Name: Ross
Affiliation(s): Charon Industries
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: You Better Watch Out
Armor Color(s): Steel
Occupation(s): Mercenary
Weapon(s): Battle Rifle
Voice Actor(s): Ross O'Donovan
"No we won't, our hearing is terrible!"
—Space Pirate
"Yeah, we didn't even hear that!"
"Shut up, Ross!"
—Space Pirate in Temple of the Key

Ross is a space pirate first appearing in You Better Watch Out, where he ambushes Carolina, Emily Grey, and the Blues, alongside Sharkface and his fellow pirates.

Role in PlotEdit

Ross, along with three other space pirates, ambush Carolina, Dr. Grey, and the Blues at the Jungle Temple. He first speaks in Temple of the Key, where he states that the pirates didn't hear Emily's plan, followed by another pirate shutting him up. When Dr. Grey enters the portal the light briefly blinds Ross and his squad. Carolina then lowers her shield, allowing Freckles to kill Ross and the rest of the pirates in quick succession.


  • Ross shares his name with his voice actor, Ross O'Donovan, mostly known by his internet pseudonym, RubberNinja. Ross is an animator and a member of the YouTube gaming channel Game Grumps, where he regularly hosts the shows Steam Train and Grumpcade.
  • The line "Shut up, Ross." is a reference to Game Grumps, in which the other members (especially Dan Avidan) often yell "Goddammit Ross" out of frustration.
  • Ross is the first named Space Pirate to have been killed by someone other than another Space Pirate, the second being Felix.

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