"I have a reputation to uphold. If word got out that two bounty hunters killed MY men, shot up MY property, and kidnapped MY son all without consequence, that would most certainly be a sign of weakness...which is why I am personally going to bash your skulls open and feed you to my dogs."
—Ruben to Felix in Call

Ruben Lozano was a wealthy criminal in charge of several thugs who came across Felix, Locus, and Siris after they kidnapped his son and attempted to ransom him. Wanting revenge for the damage the three caused, Ruben and his thugs set out to kill them, disregarding the ransom offer.


Ruben was a merciless and completely ruthless crime lord. He was shown to inherit several typical gangster traits, such as refusing to let Felix and Locus escape, seeing it as a sign of weakness. He was highly confrontational and threatening, using the knowledge he had about Locus and Felix to throw off their plans to ransom his son to him.

He also displayed a total disregard for his own son, showing him to be completely heartless. He went as far as to list out all the reasons he hated his own son while he was aware his son would be able to hear him. However, his final words to Siris were him calling Siris a hypocrite for saying "(Ruben) shouldn't have brought family into this." Ruben replies with "But you did first" indicating that he may have, at least slightly, cared for his son.

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