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"What the Reds and Blues have taught me is that it's not the sum of your parts that makes you who you are, it's not what you're endowed with, not intelligence or strength, but what you hold onto throughout the hardest trials of life. These people have shown me that real heroes are not born. They're forged. A friend told me once that there's no fate but what you make, and I think he's right. What makes a hero is their ability to choose light over darkness, to walk through fire and not be burned, to fall from great heights and not be broken, to be changed and reborn and be better for it again and again. It's who you become when you lose someone close, when the world stops making sense and you're thrust into responsibility you never asked for. That's what makes a hero. And that's what makes the Reds and Blues some of the greatest our universe has ever seen."
Dylan Andrews in Epilogues

The Reds and Blues were the titular main protagonists of Red vs. Blue until Singularity. They are a self-made faction consisting mainly of the Red and Blue Teams originally stationed in Blood Gulch, along with individuals that have joined them both later on. Despite an intense rivalry and mutual dislike between the members of both groups at the start of the series, they have teamed up countless times to defeat enemies that would normally be out of their league. Because of their actions, many see the Reds and Blues as some of the greatest soldiers and heroes in the galaxy, even though they self-identify as "idiots."


During the Blood Gulch Chronicles, the two teams generally disliked each other, but for no legitimate reason. However, due to an ever emerging series of events in their lives, the two teams often found themselves forced to cooperate for a greater purpose, bigger than their petty squabbling. Over time, other characters outside of Blood Gulch, including former enemies, have joined them. Despite their bickering, Sarge states that the reason the group continue to stay together is possibly because it's the only "place" where they feel accepted for who they are.

RvB Heroes.png

Despite their aggressiveness and general dislike for one another at times, the Reds and Blues seem to genuinely care about one another and no longer view themselves as enemies, but friends – and more importantly – as a single squad. Their actions soon became widespread knowledge during the events of Season 11, as the mercenary known as Felix tells the Reds and Blues that they are considered the galaxy's greatest soldiers for taking down Project Freelancer. This also causes Locus to refer to them as the ‘real deal'. Aiden Price states to Locus that the "complete and total faith in one another" is what has allowed them to defeat foes with far greater skills, training, and equipment like the Meta.

Role in Plot[]


The Reds and Blues working together for the first time.

Although members of the group appeared in the first episode, the Reds and Blues weren't formed until K.I.T. B.F.F., when the Blue Team go to exchange Donut and Lopez for two robots from the Red Team. However, they are attacked by Doc, possessed by Omega, who escapes with a kidnapped Lopez through a Teleporter. Since both teams needed both Doc and Lopez for their own specific reasons, the two teams agree to work together to stop Omega. Although they are separated from each other across the galaxy when they first attempt to pursue the A.I., Simmons reunites the group using the Teleporter Nexus, but Sheila is left behind at Blood Gulch.

The Reds and Blues outside O'Malley's base.

The acting leaders of the Reds and Blues at this time were Simmons, leading the group against Omega at Sidewinder and defeats him by using the Grunts, and Tex, leading the group after they were sent "into the future" to attack O'Malley at Zanzibar. Although they successfully take Zanzibar and reunite with Church after his time travel experience, Doc/O'Malley escape with Lopez and have him construct the second Robot Army to attack the group. However, the Reds leave during the assault to investigate a distress signal while an unknown Alien appears and destroys all of O’Malley's forces, temporally disbanding the faction.

Omega's Final Assault[]

The Alien encountered by the Reds and Blues

During their time apart, the Reds re-discover Blood Gulch while the Blues join the Alien on a quest before returning to Blood Gulch. Before rejoining the others, Tex obtains the aid of York and Delta to help her confront Wyoming, who escapes after he reveals Omega is already back at Blood Gulch, as the Blues contacted Doc/O'Malley to treat an ill Tucker. After Tucker gives birth to an alien baby named Junior, O'Malley leaves Doc and forms a plan with Wyoming, Gary, a Green Alien, and a resurrected Flowers to use the alien prophecy to possess Junior to take control of his alien race. However, although the teams are separated by Vic Jr., who also joined Omega, they eventually all join together before their final battle with O'Malley.

York and Delta assist Tex.

The acting leaders of the Reds and Blues at this time were Church and Sarge. While in the Underground Caves, Simmons finds Vic Jr., causing the latter to flee in fear, and the Reds find Andy (who previously betrayed the Blues to join with Omega), who offers to help them when the time comes while the Blues are confronted by Wyoming and Gamma. Near the battle's conclusion, the group is able to capture Gamma while Flowers and Wyoming (and his clones) are killed, but Wyoming is able to convince Tex to rejoin Omega before dying by stating it will end the Great War.

Tex and junior leave.

With Omega back with her, Tex leaves with Gamma, the Green Alien, and Junior on Sheila, now contained within a Pelican that Sister arrived in, and they fly it to the alien's home planet. However, the Reds are able to stop Omega's plan from succeeding by having Andy detonate on the ship as it takes flight. Afterwards, the Reds and Blues return to their bases and mourn for those they believed died. Due to the events at Blood Gulch, Project Freelancer soon relocates the Red and Blue simulation troopers to different bases in order to keep the location of the Alpha secret once more, separating the group from each other once again.

Project Freelancer Shutdown[]

Reconstruction 12.png

Over a year passes, during which the Meta begins to kill many individuals to claim armor enhancements and A.I., including Omega, Gamma, and Tex after her Pelican crashes at Valhalla. Due to the Meta's increasing threat and chance the faction's crimes will be discovered, Project Freelancer send Agent Washington to pursue the Meta, with the help of "specialists" who have dealt with the rogue A.I. Washington obtains the aid of Caboose and Church, who help him rescue Delta and kill South Dakota for her previous betrayal. However Sarge, Simmons, and Grif are manipulated by the Meta to attack Wash's group, allowing the Meta to take Delta and restore his power. Realizing what they've done, Wash has the Reds join them, leading to the Reds and Blues to be reformed once again.

Reconstruction 15.png

The acting leader at this time was Washington, while Church acted as second-in-command. Due to a message left by Delta in Caboose's Mind for Church, Washington realizes they must break into Freelancer Command. After they do so, Wash reveals that when Delta said "Memory is the key," he was referring to Epsilon, Wash's A.I., that revealed Project Freelancer's crimes, including torturing the Alpha A.I. to fragment. The group also discover that Church is the Alpha after the Reds erase all Blue Team files. However, the Meta also breaks into Command and attacks the compound, so Washington sends the Reds and Blues to escape with Epsilon, while he travels to the center of the base to physically shutdown Project Freelancer with an EMP.

Church enters Meta.png

Despite the Director's, Counselor's, and the Meta's attempts, Church appears and distracts the Meta long enough to allow Wash to activate the base's EMP, which destroyed all technological equipment, including Church, Tex, and the fragmented A.I., in the area. Fortunately, the Reds and Caboose escape with Epsilon intact. They are awarded the Valhalla bases from the UNSC for helping bring Project Freelancer to justice, but Caboose keeps Epsilon to try to make a new best friend. All notable members of Project Freelancer then were presumably arrested, including Washington and the Meta.

