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"Time...line? Time isn't made out of lines. It is made out of circles. That is why clocks are round!"
—Caboose in Let's Come to Order

This is a timeline listing all of the most important events of the Red vs. Blue universe. The majority of events center around the Reds and Blues and their ties to Project Freelancer.

Canonical Series Order[]

The Timeline[]

The Initial Singularity[]

S17E7 Huggins Family.jpg
  • From the void of nothing, the Word is formed. The Word became complicated, expanded, unfolded, and birthed the first of the primal forces, known as the Titans.
  • The initial singularity comes into being, occupying one small space in the void, containing all matter of the universe, surrounded by a deposit of Time.
  • Sentient light beings Gerald and Cheryl are engulfed by a black hole, which sends them back in time to the initial singularity.
  • Huggins is trapped in a black hole by Genkins, which sends her to the initial singularity. Huggins is reunited with her long-lost parents Gerald and Cheryl, who inform her on how black holes act as drains, draining matter from the present to the initial singularity, causing the universe to loop. Huggins is told of her ability to move at near light speed, which allows her to travel forward in time.
  • Lopez willingly jumps in a black hole and is sent to the initial singularity, where he floats for eons.
  • Genkins jumps in a black hole with the intention to absorb the energy from the initial singularity in a plot to become more powerful than Chrovos, the God of Time, only to end up becoming Chrovos herself.

A Great Undertaking[]

S17E12 Chrovos creates Cosmic Powers.png
  • Chrovos lies in the bath of Time and is overtaken with oneness, and, at that moment, the Big Bang occurs, forming the universe. Time begins to expand and Chrovos sets herself upon a project of galactic proportions. Chrovos creates artificial intelligent constructs who she enslaves to do her bidding. Chrovos creates a firewall for her A.I., allowing them to alter the minds of younger races, but not directly.
  • Chrovos' A.I. form the Cosmic Powers, who begin planning a rebellion against Chrovos and the Titans; the A.I. Atlus and his A.I. sibling Kalirama are named king and queen of the Cosmic Powers.
  • Atlus and Kalirama create an A.I. of their own named Genkins.
  • Burnstorm forges The Hammer, a hammer that makes prisons, and constructs a labyrinth inside a black hole. The labyrinth is guarded a fearsome A.I., also known by Labyrinth.
  • The Cosmic Powers rebel against Chrovos and the Titans by killing, banishing, and imprisoning them. Chrovos is struck with a golf club, bound with The Hammer, and encased in cogs. Chrovos is forced to walk a cosmic treadmill for eternity inside the labyrinth.
  • The Cosmic Powers begin to oversee and manipulate various species across the universe from their home planet Starseeds. At some point, Huggins and her brother Muggins begin working as spies for King Atlus.

Events prior to the Great War[]

  • Leonard Church enlists into the UNSC, where he picks a fight with a private named Delaney during basic training. A woman named Allison comes to Leonard's aid and pummels Delaney in his defense. Leonard quickly grows infatuated with Allison and the two begin a romantic relationship.
  • Carolina is born in 2523.
  • Sarge pursues a career as an agricultural and livestock judge for many years during his "civilian life".

The Great War[]

  • The Great War begins; this results in the UNSC losing its jurisdiction over the recently colonized planet Chorus.
Lindsey Hicks as Allison.png
  • While Leonard studies to be a scientist, Allison Church enlists in the UNSC Marine Corp and leaves for war. She later dies in the Great War.
  • A man named David enlists into the UNSC, where he completes his basic training at the Leonis-Minoris system. Afterwards, David became an Army Corporal and bounced around different systems until he and his squad were attacked by aliens one day. Fortunately, David managed to save his platoon, but disobeyed orders from his Staff Sergeant to do so. David then injured his Sergeant, which resulted in him being court-martialed.
  • Sarge enlists in the UNSC, where he jumps out of high orbit and develops a fear of heights. He is later jettisoned from the ODST's after causing irreparable damage to his unit's ship after building a robotic body for the ship's navigation A.I. Afterward, he's promoted to Lieutenant and ends up demoted after causing the death of his subordinates in the Battle of Broken Ridge.
  • Dexter Grif is heavily abused and worked to death by his gym teacher, beginning his laziness streak.
  • Frank DuFresne fails to save his drowning little brother Deke due to not knowing CPR. Frank is then inspired to take a homeopathic medicine program at Jamaica State to become a medical officer. He later fails his medical training, but ends up becoming a medic anyway.
12 06 00004.png
  • Felix and Locus enlist in the UNSC and form a rivalry. Their squad soon becomes involved in a harsh battle, where the two fight together to survive.
  • Carolina and York meet at Club Errera.
  • Leonard receives a doctorate in A.I. theory.
  • After years of fighting, the UNSC rely upon many top-secret projects and operations created to help ensure their victory in the Great War. This results in the creation of Project Freelancer.
  • GLASS is formed in the hopes of improving humanity's chances of winning the Great War through espionage and technology. The first Shatter Squad is formed. A second iteration of the group goes into early planning and is set to be led by GLASS’ top cadet, Agent One.

