Sarge - Quid pro quo.

Sarge wielding his iconic shotgun

"The shotgun seat is reserved as a position of respect. And for people who carry shotguns. See? Quid pro quo."
—Sarge in Directions

The shotgun is a weapon used by various Red vs. Blue characters and it is the primary weapon of Sarge. When fired, it sends out scattered bullets that is damaging at close range.


  • Mickey: Mickey is seen using a shotgun to fight Tex at Sidewinder during a flashback scene in A Shadow of His Former Self.
  • Sarge: Sarge begins to carry it around mid-Season 1. Sarge uses it because he claims long range weapons are "unmanly." He has however been seen to use an assault rifle from time to time while fighting Blues. He killed several Wyoming clones with it at the end of Season 5. In the Zombie PSA, Sarge says he carries a shotgun at all times in case of a zombie attack.
  • Grif: Grif also used Sarge's shotgun in an attempt to revive him after he was shot in the head, by hitting him in the chest with it during Season 1.
  • Simmons: Simmons used one in Season 1 to guard Tex after her capture, and after Sarge's apparent death in Season 5 so he could be the leader of the Reds.
  • Church: In the flashback of Tex's assault on Sidewinder, Church had a shotgun and tried to shoot Tex multiple times.
York with shotgun


  • Shotgun is also a running gag in the series that relates to a character getting into a Warthog first. This usually involves Grif and Simmons, where one would say, "Shotgun!" and the other right after would say, "Shotgun, fuck!" after missing their opportunity. This gag also appears in Halo 3, being said by Marine Corps marines which substitute the word 'fuck'  with 'damn' during the campaign level Tsavo Highway, while the IWHBYD skull is active.
  • As shown in Revelation, "Shotgun" is used as Sarge's code-word for a contingency plan. Sarge first allows himself to be subdued by an enemy, then makes a statement about his shotgun, emphasizing the word to signal his squad to use the Warthog to take out the enemy. Grif has expressed distaste at this plan. saying "How about next time we use a code-word, we choose something you don't say every five seconds?"
    • Another one of Sarge's contingency plans is "shotgun to the face" which Sarge claims is useful in a "variety of situations," from infiltration to insubordination.

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