"The Galactic Positioning System would be able to inform Command of our location within seconds of a mayday. So, even if the ship were to crash, rescue would be practically immediate. Isn't that rad?"
—The Spaceship Operator explaining the ship's emergency protocols to Tucker in A Real Fixer Upper

The UNSC Spaceship Operator was a member of the crew in charge of operating the spaceship that was assigned the task of returning the Reds and Blues home after their pardon by the UNSC.

Role in PlotEdit

The operator was stationed aboard the spaceship that was transporting the Reds and Blues home after the events of Season 10. While the spaceship was in flight, the operator is seen on duty in a control room with two other operators and Tucker. The operator explains the ship's various emergency protocols to Tucker, assuring him that Command would be notified of their position within mere seconds of a Mayday. The operator goes on to confidently state that in the event of a crash, rescue would be practically immediate. A disinterested Tucker dismisses his speech as "nerd stuff", before leaving to attempt to make a move on the pilot of the ship, claiming she was checking him out. Despite the operator's protests, Tucker distracts the pilot, and an emergency alarm begins to blare. The ship eventually crash lands in an unknown location, and it is later stated by Tucker in Get Your Tucks in a Row that the ship's entire crew died in the crash, leaving the operator presumed dead.


  • The Spaceship Operator's armor consists of full Recruit armor with a blue visor.

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