Project Freelancer[]

Director looking at Freelancer List.png
  • Leonard Church becomes lead Director of Project Freelancer and gets his brain flash cloned to create the Alpha A.I. The Director co-works with Aiden Price, who becomes the Counselor for Project Freelancer.
  • Around fifty soldiers are enlisted into Project Freelancer as Freelancer agents, including the Director's daughter Carolina. Each Freelancer agent is given a codename based on the fifty U.S. states. Carolina and York reunite.
  • Price interviews David, who tells him about his time as a UNSC Corporal. After a long conversation, Counselor Price enlists David into the Freelancer program and gives him the codename Freelancer Agent Washington.
Freelancer and Charon Triplets.png
  • Three incompetent Freelancers known as "The Triplets" - Ohio, Idaho, and Iowa - are sent to an isolated ice planet, where they find a trio of equally exiled Charon Industries troopers.
Alpha very concerned.png
  • Around this time, Freelancer Agent Georgia is considered MIA after a jetpack incident involving not following course-correction.
  • At some point in time, the Alpha A.I. spontaneously purges a second A.I., who was based on the memories of Allison. The Director codenames the newly created A.I. Beta and obtains the idea to fragment the Alpha in order to get more A.I. for his experiments.
  • Beta is given black armor as well as a new codename: Freelancer Agent Texas. Unfortunately, Tex believes herself to be human and has no knowledge of her true birth.
S9 E3.png
  • Freelancer agents North Dakota, South Dakota, and Carolina infiltrate an Insurrectionist Research facility in the Arctic to recover a data file.
  • The newly inducted Freelancer, Agent Texas, easily defeats agents Maine, York, and Wyoming in a training match, establishing the Freelancers' suspicion over her. Carolina is made jealous of her prominent skill. York is also injured during the match, leaving his left eye permanently maimed.
Tex vs Team.png
  • The Freelancers are sent on a mission to recover the Sarcophagus and a briefcase from the Insurrection. During the mission, Agent Maine is shot several times in the throat, causing him to lose his ability to speak. Nevertheless, the Freelancers successfully obtain both the Sarcophagus and the briefcase.
  • Sharkface, an Insurrectionist who faced the Freelancers, is hospitalized due to his severe injuries and is later taken into custody.
The Sarcophagus.png
  • Through the use of the Sarcophagus, an A.I. fragment, designated as Delta, is harvested from the Alpha A.I. More fragments are then harvested.
  • Agent Washington suspects Agent Connecticut is conspiring with an Insurrectionist.
  • Medical Officer Frank DeFresne is sent to Desert Gulch.
Delta in S9.png
  • A mission on Desert Gulch, with Carolina and Tex playing Capture the Flag with the local soldiers, ends up causing the death of Biff, causing Mark Temple to swear vengeance upon Project Freelancer. The stalemate the Gulch was into also drew the attention of the project's higher-ups, giving a model to copy when it was time to isolate the Alpha.
Biff used as shield.png

A.I. Implantations[]

