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"Trust me, dudes. Sammie Raphaello's is the best fucking pizza on Earth."
Grif in The Shisno

Sammie Raphaello's Pizza or Sammie Raphaello Calzone & Stromboli is a restaurant located somewhere in a small mountain town on Earth, and a pivotal location in The Shisno Paradox.

Role in Plot[]

Sammie Raphaello's is first mentioned in the premiere of The Shisno Paradox, being the place the Reds and Blues finally decide on to go out for lunch, on Grif’s suggestion. After he crashes the Pelican in a forest nearby, the gang walks the rest of the way to the town, meeting Donut along the way.

Upon arriving, the Reds and Blues find the pizza parlor completely destroyed, with damage to the parking lot and several other buildings nearby. Donut then, using his Time Gun, takes them back to a few days in the past, when Sammie Raphaello's was still intact. However, before they can actually get pizza, they are attacked by Kalirama, who causes the destruction they witnessed before traveling through time. The Reds and Blues quickly escape further into the past, leaving it behind.

In Sis and Tuc's Sexellent Adventure, after figuring out how to use their Time Gun, Grif takes Doc to Sammie Raphaello's again, this time back in his college years. However, instead of the pizza restaurant he remembers, they find that it has been renamed "Sammie Raphaello's Calzones & Stromboli"; they quickly realize that not only has the restaurant been renamed, but that they have somehow entered a timeline where pizza never existed. Doc then convinces Grif that they can fix the timeline by traveling back in time and re-inventing pizza themselves, and the two leave again.


  • In the Season 15 episode Objects in Space, Grif mentions Sammie Raphaello's while rambling to Locus, suggesting that it is located in Ithaca, New York State. This is also where writer-director Joe Nicolosi went to film school, namely Ithaca College.
  • The Rooster Teeth store has a Sammie's shirt under the name "Pizza Quest". However, the surname is misspelled "Raphaelo's".
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