"Well, there's no wine bars, I can tell you that!"
—Santos in Orange is the New Red

Major Santos was a Red Team soldier part of squad FH57.

Role in PlotEdit

While he and his squad searched the galaxy for Blues after discovering an alien ship, he repairs the alien ship's A.I., Cherry. He was shown to be handy with mechanics and for some reason had an obsession with wine bars. Because of this, he took advantage of Peake's alien cult to stage a mutiny. However, another teammate, Drag, contacted their commander Turf about this and after a motivational speech from him, Peake and Santos stopped the mutiny.

Trivia Edit

  • His obsession with wine bars has become a joke among fans, as many hoped to see one in later episodes.
  • Santos is the first confirmed Major in RvB, making him one of the highest-ranking officers in the entire show along with Sarge, Surge, Turf, Kimball and Doyle.

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