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This article is about the object. You may be looking for the episode.

The Sarcophagus - S10.png
"We found the markings we're looking for. The bad news is...they're on that."
Washington revealing the Sarcophagus

This high level asset, codenamed the "Sarcophagus," is an object first seen in its titular episode The Sarcophagus. Though another can be seen at the Bjørdnal Cryogenics Research Facility in The Twins, where it was stated by the Director to have been created. It served as the mission objective to Project Freelancer part-way through Season 9.

Role in Plot[]

The data recovered by South in The Twins was vital to pinpointing the Sarcophagus's location. In Planning the Heist, the Freelancers went over their plans to retrieve it from the Insurrection, who were previously in possession of it for unknown reasons. The Freelancers succeeded in securing it and the briefcase containing the code needed to open it.

Later, in Labor Pains, the Sarcophagus can be seen being taken out of the room, shortly after Delta's creation, making a growling noise as it leaves. When the A.I. fragments muttered the word "Allison" in Three's a Crowd, growls and snarls (like a caged animal) are heard coming from within the Sarcophagus, frightening the soldiers guarding it. In the episode Happy Birthday, it was revealed that a Huragok/Engineer is contained inside the Sarcophagus. The Huragok was used by the Director to seemingly fix the  Alpha after he was tortured, and did so by transferring the parts of the A.I. that have fragmented due to mental distress from the Alpha to a storage unit. These attributes are what define the personalities of respective A.I. fragments.

It's currently unknown what happened to the object and the "Engineer" after Project Freelancer was shut down in Reconstruction.



  • Engineer symbols can be seen displayed on the Sarcophagus, which gives early hints at what was inside the Sarcophagus.
  • The Sarcophagus' presence shortly after Delta's creation in Labor Pains hints that it may have been involved in his creation in some way. This is confirmed in the episode Happy Birthday, where a Huragok is seen repairing a storage unit.