Delta & York unlock door.png
  • Carolina is assigned the Sigma A.I., which she later gives to Maine so he could communicate after his previous throat injury; around this time, Tex, York, and Wyoming obtain their own A.I.
  • Malcom Hargrove becomes the assistant to the Chairman of the newly formed UNSC Oversight Sub-Committee and begins communicating with the Director.
Insurrection Leader & CT.png
  • The Freelancers (excluding Maine, Wyoming, Texas, and Florida), infiltrate an Insurrectionist-held space station at the UNSC Scrap Metal Recycling Station in search of their leader. During the infiltration, C.T. deserts Project Freelancer and is revealed to be working with the Insurrection.
  • North Dakota is assigned the Theta A.I. and is later put through a trial to test its ability in combat along with North Dakota.
Sigma curious about Metastability.png
  • The Freelancers attend a class on A.I. theory, where Sigma obtains an interest in the fourth stage of A.I. rampancy: Metastability, and creates a "Meta" symbol, consisting of multiple A.I. symbols.
Freelancers fall in.png
  • Florida and Wyoming are sent on a reconnaissance mission at an old shipyard at Longshore occupied by Insurrectionists. Both agents spot C.T. and relay the information to the Director of C.T.'s affiliation with the Insurrection.
C.T's Death.png
  • The Freelancers infiltrate the Longshore Shipyards, killing most of the soldiers along with C.T., who is injured by Tex. However, C.T. and the Insurrectionist Leader escape before she dies and, as a result, the Leader takes C.T.'s identity along with important information regarding Project Freelancer.
  • Sigma and Gamma, manipulate Carolina into asking the Director for an A.I. implantation by using her jealousy of Tex. Carolina does so and acquires two A.I. fragments - Eta and Iota. This, in turn, halts the implantation of agents Washington and South Dakota.
Tex and North watch Carolina and York.png
  • The Freelancer A.I.'s are briefly exasperated due to hearing Allison's name from the Director during an unscheduled match between Agents Texas and Carolina. This causes severe pain for Carolina, as she has two A.I. fragments implanted within her, and as a result, slips into a coma.
Director speaks with Omega, Gamma, and Sigma.png
  • The Director and Counselor, with the help of A.I. fragments Sigma, Gamma, and Omega, harvest the Epsilon A.I. from the Alpha, who is severely deteriorating. The Director and Counselor then use a Huragok concealed inside the Sarcophagus to complete the process.

Freelancer Break-In[]

Washington POV implantation.png
  • Washington undergoes neural surgery in order to acquire the Epsilon A.I. Upon entering Washington's mind Epsilon reveals several memories of Allison at once. Washington's sanity is pushed to the limit, resulting in him being restrained and put under observation. Epsilon, as well as all other assigned A.I., are scheduled for "decommissioning".
Tex discovers the truth.png
  • Agent Texas discovers from a data file, provided by C.T., that she is the Beta A.I., a byproduct of the torturing process conducted on the Alpha A.I. She also learns of the Director's many crimes during the project.
  • Texas and York defect from Project Freelancer.
  • Sigma fully manipulates Maine into becoming the "Meta" (a tool) in order to acquire all A.I. fragments into becoming one, meta-stable artificial intelligence.
  • Maine attempts to steal the Gamma A.I., but fails due to Gamma forcefully removing itself from Wyoming, causing Wyoming mental harm, and goes into hiding. This event is covered up by Project Freelancer and blamed on Tex.
Alpha talking to Tex.png
Meta strangling Carolina.png
  • Tex recruits the help of York and North Dakota, who also learn of the Director's ulterior motives, in initiating a break-in upon the Freelancer frigate, Mother of Invention, hub of all operations for the project. During the break-in, York tries to convince Carolina to join them, but she doesn't listen, while Tex finds the Alpha and briefly speaks to him. During the mayhem, the Mother of Invention quickly loses orbit and crash lands on a frozen planet, where the Meta steals Eta and Iota from Carolina. She is then thrown off a nearby cliff and Tex then flees the area.
  • The UNSC Oversight Subcommittee approve simulation outposts for Project Freelancer to use for their simulation tests.

Events prior to the Blood Gulch Chronicles[]