Caboose's Mission[]

Recreation 7.png

Three months later, the Reds and Caboose are reunited with Lopez and Donut, the latter of which informs them of Tucker's distress message. After Caboose uses the Red Team's Hologram Chamber to communicate with Epsilon-Delta, he's convinced to go to the desert to rescue Tucker and hopefully find a power source that could aid in resurrecting Epsilon. Upon hearing this, Sarge and Grif decide to go with him to ensure the Blues be added back into Command's database, while Simmons stays with Lopez and Donut at Valhalla as acting leader.

S7 E18.png

However, the desert team encounter C.T. and his "dig team", who later attempt to kill them before Tucker comes to their rescues. Once the group is inside the temple, Caboose discovers a monitor which he installs Epsilon into, resurrecting Epsilon before he takes command of the desert team. After C.T.'s group break into the temple to face the desert team, the aliens of his group begin to worship Epsilon and betray the human party when Epsilon is harmed by them. Eventually, the desert team and aliens kill C.T. and his men after a tense vehicle chase.

Wash faces Reds.png

During this time, the Meta arrives at Valhalla and fights the remaining Reds. Simmons soon decides they must escape Valhalla to survive, but is confronted by Washington, who's now working with the Meta and demands Epsilon from them. Confused, the Reds don't answer; thus, Wash shoots Lopez and Donut, presumably killing them, before he and the Meta take Simmons prisoner. It's later revealed the Chairman promised Washington his freedom if he can return the Epsilon A.I. to the UNSC.

Learning the Truth[]

Warthog Wall Crash Revelation.png

Simmons is then forced to call a medical officer to check the Meta, resulting in Doc arriving and being taken prisoner as well. At the desert, Epsilon suddenly has a vision (seemingly of Valhalla) and Sarge, fearing what it could mean, decides to contact Simmons. Wash forces Simmons to answer, but the latter (unintentionally) sends a secret message informing his friends of what happened. So Sarge, Grif, and Epsilon go to Valhalla to rescue them, but are forced to leave Doc behind during their escape. After returning to the desert and speaking to Epsilon-Delta again, the remaining Reds and Blues follow Epsilon to a Freelancer Offsite Storage Facility.

Sarge's speech.png

At the facility, Epsilon uses a robot body to 'resurrect' Tex, who attacks the Reds and Blues at first, but they eventually convince her to stop and help them. When they search the facility, Epsilon discovers audio files of the Director revealing Tex's origins before he and Tex leave for Sidewinder. During this time, Doc is forced to reveal all he knows to Wash and the Meta before the three head to the desert, where they later kill the remaining aliens and find the Epsilon Unit. The pursuit team soon modifies the unit to capture Epsilon and prepare to leave to track the A.I.

List of characters.png

Back at the facility, the group discover the events at Blood Gulch was all a simulation test and they're low scoring soldiers, depressing Sarge. Meanwhile, at Sidewinder, Epsilon-Tex shoots Epsilon to activate his recovery beacon, attracting the pursuit team to their location. Caboose learns of Epsilon's injury and begs for the others to come help. Although reluctant at first, Sarge gives a passionate speech about each character's positive traits and states they are the only ones who can stop what's left of the Freelancers from getting away with their crimes, convincing everyone to go by using a Pelican at the facility. When the pursuit team arrives at Sidewinder, Wash and the Meta begin to fight Epsilon-Tex before the Meta eventually captures her with the capture unit.


Now having an A.I., the Meta betrays the group and uses Tex to operate his armor enhancements, but before he can kill Washington, the Reds and Blues arrive in time and crash land on the surface. As the teams regroup, they join forces with Wash to stop the Meta. During the intense battle, the Reds attach the Warthog's cable to the Meta's chest and remove the Epsilon unit from him before pushing the vehicle off the cliff, taking the Meta as well and finally killing him. However, the Epsilon unit is damaged and shuts down after Epsilon enters it to find Tex, trapping him inside. Epsilon realizes that he needs to be patient to find Tex and be happy, reliving the events of the Blood Gulch Chronicles with memories of the Reds and Blues inside the memory unit. After Doc treats Wash's injuries, the teams decide to fake his death and have him join the Blue Team so he can avoid life imprisonment before they return home.

Finding the Director[]

Wash with the Reds and Blues.png

After the memory unit was confiscated the Reds and Blues meet Carolina, who asks for their help to rescue Epsilon and later find the Director, which they accept. Eventually, they find the memory unit at the UNSC Archives and remove Epsilon from it, just after the latter lets go of the past and Tex to finally be at peace. After explaining Carolina's motives to Epsilon, the Reds and Blues leave the area and search for clues on how to find the Director. Carolina first takes the group to Zanzibar and soon after the Ancient Alien Temples, in search for C.T.

Epsilon, Caboose, & Sarge with Carolina.png

While at the desert the Reds and Blues become suspicious of Carolina and implant Epsilon into her mongoose in order to find out her motives. When Carolina leaves to York's gravesite, after finding nothing from C.T.'s armor, she discovers Epsilon in her mongoose and the latter shows her a series of York's archived video logs, in order to comfort her. Because of this, the two grow more trusting towards each other and take the group back to Valhalla. While there, the Reds reunite with Donut, who explains that his armor underwent armor lock after he was shot and once he was released, Doc helped him survive.


Meanwhile, after finding only a dog tag recovered by Wash, Carolina decides to leave Valhalla, but Epsilon attempts to reason with her. After Epsilon tells Carolina that she must let go of her jealousy towards Tex the two discover data on the dog tags, owned by C.T. Epsilon enters the data and soon exits, having remembered "everything". Thus, everyone gathers in the Hologram Chamber where Carolina and Epsilon reveal the Director's location and their plan to kill him. However, the teams, including Wash who has grown close to the others, refuse to help them with their vendetta, knowing that if they leave Valhalla to kill him, things will only get worse. Enraged, Epsilon blames them for all his problems. Hurt, the Reds and Blues leave in response, nearly destroying the group's relationship.

Reds and Blues attack! overhead view.png

After Carolina and Epsilon leave, the two teams try to continue their daily shenanigans, but soon argue over the Meta's Brute Shot. However, Doc stops them and tells them how much they've changed and in the end, everyone got what they wanted. Moved by this, and realizing they've always won by staying together, the group decide to go help Epsilon and Carolina after stealing the UNSC Police's Hornets to get to the Director's location quicker. At the facility, Carolina and Epsilon discover that the Director has created hundreds of Tex drones in his attempt to resurrect Allison. Although the drones overwhelm Carolina, despite Epsilon's aid, the Reds and Blues arrive in time to save her and they reconcile their relationship before destroying the remaining Tex drones together.

