Shannon McCormick (born c.1971) is a voice actor employed by Rooster Teeth from Atlantic, Iowa, currently residing in Austin, Texas. He is a classically trained actor[1] who is best known for playing the role of Agent Washington[2] ever since the character's debut in Red vs. Blue: Recovery One, Lopez 2.0 in Season 11 and Agent Iowa in Season 14 (in two episodes he also wrote) and Singularity. McCormick also made an appearance in a few Rooster Teeth Shorts and provides the voice for the RWBY character Professor Ozpin, and Camp Camp's Quartermaster.


  • McCormick made a brief appearance in the second season of Breaking Bad as Twitchie-Guy.
  • He came to the series along with South Dakota actress Shana Merlin, as both were part of the improv duo Get Up, at the recommendation of Asaf Ronen. They joked that the South\Wash dynamic worked out well because "we’ve killed each other countless times on stage".[3]
  • McCormick did the motion capture for Washington in the episode "Case File 01.045".[3]


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