Red vs. Blue Episode
"RvB Zero SDCC Clip"
RvB Zero SDCC Clip
Episode no. 12.13
Airdate July 25, 2020
Running time 1:20

Red vs. Blue Zero
October 19, 2020 - TBD

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The RvB Zero SDCC Clip is a special episode of Red vs. Blue announcing that Zero, the eighteenth season of Red vs. Blue, would be premiering during the Fall of 2020.


Shatter SquadEdit

Zero's SyndicateEdit


  • Unknown Yellow Soldier
  • Unknown Blue Soldier


An unnamed yellow soldier attempts to announce to the viewer that Red vs. Blue is coming back this year, but she is interrupted by an unnamed blue soldier expressing his excitement about Red vs. Blue. Eventually the yellow soldier, after mentioning that you don't need to watch any of the previous seasons to watch Red vs. Blue: Zero, shoots at him before stating that this time, things will be different.


Cut in from a black screen to show an unknown yellow soldier standing in front of the camera. An unknown blue soldier walks in from the left

Chat starts rolling

Unknown Yellow Soldier: Ahem. Hello, internet people! I've got good news! Red versus Blue is coming back this year!

Unknown Blue Soldier: (stops walking, now on the right side of the screen. He waves his arms as if seeking attention) Hey, I like Red versus Blue!

The unknown yellow soldier steps to the right, blocking him from the camera

Unknown Yellow Soldier: This time, things will be -

The unkown blue soldier runs to the right, now in full view of the camera

Unknown Blue Soldier: RvB is back baby!

Unknown Yellow Soldier: (steps to the left to block the unknown blue soldier from view) THIS time, things - will -

The unkown blue soldier runs to the right again

Unknown Blue Soldier: Gotta prep to catch up by binging seventeen seasons!

The yellow soldier tries to block him from view, and fails

Unknown Yellow Soldier: Ugh, no, you don't have to - (she bends down, returns with a massive gun, and pivots to aim it behind her)

Unknown Blue Soldier: It'll have action, it'll have - 

The yellow soldier starts firing at him

Unknown Blue Soldier: Ah, hey, watch the face! (vanishes in a puff of smoke as he is shot)

Unknown Yellow Soldier: (turns to face the camera) Okay, this time... 

Cut to a black screen, with hearts floating up and the chat still running

Unknown Yellow Soldier: Things will be different.

Music starts

Small montage of clips, incluing but not limited to: Still images of characters, short clips of fully finished shots, behind-the-scenes shots of motion capture and voice acting, half-finished models and animation, and storyboards of scenes.


Red vs Blue ZERO SDCC Sneak Peak

Red vs Blue ZERO SDCC Sneak Peak

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