12 19 00011.png

Carolina and Epsilon then confront the Director, but upon seeing what he's become after endless attempts to revive Tex, they come in terms with their past, sparing the Director and leave the facility with the others. During this, the Director orders F.I.L.S.S. to shut off all the facility's systems and erase all files, before presumably committing suicide. Later, the UNSC pardon the Reds and Blues' crimes and honor them as heroes due to their actions of bringing Project Freelancer to justice, as well as stopping several other major threats. As a result, the teams become known as some of the greatest military soldiers in the galaxy and their exploits become common knowledge across the galaxy.

Crash Landing on Chorus[]

Reds and Blues Season 11.png

After a certain amount of time, the Reds and Blues are given passage by the UNSC aboard one of their shuttles to return home to Blood Gulch. However, due to a series of events happening on board the ship (partially caused by the group, and later revealed to be the actions of an unknown group of Space Pirates), the shuttle crash lands on a forgotten planet in the middle of nowhere and only the Reds and Blues survive. Carolina and Epsilon immediately depart away from the others to track down defunct Project Freelancer gear, while the rest of the group separate into their former Red and Blue teams out of habit and create shelters out of the fallen ship's debris.

Orange Guy protects Reds and Blues.png

Using their self-made communication tower, they eventually are able to contact Donut (who decided to stay at Valhalla with Doc) to come "rescue" them, bringing Doc and a reactivated Lopez. However, they also unknowingly alert the New Republic and Federal Army of Chorus of their presence. Both sides planned to use their skills to help their respective factions win the Civil War that the planet was undergoing, assuming that the Reds and Blues were the greatest military soldiers in the galaxy. Locus, a federal mercenary, soon arrives at their location and attacks them to test their skills, but Felix, a rebel mercenary, saves them and tells them of their situation.

11 19 00006.png

Due to Locus' hostile actions, the Reds and Blues work with Felix to fortify the canyon for the Federal Army's next attack. Using all their supplies from the ship, including a minefield, Teleportation Cubes, and a war robot that Caboose previously fixed named Freckles, a tense firefight occurs with them against the Federal Army. In the battle's conclusion, Simmons, Grif, Tucker, and Caboose are forced to leave the canyon with Felix's backup, while the other Reds and Blues members (except Doc) are captured by the 'Feds'. The four are then brought to the rebel's headquarters, where Vanessa Kimball, the leader of the New Republic, convinces them to join the New Republic in order to save their friends and end the Civil War on Chorus.

Taking Command[]

12 05 00005.png

Weeks later, Tucker, Simmons, Grif, and Caboose have each been promoted to Captain and given their own squad to command by Kimball. During a mission at F.A.C. Outpost 22, Tucker is able to obtain information of the location of the captured Reds and Blues members (at the cost of two of his soldiers' lives). Despite the risks, Kimball gives the captains five days to assemble a new squad for a potential rescue mission, comprised of the best of their respective platoons. Thus, the four choose Jensen (Simmons' lieutenant), Bitters (Grif's lieutenant), Smith (Caboose's lieutenant), and Palomo (Tucker's sole surviving recruit) for the rescue mission with Tucker being voted to lead the team, yet Felix refuses to aid them.

12 0800020.png

Simmons and Jensen soon create Helmet Cameras for the rescue team in order to learn from their recorded training and attempt to capture Felix in order to prove they can succeed in the rescue mission. Despite their steady improvements, the group is laughed at by the rest of the rebels as Felix continuously humiliates them. After Kimball speaks to Tucker about his team, herself, and the history behind Felix and Locus' and their roles in the civil war, Tucker convinces the other captains that they will attempt the rescue mission on their own, as they don't want to risk the lives of their recruits. Taking two warthogs, the Reds and Blues travel to and break into F.A.C. Outpost 37 by using Tucker's sword to melt an opening and setting off the alarms to distract the federal soldiers. However, they unexpectedly run into Washington, Sarge, Donut, and Lopez, who joined the Federal Army (who are, in fact not a tyranny and just as desperate as the rebels) to rescue the captains.

12 10 00022.png

When the reunited Reds and Blues come up with a plan to have the rebels and feds form a truce, the base is attacked by Locus, a group of mercenaries, and Felix who betrays the group. After forcing the group to stand down, Felix reveals that he and Locus used them as a means to cause further conflict in the Chorus Civil War, all due to their superior wanting the planet free of its inhabitants. Fortunately, Carolina emerges from hiding, disguised as a mercenary, and uses a Teleportation Cube to escape with the group and Dr. Grey, a Federal Army doctor who treated Wash and survived the outpost's massacre.

Fighting the Space Pirates[]

12 14 00003.png

Once at the Forest Base, Carolina and Epsilon explain to the Reds and Blues when they left weeks ago to investigate stolen Freelancer equipment, they discovered that their ship was purposely crashed on Chorus by the Space Pirates, who are mass-producing advanced versions of the ship's Freelancer equipment and alien technology. Upon learning the pirates planned to kill Chorus' inhabitants as well as the Reds and Blues, the two returned to rescue them. The Reds and Blues then decide to study Grif's Suppressor, in order to learn more about the weapons the pirates are using. Upon discovering the Suppressor's connection to the teleportation grenades, the group split up and search for the ship's manifest at crash sites Bravo and Alpha, to find out who supplied the grenades.

Interrogating Zachary Miller.

While the Reds manage to attain the manifest, they quickly realize that it's locked due to their previous accessing of it. The Blues, on the other hand, were more unsuccessful, and accidentally bring back a prisoner with them after the space pirates attacked them. Upon interrogating the prisoner, the crew learn that there are radio jammers scattered throughout the planet that are preventing contact between the two armies, but their captive is quickly assassinated by a fellow space pirate when more of their forces diverge on the Reds and Blues' location, forcing them to retreat to a Desert Refueling Station.

12 16 00018.png

Washington recognizes that Freckle's storage unit contains a tracking beacon implanted by Locus, which Epsilon debugs. The group (with Caboose giving a speech) then encourage Tucker to forgive Epsilon for leaving them, restoring their friendship. Felix and Locus contact the Reds and Blues through the radio, offering them a chance to leave Chorus if they don't attempt to save the Feds and rebels at Armonia from killing each other. Despite this, the low chances of succeeding, and Grey stating they have the right to leave, the heroes refuse and formulate a plan to save the inhabitants by facing the Space Pirates at Radio Jammer Station 1C.

The Reds and Blues destroy the radio jammer.

As the conflict begins at Armonia, the group attack the Space Pirates at the radio jammer, having Wash and Carolina face Locus and Felix while the others defeat the remaining mercenaries by tricking them (such as Freckles being uploaded into Caboose's Assault Rifle). Carolina and Wash are eventually beaten by the two before Tucker faces Felix while Locus reveals his soldier ideology to Wash. Despite Felix seriously injuring Tucker, Tucker has Epsilon run his Helmet Camera to record Felix's confession of the Space Pirates involvement in the Chorus Civil War just as the others destroy the radio jammer, allowing Epsilon to send the video to Armonia, revealing to the inhabitants the truth and ending the battle. With their plans now foiled, Locus and Felix retreat before the heroes are brought back to the New Republic Headquarters by the united Chorus armies.

