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"Why are there six pedals if there are only four directions?"

Six Pedals is a running gag that has been referenced throughout the series. Early in Season 1, in its first appearance, when Caboose attempts to drive Sheila, he becomes confused and asks "No, no, wait, go back! Why are there six pedals if there are only four directions?"

Subsequent Appearances[]

  • In Check Out the Treads on That Tank, when Sheila says that Caboose has mastered driving the tank, he states "Why are there six pedals if there are only four directions?"
  • While Church is time traveling, he overhears himself telling Caboose why they can't remove pedals from Sheila.
  • When Grif hijacks an Elephant, he says, "Wait . . . why are there only four pedals when there are six directions?"
  • In Upon Further Review, during the Poser sequence, six pedals can be seen in the Warthog.
  • In New and Improved, when Tucker and Caboose are conversing about the Blue Base in Valhalla, Tucker sarcastically comments that since they upgraded, they would get a tank with eight pedals instead of six.
  • In Oh Captains, My Captains Jensen complains about the high number of pedals on the Warthog.
  • In A Pizza the Action, Tucker is implied to have caused the car accident that killed Paul Walker because "I’ve gotten used to six pedals. Two is harder now."


  • In Rooster Teeth's "Fails of the Weak: Volume 106" a Wraith catapults sideways into a wall in which Geoff Ramsey says "He probably stepped on the wrong pedal." and Jack Pattillo replies "You mean the sixth one?"
  • In Halo 2: Anniversary, there is an unlockable achievement called "Six Pedals, Four Directions", a reference to the gag. It is unlocked by having the Arbiter drive a Scorpion tank.