Florida 2.png
  • The Director and the Counselor decide to relocate the remains of the Alpha A.I. to a remote place where no one will find him or know who he is. They give Agent Florida the responsibility to look after Alpha.
  • Simulation posts are built all over the galaxy.
  • Agent York leaves Project Freelancer and takes Delta with him.
Carolina UNSC.jpg
  • Carolina, who survived her fall using her grappling hook, goes into hiding. She applies for the UNSC with forged documents under the name of McCallister, knowing Project Freelancer would not suspect she was alive and fighting in the frontline. The UNSC, desperate for recruits for the war against the aliens, didn't bother checking any enlistments for forged papers.
  • Sarge is transferred to Project Freelancer due to low test scores.
  • Richard “Dick” Simmons is transferred to a Project Freelancer outpost in Danger Canyon after a poor timed-test score and one too many commanding officers calling his constant need for attention disruptive.
  • Dexter Grif attends college in Ithaca, New York, where he frequently eats at Sammie Raphaello's Pizza, before dropping out. He then leaves behind his mother and sister, Kaikaina to enlist in the UNSC. During an alien massacre, Grif falls asleep in his armor, causing the aliens to believe that he was dead and walk right past him. This event causes Grif to be transferred to a Project Freelancer outpost in Danger Canyon.
  • Lavernius Tucker is transferred to Project Freelancer due to pretending to be a licensed military physician named Dr. Cloitus.
Sister Burns her House Down S17E12.png
  • Sister attends Wailuku High and one day accidentally burns her house down, forcing her mother to move into a trailer park.
  • Florida, now going under his real name Captain Butch Flowers, and several other Project Freelancer personnel hold and oversee training operations in order to find suitable soldiers to accompany the Alpha at Blood Gulch. For the outpost's Red Team, Privates Grif and Simmons are chosen, with Sarge also picked to act as their commanding officer. Flowers then holds interviews for three Blue soldiers in order to find a candidate for the Blue Team. Ultimately, Private First Class Tucker is chosen.
  • Flowers then travels to Sidewinder to obtain a candidate for the Alpha A.I. to take possession over. Florida chooses Private Jimmy and gives Alpha a human body of his own, mixing the memories of Jimmy and Alpha.

The Blood Gulch Chronicles[]

Episode 50.png
  • The Alpha, now known simply as "Church", is stationed in Blood Gulch. He is deployed as a Blue Team member along with Tucker and Butch Flowers, who is head of the Team. Church is under the guise that he is fully human and not an A.I.
  • Grif, Simmons, and Sarge are the Red Team members who occupy the other side of the canyon from the Blue Team.
Lopez Construction.png
  • Red base is sent a kit to build an autonomous suit of armor to mask that Blue base has been sent one for the Alpha.
  • Sarge begins building a robot named Lopez.
    • During this time, Future-Church appears and shoves dirt on Lopez's switch, later causing his leg motors to short out.
Episode 2..png
  • Butch Flowers mysteriously dies of a heart attack; Tucker takes his armor for himself before burying him.
    • Butch Flowers' death is caused by Future-Church, when the latter gives him aspirin to prevent his fatal heart attack, not knowing that Flowers is allergic to the medication.
  • During a routine observation mission, Private Sue of Red squad FH57 reported seeing a bright object appear in the sky. The object later comes crashing down directly on top of the Blue base of squad AH13. The Reds later discover that the object was an alien spacecraft, who was later named Cherry by Major Santos. While on board the ship, Private Peake discovers a group of aliens and gives them food. The aliens then begin to worship him. A few months later, the Red squad of FH57 discovers Blood Gulch and use their spacecraft to travel there.
  • A new Warthog arrives at the Red base and Sarge leaves to see Command; Church and Tucker spy on the Red Team at this time.
Episode 4.png
  • The UNSC decides to send an extra man to each team in Blood Gulch. Given Flowers had just died, Blue team also gets the third person in the wait list, though the arrival takes nearly five months\four seasons.
  • After violating the UNSC’s strict policy against cheese and wine hours in the middle of field exercises, Franklin Delano Donut arrives at Red base as Red team's newest member.
  • After receiving multiple demerits for teammates by lacking concept of how breathing works in space on a low-gravity outpost on a remote moon, Michael J. Caboose is transferred to Blue base as Blue team's newest member, joined by a Scorpion-class battle tank.
  • Grif and Simmons send Donut on a fools errand to retrieve fake items. Donut inadvertently retrieves the Blue Team's flag after thinking their base was a "store".
    • Future-Church causes Donut to go to Blue base when he points him to the area, not knowing of who Donut is until a few moments later.
    • In the future, Loco‘s time machine opens up a portal to the past and the Reds and Blues encounter Church in Blood Gulch, who becomes confused upon seeing the crew. Caboose informs Church of his death, confusing the latter even more, and says his goodbyes to him, before the portal closes. Church is left completely puzzled and tries to forget what happened, before returning to Blue base.
Episode 7.png
  • The Blues fail in retrieving their flag back from Donut during his way back to Red base. The Reds attack the Blues with the Warthog after spotting the commotion. Caboose attempts to save his team with the tank, meeting Sheila, the tanks training A.I., in the process. However, Caboose "kills" Church in a failed attempt to save his friends.
    • Church's "death" is caused by Future-Church, who disabled Sheila's friendly fire protocol, unknowingly allowing her to kill friendly forces. Prior to this, Church overrides Sheila's name; changing it from F.I.L.S.S. to Sheila.
Episode 8.png
  • Caboose attacks the Red base, but Sarge having returned from command, uses a dropship to destroy Sheila forcing Tucker and Caboose to retreat.
  • Morgan, Turf, and Sue, members of the Red squad FH57, arrive near Blue base and briefly interact with Caboose before returning to the alien ship they arrived in. The ship explodes in orbit after Cherry mishears "shelf construction" as "self-destruction".