Chorus-Charon War[]

The Reds and Blues declaring war against Charon Industries

There, the four captains are happily reunited with their recruits and Epsilon learns the identity of Control is Chairman Malcolm Hargrove after reading ship's manifest to discover the weaponry onboard belonged to Charon Industries. The group with the leaders of the Chorus armies, Doyle and Kimball, then contact the Chairman and accept his declaration of war. A month later, Epsilon and Carolina oversee the capture of a Charon facility alongside Sarge and Tucker and discover an alien temple nearby. In order to learn more about the temple the four get help from Dr. Grey, who decides to survey it with Tucker, Sarge, and Caboose. After Tucker accidentally reactivates the temple, which destroys all of Charon's hybrid weaponry, the group relay the information to the others at Armonia and devise a plan to fight the pirates while they're down. Kimball, Wash, the Reds, and Chorus armies will attack the pirates at Crash Site Alpha while Carolina, Grey, and the Blues follow coordinates the temple emitted.

The Blues, Carolina, and Dr. Grey encounter Santa

Upon arriving at their destination the group find a portal and learn that only a true warrior of mental clarity and great strength can be accepted through. Epsilon realizes that Caboose fits these instructions and the latter is sent through as a result. He manages to pass the test and befriends an alien A.I. he names Santa. Santa informs them of the Temple of Communication, which will allow them contact with Earth without the disruption of the radio jammers. He also mentions the planet's Purge and the location of a key that can activate it. Just then the group is ambushed by Sharkface and his band of space pirates, forcing Carolina to protect the team under her bubble shield. After Sharkface leaves to get the key, Grey has Freckles kill his pirates. The group then learn that Doyle himself flew to the key's location and obtained it, prompting them to follow him. Upon arriving at an east mountain range, the team encounter Sharkface again, who soon flees. Carolina chases him and the two quickly engage in combat. As Sharkface begins to overwhelm Carolina, the latter pushes Epsilon to run all of her enhancements in order to beat him, but Epsilon is unable to, losing control of his memory counterparts of Delta and Theta in the process. Because of this, Epsilon dematerializes, causing Carolina to fall off a cliff.

Charon's Final Assault[]

Epsilon and Carolina after falling off a cliff

Luckily, the two survive and are later picked up and brought back to Armonia, regrouping with the rest of the Reds and Blues and Chorus armies. Carolina then confronts Epsilon about his actions at the mountains, in which the latter explains that he can't run multiple enhancements at once since he is only a fragment. Afterward, the Reds and Blues hold a counseling session for Kimball and Doyle in order to improve their relationship, but the session is abruptly cut off when the Space Pirates attack the city. In order to survive, Epsilon suggests eradicating the pirates by overloading the nuclear reactor in the center of the city, with Wash, Carolina, and Kimball being sent to overload it. However, after running into Sharkface, Carolina convinces him to spare the other two and fight her alone, which Sharkface agrees to. As the two engage in battle, Carolina apologizes to Sharkface for what Project Freelancer did to him and his friends, but Sharkface refuses her apology and attacks.

The Reds, Wash, Carolina, and Kimball make their escape

As they fight, Epsilon helps Carolina hop onto a monorail and flee, but Sharkface catches up to them. Luckily, Carolina manages to outmatch Sharkface and soon regroups with Wash and Kimball, who quickly execute him. After the Reds drop off the Blues in a safe area, they return to the city and pick up Epsilon, Wash, Kimball, and Carolina. However, they realize that Doyle decided to remain in the city to ignite the reactor, in an act of self sacrifice. When Doyle does so, he kills a majority of the space pirates and destroys the city, causing a huge nuclear blast. Thus, Epsilon helps Carolina form her bubble shield on top of the Pelican to protect their friends, but the action leaves him incapacitated. Epsilon later awakens at Crash Site Bravo, where the Reds and Blues and most of the Feds and Rebels have taken refuge, with others scattered across Chorus. After the crew form a counterattack plan to stop Felix and Locus, Kimball delivers a passionate speech to the Chorus armies that motivates them to fight as one.

The Reds and Blues arrive at the Communication Temple

While the Reds and Blues fight off the pirates at the Communication Temple with the Feds and Rebels, Epsilon, Wash, and Carolina confront Felix and Locus at the Purge. After a brutal fight the three inform the two mercs that their base, Crash Site Alpha, has been taken over and soon discover the Tartarus being pulled in towards the Purge, due to the tractor beams being reactivated. With Epsilon's help, Wash and Carolina survive the ship's destruction and the three regroup with the others at the Comm Temple. However, the pirates release several Mantis to fight the group. Because of this, Tucker brings Epsilon with him and enters the temple's control room with the other Reds and Blues to broadcast their message.

Epsilon's Sacrifice[]

Felix being surrounded by Locus and the Reds and Blues

Unfortunately, the crew are confronted by Felix and Locus, having survived the Tartarus' destruction. Surprisingly, however, Locus betrays Felix and refuses to attack the crew, prompting Felix to attack them. Luckily, the crew quickly kill Felix, with Locus gaining control of Felix's discarded sword. Locus then activates the Comm. Temple for the crew and disappears, allowing Epsilon to broadcast the message. Epsilon reveals Chorus' location, the Reds and Blues' survival, and Hargrove's crimes to the message's recipients across the galaxy. In response to this, the Chairman flies to Chorus and releases numerous Mantis droids to kill the remaining inhabitants. Epsilon, as a result, suggests infiltrating the Staff of Charon in order to shut them down. After the crew manage to enter the ship by flying up in Felix and Locus' Falcon, they reunite with F.I.L.S.S., who directs them to a terminal located inside Hargrove's trophy room that can shut down the droids.

Church recording his final message

Upon reaching the trophy room, Epslion connects to the terminal and overrides the Mantises' controls, shutting them all down. Unfortunately, the Reds and Blues are forced to hide inside the trophy room when Hargrove's personal forces attack them. When Hargrove's forces begin welding the door, the crew decide to stand their ground and fight. Epsilon, having discovered it while connected to the terminal, reveals the Meta's suit to the crew and has Tucker wear it. After Tucker dons the suit, the crew prepare for the impending attack as Hargrove's forces prepare to breach through. However, Epsilon, knowing that he is unable to run the modified Meta suit, decides to deconstruct himself from the memories of the other A.I. fragments in order to ensure that the crew will survive. Epsilon then records his goodbyes to the crew and proceeds to fragment the memories of the other A.I., before dematerializing, for good.


The Reds and Blues enjoying retirement

After Hargrove was arrested, the Reds and Blues attempted to live a peaceful life, but fail. Tucker activated the Tower of Procreation, which sent Chorus into a ravenous sexual frenzy and apparently made Grif and Simmons have sex in a janitors closet. Kimball builds the crew bases on a deserted moon. Sarge goes crazy and looks for a new enemy to fight and Carolina seeks to learn about being lazy from Grif. They are attacked by local dinosaurs, which Caboose befriends. Meanwhile, Donut burns down their bases and most of their food supply, Grif then eats local mushrooms, which is like super meth.

