Hello? Commander Palmer, hello? Do you read me?"


  • Commander Palmer: "What are you even doing?"


  • Vic: "Oh, come on, dude! I thought you saved my number at the party last night. You were really killin' it at the karaoke. If you know what I'm sayin', dude."


  • Commander Palmer: "Miller? Status?"
  • Miller: "Working on it, Commander."


  • Vic: "Yeesh! Easy there, Commander Buzzkill. I'm going to 80's night tomorrow, so hey. Give me a buzz after you save the universe and all that. Hasta luego. Luego bye bye."[3]

Spartan Thorne[]

When the equipment drop comes.

  • Sarge: "I heard you boys wanted a lift, but all I've got are these guns. I suppose you could assemble some sort of primitive gun-like vehicle out of the parts... But who knows what the insurance rate would be on that bad boy"

Several Gravity Hammers marked "Sports equipment" are dropped.

  • Sarge: "Dammit, Grif! You dropped your cargo! Now how are we supposed to play Grifball?"
  • Grif: "I think the bigger question here might be why a military vehicle was sent into battle with sports equipment?"[4]

Shut Down[]

After Crimson has reached the nukes.

  • Sarge: (mocking voice) "This is Corporal Switchback to Infinity!"
  • Commander Palmer: "Go ahead, Switchback."
  • Sarge: "Hey Infinity, is your slipspace drive running? Because you'd better go catch it!"
  • Commander Palmer: "Crimson, you're the closest responder. Fall out and help Switchback."
  • Grif: "Babba booey! Babba booey!"[5]

Engine of Destruction[]

When Crimson disables the warhead in the server room.

  • Simmons: "Private Simmons to Command! There was a huge firefight down here, and engine's all shot up! I need Maintenance ASAP!"
  • Miller: "Keep it together, marine. Spartans are on the way."
  • Simmons: (sarcastically) "Oh, great! More people with guns! I'm sure THAT'LL fix the engine!"[6]

Majestic Rescue[]

When the equipment drop comes.

  • Miller: "I'm having Dalton drop some extra gear for you now."
  • Caboose: "Six crates of elbow grease and headlight fluid inbound now."[7]

The Hammer[]

After Crimson activates a Hawk squad IFF tag.

  • Roland: "Alright, I've got a recording from a Hawk IFF tag, playing it now."
  • Elite: (speaking Sangheilian)
  • Church: "Yeah, I have absolutely no idea what you just said."
  • Elite: (speaking Sangheilian)
  • Church: "Dude, listen to me! I do not speak alien!"

Plasma fire.

  • Church: "Oh, this is such BS!"

Energy sword.

Recording ends.[8]

Seize the Power[]

When Crimson is about to board the Lich.

  • Miller: "Crimson, I can't say I think it's sane but it's the only move we've got. Get on board the Lich by any means necessary."
  • Agent Georgia: "Cool, jetpacks. That'll help us get on that ship or my name isn't Agent Georgia."[9]