Sam - S12E11
Name: Sam
Affiliation(s): Space Pirates
Status: Unknown
First Appearance: Long Time No See
Armor Color(s): Steel
Occupation(s): Mercenary
Weapon(s): None
Voice Actor(s): Unknown
"Motion sensor says there's movement in the room but, there's nothin' here."
"Ah, that's probably an, you know, bad indicator or somethin'. Or maybe it's that super soldier right behind you who's about to knock you out."
—Epsilon impersonating HQ
"Hehe, yeah. ...What?"
—Sam before being knocked out in Long Time No See

Sam is a mercenary who first appears in Long Time No See, overlooking the security footage at an abandoned facility.

Role in PlotEdit

Sam talking to HQ - S12E11

Inside an abandoned F.A.C. mining facility, Sam overlooks security and suddenly notices the motion detector activating. As he looks around the room for enemies he does not see anyone. Suddenly, a mercenary from HQ named Harv radios Sam to talk. However, it is soon revealed that the caller was really Epsilon making a distraction so that Carolina could knock out Sam.


  • Sam's armor consists of an Enforcer helmet, Prefect shoulders, Stalker torso, Ricochet forearms, and a Frost visor.

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