Freckles is transferred into a miniature mantis body and the Reds and Blues attempt to raise funds for new bases, which they spend on a water park instead, which Donut burns down. Sarge builds an evil robot army to attack them but said robots malfunction and attack the dinosaurs.

Dylan trying to comfort Grif

One day in the retirement moon, the crew is visited by the reporter Dylan Andrews and her cameraman Jax Jonez, who were looking for them investigating a group of criminals resembling the Reds and Blues. After the team tells many stories, Dylan questions what happened after the Reds and Blues entered the Staff of Charon, which makes the crew depressed. Carolina states they lost Church that day. Tucker recounts how Church powered up his suit and he felt powerful and successfully stopped Charon, but ran out of power after Epsilon-Church died and was now useless. Dylan then shows the crew the message Kimball sent them following the impostor Reds and Blues attacks, a scattered image of Church begging for help. Tucker then becomes the leader of the Reds and Blues again. Grif quits the team, however, having grown tired of the adventures they've undergone previously and also tired of Church coming back from death over and over again, much to the displeasure and sadness of the group.

Meeting the Blues and Reds[]

Simmons and Caboose discussing what happens after death

Deciding to investigate the matter in two different teams, the Reds and Blues, along with Jax and Dylan, investigate who or what is broadcasting Church's message, while Carolina and Washington investigate the Freelancer disappearances. While in an abandoned settlement, they discover a satellite dish responsible for broadcasting, though it was strangely made out of toy part components. Stranger still, the message was being broadcasted from a desert location. Before they leave, they soon meet Spencer Porkensenson, who Tucker initially regards as hostile as he was surrounded by the unconscious forms of his comrades. In reality, they were on the ground for a different reason: Sarge clocked out due to his many days without sleep, Simmons fainted after seeing a snake, and Caboose playing dead. Spencer reveals that he has been looking for Tucker, and thinks Chorus sent him a bodyguard. In reality, Spencer came to deliver Tucker a lawsuit regarding all of the women he impregnated back on Chorus due to the Tower of Procreation.

The Reds and Blues encounter the Blues and Reds

They soon arrive at Armada 8, where the message was being broadcast. To their surprise, the location has an exact replica of the Red and Blue bases back at Blood Gulch. They then make contact with the imposter Reds and Blues: the Blues and Reds. The leader of the group, Mark Temple, explains that they are simulation troopers like them, and the ones behind the attacks are actually the UNSC, who are attempting to rid themselves of any and all members remotely affiliated with Project Freelancer - Freelancers and sim troopers included. After defending themselves against an attack from the UNSC, they retreat to an underwater base.

Temple manipulates Tucker to turn against Dylan

Sometime after their meeting with the Blues and Reds, Tucker begins to develop a distrust towards Dylan, as she had actually met Spencer when she first encountered the Blues and Reds in her search for the real Reds and Blues, and had neglected to mention it to him. To their surprise, Doc is also a member of the group, though he claims that the Blues and Reds are the originals, and the Blues and Reds are the "crappy copies." They then venture out to gather supplies with Temple and his group, who changed their visor colors as to not cause confusion.

Saving Earth[]

Carolina and Wash holding hands at Illinois' private island

At the same time, Washington and Carolina discover a small shack stocked with alcohol with a picture, revealed to be the apparent "retirement home" built by Agent Illinois, Project Freelancer's demolition expert. Washington and Carolina reminisce about the old days, noting how Illinois was not concerned about their work or the leaderboard rankings, but rather instead looking forward to retirement, and was known to be York's drinking buddy. The two share a tender, romantic moment at the beach after Carolina attempts to throw away York's lighter, which she has kept all this time. Washington then remembers that all Freelancer armors have a recovery beacon built-in, allowing for them to lure out whoever has been tracking them. To Washington's chagrin, he finds the Reds and Blues with their doubles, which he and Carolina later learn are the Blues and Reds.

Temple reveals his true colors

After returning to the underwater base, Carolina gets into an argument with Temple about how to deal with the UNSC. Carolina opts to have Dylan reveal the truth while Temple would rather kill whoever has been responsible for murdering the Sim Troopers. He then shows the Freelancers a room with the armors of several Freelancers, which they initially mistake for statues or replicas before noting the horrible stench, as well as the armor of Agent Illinois, holding a beer bottle. Realizing that Temple and his group are the true attackers, they try to take him down, but he freezes their armor. Temple remarks how he was worried that Carolina might recognize him by his voice but showing his obvious anger towards Project Freelancer, claiming that he'll kill them all, and the Reds and Blues as well before taking his leave.

Sarge auditioning for Jax's fake movie

Later on, Dylan grows suspicious of how secretive the Blues and Reds are, having Jax distract Sarge, who is tasked with keep an eye on them. She overhears Temple and Loco discussing a "weapon" of some kind, which they previously referred to as a cloaking mechanism in their first encounter, and informs Tucker. She manages to regain some of his trust, as he informs her about Temple's private computer. After discovering a recording of Church's message, Dylan and Jax are restrained. Temple decides to explain why he despises Project Freelancer so much: he was a childhood friend of a member from Red Team, Biff, who had a girlfriend waiting for him back home. The two planned to have Biff receive an injury, allowing for a medical discharge. The opportunity comes in the form of Agents Carolina and Texas, who are tasked with playing a game of "Capture the Flag." Unfortunately, Biff was killed by the two agents, both of whom were unconcerned about him and instead opted to fight each other. Temple also learned that Biff's girlfriend was pregnant. After finishing his explanation, he ties the two to a chair in a "basement."

The Zealots are revealed to have joined the Blues and Reds, much to everyone's surprise

Noticing their absence, Tucker gathers the Reds and Blues. Donut states how he saw the two reporters when Cronut was showing him around, leading to them confronting the Blues and Reds. Temple reveals his true intentions, as well as his displeasure with the Reds and Blues, who chose to befriend the people who used them as training dummies, though out of respect for their achievements, he tries to recruit them. Sarge and Doc choose to side, the former due to how he now finally has a "war where he cannot win," and Doc joining because of the abuse he suffered at the hands of the Reds and Blues. Temple also reveals he has recruited other simulation troopers. They are soon cornered in a small space, though upon finding a torpedo, they decide to launch Lopez's head, in hopes of him finding help.

Locus returns to assist Grif in saving the Reds and Blues, rather than attacking them

Lopez drifts through space aimlessly before he is picked up by an unknown ship. Upon seeing the owner of the ship, he begs for help. Back at the moon base given to the Reds and Blues by Kimball, Grif, having gone insane due to isolation, guilt, and boredom, is shown to be talking to volleyball versions of the Reds and Blues while acting out their parts as if they were real, showing that in reality, Grif actually does care about his friends, contrary to what he told them and Dylan when she claimed that he was a good person. He then encounters Locus, who was the one to have picked up Lopez as he was drifting through space. While trying to explain the situation, Locus learns that in his time alone, Grif has learned Spanish, which impresses both him and Lopez. Afterward, Grif leaves with Locus to rescue the Reds and Blues, albeit annoying Locus with a barrage of questions.