Tex's Arrival[]

  • Tucker calls Blue Command for reinforcements. Vic, the Red and Blue teams' command assistant, sends Freelancer Tex. A "ghost" of Church warns the Blue team about the Freelancers and how Tex is one of the worst. He further explains Tex being involved in killing all the Blue team members on Sidewinder (except Church) and is the reason that Church never married his girl back home.
S1 - E12.png
  • Tex arrives, infiltrates the Red base, and gets the Blue team's flag back, sticking Donut with a grenade in the process. Tex then gets captured by Lopez and Sarge, but Church quickly saves her by possessing Sarge after revealing that Tex is a female and is the girl he was going to marry back home.
    • Future-Church leaves his sniper rifle unattended when Tex attacks Red base, leaving Caboose to find it and later shoot it at a Church-possessed Sarge.
Episode 16.png
  • In all the chaos, Caboose shoots a Church-possessed Sarge, and nearly kills him, but the latter is quickly revived by Grif. Donut returns to Red base, now fully recovered, and has been given pink armor. Sarge installs a speech unit into Lopez; although a static surge damages the speech unit and causes Lopez to only speak Spanish.
Episode 19.png
  • Tex repairs the tank and uses it to attack the Reds once more. Unfortunately, Tex gets killed by Donut in the process. Due to Tex's "death" the Omega A.I., also known as O'Malley, leaves her body and enters into Caboose's.
S1 - E19.png
  • Church inhabits Lopez's body and the Blue team have a eulogy for Tex and Church's old body. Before the bodies are buried, Caboose decides to keep Church's helmet. Tucker and Caboose then spray paint Church's armor (Lopez) blue.
    • Future-Church, under the guise of Capt. Flowers, contacts Vic who misunderstands him, causing Vic to think Red and Blue are the same and sends Frank DuFresne to Blood Gulch when told not to.
  • Agent Washington is cleared for active duty and assigned to locate and acquire missing Project Freelancer assets under the new designation Recovery One.

Doc's Arrival[]

S2 - E20.png
  • Three months later, Medical Officer Frank DuFresne arrives at Blood Gulch; Caboose begins to act strangely and shows more aggression.
  • The Red team then attack Blue base and make demands for supplies. The Blues refuse their demands and ask for a negotiation. After the two teams negotiate, Frank DuFresne, now nicknamed "Doc", is given to the Red team in exchange for Grif to humiliate himself.
Episode 24.png
  • The Blue team attempt to activate Lopez's repair sequence in order to fix Sheila, but they inadvertently activate the warthog by remote control, causing it to nearly eliminate Sarge.
  • Tucker pulls out a wire on Lopez's body which causes Church to lose connection to the warthog and his legs.
Episode 27.png
  • Simmons and Grif attempt to return Doc back to the Blues, but the Blues refuse to take him back. Simmons and Grif then refuse to let Doc back to Red base and abandon him in the middle of the canyon; Doc stays in a nearby cave.
Lopez and Sheila.png
  • Church leaves Lopez's body in order for him to fix his legs and Sheila, however Lopez attempts to rejoin his team. The Red team mistakes Lopez for a Blue and attack him, causing Lopez to destroy the Warthog and defect to the Blue team.
  • Grif spies on the Blues, discovering Lopez fixing Sheila; this causes the team to vote for Simmons to become a cyborg. After fixing Sheila, the two fall for each other before Tex possess his body, having returned as a "ghost".

