"Now, is there anything you feel like you should say to General Kimball?"
—One of the Feds to Kimball in Along Came a Spider

These unnamed Federal Army of Chorus soldiers are seen arguing with Kimball in Along Came a Spider

Role in PlotEdit

At Armonia, the Chorus armies prepare for their assault on Crash Site Alpha, where Kimball orders the two Feds to line up their warthog with the others. However, the two tell her that she must fill out a vehicle request form for them to do so. Washington steps in and reiterates Kimball's exact orders to the Feds, which they follow without question. The two Feds proceed to get in the warthog. Wash asks if they have anything to say to Kimball, which one of the Feds reply with an insult, calling her a bitch and driving off. Kimball later asks Washington to remind her to put the two Feds on the front lines.

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