Once they arrive in the underwater base, Grif is captured to provide a distraction, allowing Locus to enter the "trophy room" and save Washington and Carolina. Sarge frees Dylan and Jax, and then joins with Locus as they go to the brig and release the imprisoned members. On the way out of the base, the Blood Gulch Crew engages in a firefight with the Zealots, in which Wash is shot in the throat. Locus flies him out of the planet to get medical help, while everyone else realizes the Blues and Reds are targeting UNSC's headquarters on Earth. They fly away to Temple's Arctic base, where their ship is shot down. The Reds and Blues manage to get out of the wreckage unharmed, save for Lopez, reduced to a head, who is then misunderstood by Sarge and ends up thrown into the ocean.

The Reds and Blues, along with the Chorus lieutenants and Sister

A battle against the Zealots ensues, where Grif kills sim troopers while spiked with the "meth mushrooms", Sarge and Simmons then commandeer a Warthog, and Tucker decapitates the robot Lorenzo while destroying the tank Cronut was driving. During the fight, Dylan discovers through a scientist that Loco's Machine is a time machine that can end up destroying the planet. Raiding the Power Facility, Sarge accidentally causes Surge's death, Doc returns to their side once Carolina falls ill saving Caboose, Tucker knocks out Buckey once the latter attempts to use his sword, and Simmons is saved by Grif while fighting Gene. Once they get to the now-active machine, Temple shoots Loco dead before being knocked out by Tucker. A time portal is opened back to Blood Gulch, showing Church. As Caboose approaches the portal, Tucker tells him to pull Church through but Caboose decides against this, accepting Church is gone and saying goodbye. The machine goes haywire, only being stopped as Dylan uploads Vic into it, causing the machine to power down and disappear. Outside, they meet Jensen, Palomo, Smith, and Bitters joined by Sister, who had been on Chorus for business when she heard about the trip.

The Pizza Quest[]

The Reds and Blues after Grif crashes the Pelican

After deciding where to eat after defeating the Blues and Reds, Carolina instead chose to go back to Chorus to check up on Wash while he's in recovery. During this, Caboose was sent to find Donut. Upon finding Donut, it is revealed that the electric burst that struck him from Loco's Machine had caused his body to be mangled before being erased from reality. With Caboose telling the Reds and Blues that Donut simply left, they headed off to Sammie Raphaello's Pizza, but Grif crashed the pelican after receiving an important message from Locus - which as he detailed to Simmons, was part of a plan to prevent anything happening that would lead to future events. Wandering the woods, the Reds and Blues encounter a glowing lake, from which Donut rises equipped with an alien gun of some sort, telling them that he had traveled through time to find them so they could join him in becoming Time Travel Warriors. Grif dismisses this as a prank, despite Donut's insistence that it was otherwise, and the group moves on with Donut trying to convince them to listen to him. Upon arriving at Sammie Raphaello's Pizza, the Reds and Blues discover it had been destroyed and were informed by a local officer that nobody knows what happened to it. After the cop left, Donut revealed his gun to be a Time-Portal Gun, dubbed "Donut Holes" by himself, Sarge, and Simmons, by taking the Reds and Blues to a couple days before in the same spot, now with Sammie Raphaello's Pizza fully intact.

Not long after their arrival, the Reds and Blues were attacked by Kalirama before narrowly escaping using the time portal guns given to them by Donut, who stayed behind. The Reds and Blues were split up in four pairs of two all lost at different points in time.

Lost in Time[]

Doc's betrayal after O'Malley reawakens

After the Reds and Blues were separated, they began using the time guns based on their own desires or interpretations of Donut's message. Sarge and Simmons chose to try to change the outcome of The Battle of Broken Ridge, a battle where Sarge participated in and lost his whole unit. However their tampering had caused the soldiers to go back and forth leading them to be picked off, causing the demise, to which Sarge assembling historical figures as replacements. Tucker and Sister chose to use the time machine to have sex with past celebrities and determine if Tucker had slept with Sister in the past. But their time travel resulted in the deaths of several people, including Flowers, and Tucker inadvertedly stopping his past self from having sex with Sister in the past. Grif, still hesitant to adventure, traveled to his college years only to discover Sammie's doesn't sell pizza. With his beloved dish no longer existing, he and Doc time travel to invent it. However, it ends with Grif stranded in ancient Italy - alongside a being who was spying on them, Huggins - as the O'Malley personality awakens again and Doc steals the time gun. Caboose misinterpreting Donut's message as "saving for the future means starting a fixed intrest savings account", decides to use the machine to locate a lost penny he found on Desolation Island, however his time traveling resulted in several incidents in the past, from Caboose showing caveman to make fire to igniting World War I.

Sarge's "Elite Red Team"

About a year afterwards, Sarge's new Red Team attempted to kill Temple to prevent Sarge from betraying them. However, a limitation of the time portals led them to the present day, on Jax's film set, resulting in Sarge killing the actor playing Temple and he and Simmons staying and help the production.

Tucker and Sister meet Atlus

Sister and Tucker end up on Iris, get intoxicated, but are found by Atlus Arcadium Rex, who wanted to end their time travel. After learning he couldn't kill them, Atlus sets a loose a cyclops and his wife to kill them, leading the two to time jump into ancient England. Tucker is crowned king due to his sword being mistaken as Excalibur. Huggins decides to approach Grif, who begrudgingly agrees once he learned Tucker and Sister are in the same time period. During the journey, Huggins told him about Donut's time travel instigator, Chrovos, a trapped titan who sought to set himself free by breaking reality through their changes to history.

Carolina talks to Dr. Grey about Washington's condition

On Chorus, Carolina takes care of Washington, who is physically recovered, but due to his wound is experiencing memory lapses. After waiting a year for the Reds and Blues, Carolina is informed by Dylan Andrews of the time travel due to them appearing in ancient artwork, and reluctantly takes a recovering Wash to meet with Jax, whose love of science fiction films makes him an expert in time travel.

Meeting the Cosmic Powers[]

Donut tries to convince his friends to trust him

Carolina and Wash meet up with Jax, Sarge and Simmons where they show off their Portal Gun. Being baffled by this, Jax mentions that time travel typically revolves around paradoxes in movies, either by giving a deadline to correct it, creating an alternate universe, or being unable to change the past to begin with. Their concern with whether free will exists leads them to experiment whether time travel is closed, but is interrupted by Caboose and Lopez. Wash and Carolina stay to wait for the others while Jax contemplates the effects of a paradox; but Washington viewing a scene mimicking his injury hampers his recovery.