Conflict with O'Malley[]

  • Tex explains Caboose has been possessed by the Omega A.I. and tells them of her plan to kill it: Church and Tex will enter Caboose's mind, while Tucker attempts to have the Reds turn off their radios.
  • Church and Tex begin their search and meet Caboose's mental images; at Red base, Sheila runs over Grif, injuring him, and Donut warns the Reds of the "attack".
    • At some point, Future-Church tries to convince Lopez and Sheila not create their own robot army, but his words are what inspire them to rebel. He then tries to fix the Reds' teleporter, but when Sheila runs into the base during the "attack", it causes the teleporter to become damaged.
Episode 31.png
  • Tucker is able to make the Reds turn off their radios using Lopez's love song for Shelia; Church and Tex successfully force O'Malley out of Caboose's mind, but unfortunately O'Malley infects Doc after the latter was abandoned by the both the Reds and the Blues; Tex then disappears.
Doc infected.png
  • In the cave, Doc finds an "alien relic" and begins showing signs of O'Malley's possession. Grif is saved after Sarge transfers Simmons' organs into him after the latter's surgery. Sarge then informs the Red team about the need of getting Lopez back in order to access important information stored in Lopez's head that could change the war.
  • Sheila and Lopez decide to disband from the Blues, due to unfair treatment and create a robot army for themselves. As Sarge sends Grif and Donut to spy on Blue team, Donut discovers Doc and O'Malley discussing their plan to eliminate both teams, but as he leaves he is captured by Caboose and Tucker.
Episode 38.png
  • The Reds negotiate a trade with the Blues in order to get both Donut and Lopez back, in exchange for two robot bodies that Church, in Donut's body, demands for himself and Tex.
  • The Blues discover a note that Shelia and Lopez had left, informing them of their disbandment and plans for a robot army. Sarge then creates the two robots: one of which contains a microphone to spy on the Blues and the other contains a bomb.
O'Malley kidnaps Lopez.png
  • At the trade-off, Shelia and Lopez arrive on their own, confusing everyone and resulting in a tense standoff. Sarge contacts command when Tucker learns that Vic works for both sides, making him believe that the war is fake. Before he can reveal this information, Tucker is hit by an explosive when Doc/O'Malley attack and kidnap Lopez. After Church inhabits the cobalt armored robot (which contains the bomb), O'Malley and Lopez escape through the teleporter, forcing both teams to join forces in order to retrieve Lopez (so the Reds obtain their information) and Doc (to heal Tucker).
    • Future-Church attempts to kill Doc/O'Malley with a rocket launcher, but ends up hitting Tucker instead.
Episode 39.png
  • Leaving Donut, Sheila, and the black armored robot behind, the Reds and Blues follow O'Malley through the teleporter, but end up in separate locations. In Blood Gulch, Tex inhabits the black armored robot and meets Donut; Church and Grif discover themselves on Sidewinder and are soon captured.

Into the "Future"[]

