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The Final Story

RvB Restoration title

When the universe's greatest villain returns in a terrifying new form, old adversaries, the Reds and Blues of Blood Gulch, will have to set aside their differences to save the galaxy one last time.


News [Add]

  • Red vs. Blue: Restoration will be available for purchase on May 7th via streaming services, with the film later becoming available to rent digitally on May 21st! (Source)
  • Rooster Teeth, the company behind Red vs. Blue, is shutting down after 21 years, with the rights to Red vs. Blue currently being shopped around in hopes of being sold. (Source)
  • Support longtime Red vs. Blue composers Trocadero by purchasing albums consisting of original music, including songs from Red vs. Blue, from their shop directly! (Source)

Did you know... [Add]

  • Donut was sent to the Florence Henderson Hospital after the grenade injury that resulted in him gaining his "lightish red" armor?