Donut talking to Chrovos

Grif and Huggins manage to reach Camelot, which Tucker renamed to Camelto and mismanagemed enough to start a war with France. Donut returns to greet them but Grif reveals Donut's allegiance to Chrovos, the dangers of time travel, and the return of O'Malley. A heartbroken Donut returns to Chrovos where O'Malley has joined forces and is given an unspecified task in return for his friends' safety. Grif, Tucker and Sister decide to seek an audience with the Cosmic Powers with Huggins help, where they bargain to gather the others in exchange for three wishes. Unfortunately Grif and Tucker's selfishness resulted in Grif gaining an energy sword, and Sister not getting anything, increasing the wedge between her and Tucker.

Upon returning to the present, Grif shows off his sword and tries to convince the other Reds and Blues to meet with the Cosmic Powers, albeit with reluctance from unwillingness to give up the timeguns, fear of their power and skepticism on their status as "Gods". Donut rejoins the group seemingly repenting his betrayal; and Jax takes it upon himself to use their combined experiences to determine the threat of time travel and create a solid timeline. Only for him to create a diagram in the shape of a penis and determine time travel is neutral.

The Cosmic Powers reveal their true forms to the Reds and Blues

After the Reds and Blues reach the home of the Cosmic Powers, they are briefed on the history of Chrovos' plan and imprisonment in a black hole, his use of agents like Donut and Doc, and his involvement in the creation of Loco's machine and Donut's capture, believing that Donut was chosen because of his limited intelligence. The Reds and Blues then ask for energy swords where as Wash asks for them to help with his headaches, learning of their limitation. Simmon's correctly deduces that the Cosmic Powers are actually AI, created by Chrovos to manipulate younger sapient species like Huggins and Muggins. The cosmic powers then task them to use a powerful weapon named The Hammer to strengthen the binds that hold Chrovos, in return to keep the swords.

Washington lashes out at his friends after learning of his condition

Washington ralleys the group to help the Cosmic Powers with him, but Carolina refuses to let him go and reveals that Wash's injury as caused brain damage, causing him to leave in anger. Donut similarly hurt by the insults on his intelligence, reveals his mission to steal The Hammer and that they made his betrayal easier.

The Paradox[]

The Reds and Blues preparing to assassinate Washington's shooter

Determined to fix one last mistake, Tucker, Carolina and the rest decide to travel back to the escape attempt on Armada 8 to prevent Wash from being shot. However Huggins reveals herself spying on them for the Cosmic Powers and leaves in anger, costing Grif their friendship. Donut returns to Chrovos, but upon learning his friends will be destroyed if he wins and feeling lied to gives him a change of heart; leading to a battle across space and time with O'Malley for The Hammer, resulting in the latter being blown off the top of a skyscraper. The Reds and Blues travel back to Temples' lair, where Grif splits off after smelling pizza, while learning the base had more soldiers than previously thought and clearing it using the time machines.

Grif learns of Genkins true nature

Genkins reveals himself to Grif as another agent to Chrovos, being promised power and revealing that preventing Wash from getting injured will create a paradox which will shatter time and free Chrovos. The Reds and Blues succeeded in their objective before Grif could stop them, but simultaneous to Donut striking Chrovos' prison.

Trapped in the Everwhen[]

Chrovos showing Donut the Everwhen

As a result of the paradox, time is reset for the Reds and Blues present at the Underwater Base, who get stuck in a time singularity, repeatedly reliving their past on loop without their knowledge - but some are starting to notice familiarity in what is happening and feeling deja vu. Given that even if Chrovos' prison was destroyed, Donut's timely strike trapped the Titan in another barrier, Genkins enters this singularity to impersonate certain people (mostly Church and Epsilon) and cause changes in history, creating more paradoxes that create cracks in Chrovos' prison. After Chrovos - who eventually changes into a female appearance - explains the situation to Donut, he enters the singularity, which he nicknames "The Everwhen", trying to break the others out, but is unsuccessful because the others don't deem Donut a reliable source. While Chrovos is bragging that Donut only made more paradoxes, she ends up giving Donut the idea to go after the original paradox and seek Washington, the cause of it all.

Donut and Wash relive a moment in Chorus.

In present-day Chorus, he discovers that given the new timeline started existing simultaneously with the old one, Wash ended up oscillating between his pre- and post-treatment personalities, while also going frequently to the hospital complaining about a neck injury that was not there. After fixing Wash by making him realize he had memories that never happened, Donut brings him back to Chrovos' prison. Genkins ends up taking their time portal gun by sucking it into a black hole, forcing the duo to jump into the Everwhen and attempt breaking the other Reds and Blues, especially as they trust Wash and could be willing to follow him. While they succeed at first, interference by Genkins prevents them from fully succeeding.

Washington discovers Carolina in hiding in the past after the events of Project Freelancer.

The two then plan to have the Reds and Blues meet Washington in the past, before they actually meet, hoping the Déjà vu will fix them, however the two wind up separated because they were in different locations during the events of Blood Gulch, with Washington winding up at the Island Fortress at the start of his Recovery One days. Wash realizes Genkins would again manipulate Carolina to foil him and Donut, meaning he had to bring her to their side. Wash travels back to his Freelancer days trying to discover her whereabouts when she went into hiding after Project Freelancer. He learns Carolina enlisted in the UNSC to help fight the war and keep her skills sharp, all while being somewhere Project Freelancer would never look for her. He discovered she was enlisted under the name "McCallister" and went to her stationed base. Carolina was suspicious at first but was eventually convinced given Wash knew the reasons why she eventually wanted to exact revenge on the Director. Washington then tricks her into going with him to Blood Gulch to get the Reds and Blues.

Donut restoring the present versions of the Reds and Blues.

With the Reds and Blues now all gathered in one place, Donut undergoes restoring their memories while Genkins desperately tries to stop him to no avail. Donut succeeds in fixing the Reds and Blues angering Genkins. Before he can do anything however, He is attacked by Caboose, who is furious that Genkins is possessing the body of his dead best friend. Caboose pummels Genkins into the ground, forcing him to eject from Church and retreat to a different time period.

Despite the reunion, Red Team is still cautious about Donut due to his betrayal with Sarge even arguing to kill him. Sister proceeds to prank Tucker, who because he was in the middle of giving birth to Junior was not fixed by the reveal of Carolina and Washington. Caboose already having the knowledge of time travel decides to head to the moment he killed Church, coincidentally Genkins first paradox, to fix the past meeting Huggins in the process who returned from the beginning of the universe when sent through a black hole. Doc appeared to having died falling off the skyscraper also was unaffected, but upon Donut waking Tucker he reveals that he survived and woke up too. Despite Wash's encouragement and Doc's praise for the fight, Donut becomes fed up with the mistreatment and neglect over the years, destruction of the timeline and being labelled as a traitor. He chooses to quit after showing the group to time travel leading to a mass apology from them.

Fixing the Past[]

After setting up a plan to meet up in different moments in the past, with the majority of them going to Iris after their retirement while Wash and Sister who has not been there at that point choose to meet up when He first visited Blood Gulch; Donut tries his best to teach them time travel, even going back to the original moment where Donut was crushed, reuniting with Caboose who, after convincing a confused past Church to go to bed, reveals Huggins survival, much to Grif's joy. Donut plans for the group to relive their entire lives, making them play it out exactly was original, but Huggins mentions her immortality and ability to zip through time by travelling at the speed of light, volunteers to scout the timeline for paradoxes and report it to Caboose.