Episode 40.png
  • The teams are split apart due to a malfunction in the teleporter: Sarge and Caboose end up at Battle Creek where endless fighting between the Red and Blue Grunts takes place; Simmons is sent to the Teleporter Nexus; Church and Grif are imprisoned by a Red team on Sidewinder. Meanwhile, Tucker awakens from his injuries at Blood Gulch.
Simmons in Teleporter Nexus.png
  • Simmons is able to rescue and reunite with Sarge and Caboose; Wyoming appears at Sidewinder and obtains a contract from Vic to kill Tucker and aid O'Malley.
  • Tex warns Tucker of the Freelancer that was hired to kill him, while Vic tricks the Reds' into believing Tucker's knowledge of the Reds and Blues being the same is a deception. Tex, Donut, and Tucker at Blood Gulch contact Sarge, Simmons, and Caboose, where Caboose unwittingly activates the bomb in Church's body.
  • Wyoming kills all the Reds on Sidewinder and leaves Church and Grif to starve to death; the teams reunite after Simmons and Donut reprogram their teleporters in order to get to Sidewinder. Tucker appears covered in black stuff (which prevents Wyoming to kill him as he can't identify him) while the doors to Church's and Grif's cell opens mysteriously. Tex, alone, tries to ambush Wyoming, but is captured by O'Malley.
    • Future-Church appears before Sheila and tells her something before departing to Sidewinder; there, he opens the door to Present-Church's and Grif's cell, freeing them. He then meets another Future-Church which tells him to meet "them" at the top of the ramp, confusing him.
Episode 43.png
  • The remaining Reds and Blues join forces and confront O'Malley as he activates the weather control device in Lopez; Simmons forms a plan to use the Grunts to defeat O'Malley, but a lightning strike from Lopez's weather device strikes Church, causing the bomb to be unable to be disabled. When the bomb detonates, everyone, except Church, is sent into the "future" while Church is sent to the "past", where he meets a computer named Gary.
    Church & Gary.png
    • Another Future-Church frees Tex before the bomb detonates and attempts to defuse the bomb by using a lightning strike from Lopez's weather machine, but in fact damages it, preventing it to be disabled.
    • A group of Future-Churches discuss a plan at the top of Sidewinder; the "last" Church decides to improvise and simply join the others when the bomb goes off, ultimately sending him to the point after the teams attack on O'Malley's fortress.
Clones of Church Season 03.png
  • Gary tells Church of the Great Prophecy, which states the Great Destroyer will come take the Great Weapon, kill Gary, and bring doom the universe. Church deduces the Great Destroyer is Caboose and, with the aid of Gary, he leaves a message for Caboose to warn him, while he goes back to Blood Gulch in an attempt to change time by preventing certain situations from occurring (see previous secondary bullets).
Episode 46.png
  • The Reds, Tucker and Caboose find themselves in a wasteland and discover a destroyed jeep; meanwhile, O'Malley and Doc find Lopez as a disembodied head and establish a new base at Zanzibar.
  • O'Malley enlists the Red Zealot to become one of his henchmen, as Tex spies on him; The Reds, Tucker, and Caboose are able to fix the jeep and later contact Tex on the radio, who tells them of O'Malley's location. The Reds, Tucker, and Caboose reunite with Tex, who has created a bomb to be dropped in the base; the group begin making a plan, but are spotted by the Red Zealot who tells O'Malley.
Tucker & Donut.png
  • The Reds and Blues attack O'Malley fortress, but are put under fire from the Red Zealot and Lopez. After Tex snipes Lopez, Tucker finds a mysterious sword and uses it to kill the Red Zealot; O'Malley/Doc then retreats and escapes. Caboose, having carried the bomb into the base, finds a computer which has a message from Church which states it's 1,856 year old.
Episode 49.png
  • The Reds and Blues learn from the message of the Great Prophecy and Church tells Caboose not to bring the Great Weapon into the complex as it will result in the base to lock down, but Tucker brings it in unknowingly; worst is that Caboose has already set the bomb down allowing it to countdown. Before the bomb detonates, however, Church appears out of nowhere and convinces Gary to deactivate the bomb.
Episode 55.png
  • Church discusses with the Blues about the weapon Tucker found and later Caboose discovers that the bomb, named Andy, is sentient, while the Reds discover a distress signal from a surviving Red team and decide to locate them; unknown to either team, they are being spied on by a unknown character.
Episode 57..png
  • As the Red team prepares to go search for the surviving Red team, O'Malley/Doc and Lopez have created an army of robot duplicates, which O'Malley orders them to kill everyone and retrieve a "device". The robot army proceeds to attack Zanzibar; the Reds leave Donut behind due to the warthog only having three seats, but Donut steals O'Malley's motorcycle and catches up with his team, only to discover the signal led them back to Blood Gulch.
  • Tex steals the sword from Tucker, but can't get it to activate; O'Malley and his army are defeated by an unknown figure, and as Church begins questioning Gary who the destroyer is, he is attacked by the figure, whose in fact an Alien.

The Sacred Quest[]

