"Patrolling in the ice. Give me a fucking break. You know who doesn't have to patrol in the middle of the night. In the ice? Jenkins. I bet Jenkins is sleeping right now. Back in his rag, with his big fucking melonhead on a soft pillow."
—Scully complaining in The Twins

Scully was a soldier stationed at the Bjørndal Cryogenics Research Facility in the Arctic Ocean.

Role in PlotEdit

Scully was put on patrol duty with Murphy and complained about various things including the temperature, patrol duty, and another soldier named Jenkins who replaced him on Terminal duty as a result of Jenkins (presumably) informing his (and Scully's by extension) CO about a comment Scully made regarding said CO. Murphy did not care about these things, likely ignoring him and responding with small sentences. He was killed by Agent South Dakota, who hit him in the neck and knocked him over a platform.


Scully comes off as a very angry individual, ranting about his patrol duty with his partner Murphy and blaming another soldier, named Jenkins, for him being on patrol duty in the first place. It seemed that Scully at least partially cared for Murphy, as he became concerned when he noticed Murphy disappeared. He referred to him as "Murph" at least once and even went as far to draw his sidearm. When "Murphy" said "he" had heard something, Scully was clearly relieved, holstering his pistol and jokingly inquiring if his dead friend had heard a ghost. Scully quickly became speechless when he discovered Murphy's corpse.


  • Scully's conversation with Murphy is similar to another conversation between two soldiers, named Delario and Burke, seen in the sponsor cut of Reconstruction Chapter 7, where one soldier complained about his assignment compared to another (Scully) and the other (Murphy) casually responded.

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