The plan goes smoothly, Sarge travelling to the moment he deleted the Blues, and despite Genkins interruption proceeds to erase them, but continues to relive it since it was his best day of his life. Grif travelling to the moment of Tex's betrayal and Andy's explosion, destroy's the ship with a rocket despite Genkins attempt to prevent the explosion and reveal Church's identity as Alpha. Tucker returns to Chorus to ensure the loss at Crash Site Bravo, where Genkins possessed Dos.0 to fend of the Feds. Despite temptation to kill Felix from Genkins, Tucker reveals his faith in Donut, and encourages him on his next meting. Donut taunts Genkins when he possesses the Meta at his arrival in Valhalla, mentioning their teamwork and numbers and the likelihood of Chrovos to betray him. This leads to Genkins stealing the power for himself. Wash and Carolina discuss that the only paradox needing to be fixed is the event Wash was shot, says their goodbyes while Donut and Doc confront Chrovos. Even though Wash willingly walks into gunfire without the assistance of the future versions of the Reds and Blues, Genkins newfound ability to manipulate time stops the bullet and prevents them from leaving that moment in order to make new paradoxes.

After Genkins intervention, the Reds and Blues are left unable to time travel to previous versions of themselves, use the time guns do more than send objects and speak into the past, and redo the shot due to Locus's determination to save Wash. After Chrovos in her hatred for Genkins betrayal, helps the group; revealing the Club that Caboose holds can harm the cosmic powers and herself, and use it to harm Genkins in his attempt to prevent Church's first death by placing it Sheila's cannon. After being extremely hurt, Genkins decides to instead place them in the labyrinth.

Trapped in the Labyrinth[]

Divided again, the Reds and Blues had to face their greatest fears created by the Labyrinth, an A.I. with the ability to create realistic illusions of their worst fears or twisted versions of their fantasies, in order to push them to commit suicide by jumping in the black hole. Having lost Lopez, who's vision of being a English speaking human overshadowed by another Spanish robot; Donut and Doc willingly give up their powers to Chrovos to travel to the Labyrinth and save their friends. Donut saved Grif who had to go though an gym course designed by his old coach, who is responsible for Grif's laziness due to his abuse. Doc proceeded to save Wash from his suicide charge after witnessing the Reds and Blues die, despite the attempt by Chrovos to release his O'Malley personality and eventually making peace with it. Grif goes after his sister, being berated by a duplicate for the destruction of their mothers house and eventually saved Simmons who is being chased by an UFO in attempt to steal his penis, much to their amusement. Sarge was placed in an office job with a family, but his boredom resulted in his transportation to the D-day invasion barely being saved from a suicide mission by Wash and Doc. Donut and the group save Tucker from his illusion of when he lost the group being goaded by their ghosts to jump in the black hole, while Caboose was already free, much to their confusion. Carolina being forced to face her past Freelancer version is encouraged by her team to face her past, despite being stronger than her current self.

The Labyrinth, defeated reveals its physical form and mission to prevent Chrovos from escaping, but upon learning of Genkins betrayal, sides with the Reds and Blues. After revealing that Lopez and Huggins never died because the black hole's ability to send things to the beginning of time, Genkins dives into it, trying to prevent their existence; however this worked in Donut's plan revealing that Genkins eventually becomes Chrovos, essentially dooming him to being imprisoned to begin with and starting the cycle all over again.

A New Timeline[]

Returning to Chrovos, Donut tells her that Huggins will warn the Cosmic Powers of Genkins' treachery; while they all head to fix the last paradox, leading to a tearful goodbye as the last crack disappears as Wash is shot.

After meeting up in the hospital in a new timeline immediately after the defeat of the Blues and Reds, Donut reveals his intention to travel the universe away from the group for a little while as Lopez returns to the group, his robotic nature preventing him from dying when sent to beginning of the universe.

Sometime later, Wash's brain damage is cured by "cutting edge robotics and kitchen appliances" and is now assisted with robotic tech in his brain so it's no longer an issue. Wash then decides to leave the group to join the Alliance of Defense in another part of the galaxy, with Carolina joining him. Tucker, on the other hand, leaves the group to join a different unnamed military organization within the same vicinity. The remaining Reds and Blues are mentioned to have retired, but Carolina indicates her and Wash have not spoken to them in quite some time.

Primary locations[]

Known Members[]

Current members[]

The current members of the Reds and Blues consist of characters who have served in Blood Gulch or have stayed with the faction for a long period of time.

Former members[]

Members who have either left or were killed in action.


Although not official members of the Reds and Blues, some characters in the series have aided one or several members of the group.


  • The Reds and Blues are the most diverse team in the RvB universe, consisting of nearly every species introduced: humans, cyborgs, robots, A.I., and Sangheili aliens.
  • The faction has had nine different leaders to date: Simmons, Tex, Church, Sarge, Washington, Epsilon, Carolina, Tucker, and Donut.
  • Donut, Lopez and Doc are the most frequently absent of the Reds and Blues. Although Doc is neutral between the Red and Blue teams, and Lopez is often exempt due to his apathetic nature towards the group, Donut is frequently missing in action or seemingly deceased, only to return at a later date. Donut and Lopez have remained as mainstays since Season 11 while Doc's disappearances have become a running gag.
  • If including Epsilon-doubles, the Reds and Blues has the second highest (known) member count out of all the RvB factions, with a total of twenty-three, coming in front of Project Freelancer's nineteen and behind Charon Industries' twenty-five.
  • Almost all protagonists of the series have a relation with the Reds and Blues, as they're either members or allies of the group. The only exception is North Dakota, who never meets a single member of the group after it's formed, unless you count Washington and Carolina.
  • An Epsilon-double of the Reds and Blues is formed in MIA, where the Epsilon doubles of Sarge, Simmons, Church, Tucker, and Caboose joined forces to find Grif in Episode 4.
  • In Reckless, Sarge states the reason they've always won is because they trust and protect each other.
  • Despite the fact that Doc is considered a neutral character, he was still counted as a “Red and Blue” by Felix during his talk with the teams in FAQ.
  • The Reds and Blues' accomplishments include traveling great distances, retrieving ancient artifacts, bringing corrupt men to justice, and besting the most dangerous war criminals the galaxy has ever known, according to Kimball in Lost But Not Forgotten.
  • Because of their past experiences with Freelancers, the Reds and Blues have grown a hatred towards them, evident when the group targeted Felix after the latter acknowledged that he was a freelancer (mercenary) in FAQ, and when Grif blamed Project Freelancer to be behind the Space Pirates' involvement in the Chorus civil war in The Reunion.
  • Prior to being officially named as the Reds and Blues, fans referred to the group as the Blood Gulch Crew, as all of the core members (barring Carolina and Wash) were originally stationed and first met in Blood Gulch.


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