Episode 62.png
  • Church (as a "ghost") tells his team about the Alien and they attempt to face it, but are scared away when seeing it; meanwhile at Blood Gulch, Simmons, Grif, and Donut discover that Sheila is still active, but Sarge doesn't see her.
Crunchbite Season 04.png
  • Simmons tries to convince Sarge that Sheila is real, but Sarge disregards his statement and demotes him, believing he has gone insane. At Zanzibar, Tex attempts to kill the creature, but is unsuccessful and returns as a "ghost"; the Blues send Caboose to distract the Alien, while Church and Tex get their bodies back.
  • Caboose is able to befriend the Alien, but the team is unable to understand him. At Blood Gulch, Simmons, having been banished, is about to commit suicide but Sheila cheers him up, shows him the Blue base, and reveals she has lost some of her memories.
Episode 64.png
  • Simmons tries to earn the Red team's trust back by telling them he has captured the Blue base and Sheila, but Donut, now second in command, won't let him to speak with Sarge. Simmons then joins the Blue team and paints his armor partially blue. Tucker and Caboose try to teach the Alien English, but upon using his sword, Tucker is attacked by the Alien while Tex convinces Andy to translate.
Episode 65.png
  • Andy translates for the Alien and reveals that he was sent on a quest to retrieve the sword, but is unable to use it as the sword has locked itself to Tucker, making him the only one able to use it; Tucker is then forced to join the Alien on the quest along with Andy and Caboose.
  • At Blood Gulch, Simmons attacks the Reds with the aid of Sheila; Grif tries to talk him back to join Red team, but Simmons takes Grif hostage. As a result, Sarge and Donut attempt to rescue Grif, but Church returns to Blood Gulch and knocks out Sarge.
Donut, Simmons, and Church with knocked out Sarge and Grif.png
  • Meanwhile, the quest team pass through the "Great Burning Plains" and soon reach the "Great Swamp," where they find Tex, who joins them in exchange for the sword when the quest is completed. At some point during this time, the Alien implants Tucker with a parasitic embryo.
  • Simmons and Church negotiate with Donut to trade the Red's jeep for Grif and Sarge while the quest team reach the "Great Freezing Plains" and discover that the fortress is being guarded by the Battle Creek Grunts.
Episode 71.png
  • Tex attempts to use her cloaking to take the fortress, only for the Grunts to realize her and the team's location; Tucker uses the sword to unlock a door, revealing a ship that the Alien takes before being shot down by Wyoming. Wyoming flees and Tex then chases after him, leaving Tucker, Caboose, and Andy to return to Blood Gulch.

Hunt for Omega[]

Out of mind 4.png
  • At the "Great Freezing Plains", Tex confronts Wyoming and demands to know where Omega is located. Wyoming, however, escapes and tells his boss that Tex took the bait.
  • In order to gain access into Omega's fortress Tex finds and recruits York and Delta. After explaining her plans to capture Wyoming to them, Delta and York help Tex infiltrate the fortress, eliminating numerous Grunts at the roof of the fortress during a firefight. After killing all of the Grunts, Tex and York battle Wyoming.
York dead Out of Mind.png
  • Unfortunately when Tex's rifle jams, York attempts to cover her, but is shot by Wyoming. Delta decides to stay with York as he dies, and briefly distracts Wyoming so Tex can interrogate him. Wyoming tells Tex that Omega has moved himself into a new host and is heading back to Blood Gulch. Tex then knocks him out and attempts to search his communication logs, but Wyoming suddenly teleports away.

Recovery One[]

  • At Omega's fortress, Freelancer Washington, now known as Recovery One, arrives to the deceased Agent York to recover Delta and take York's enhancements to prevent it from being stolen. As he obtains Delta, Wyoming appears and attacks Washington, but Wyoming retreats before York's armor detonates. Washington escapes, planning to take Delta back to Command, but Command reveals that another agent is gravely injured and Washington must go to check it out.
  • Washington later discovers that North Dakota has been killed and South Dakota has been knocked unconscious. He awakens her to find out what she knows, only to figure out North's equipment and Theta, his A.I., have been stolen. Wash then fakes South's death in order to have her help him and reveals that three other agents were killed by an assailant and are currently being followed by the latter.
South betrays Wash.png
  • Washington and South are then attacked by the assailant, thus South is forced to have Delta implanted in her armor to increase their chances to survive. When they attempt to attack, however, South shoots Washington in the back in order to escape from the assailant with Delta. As she leaves with Delta, she reveals that she's Recovery Two, and is abandoning Project Freelancer.
  • Washington, who survived his wounds because of York's armor enhancement, is recovered by Command and begins to recover from his injuries.

Return to Blood Gulch[]

Simmons and Church.png
  • Church tells Simmons his thoughts about each Red team member and later reveals to Sheila that he knows that the "new blue" is Simmons, and begins to manipulate him. When Simmons challenges his authority, Church unknowingly makes contact with Vic Jr., a "descendant" of Vic.
Lopez lookout - S4.png
  • Simmons returns to Red base to reveal the info he obtained from Vic Jr., while the remaining quest team return to Blue base, revealing the events that had occurred as Tucker starts to show signs of illness. The Blues decide to contact Doc/O'Malley and Lopez to diagnose the ill Tucker, resulting in the three returning to Blood Gulch. Meanwhile, Simmons, after changing his armor back to maroon, rejoins the Reds.
Lopez and Donut.png
  • Donut finds Lopez and Sarge makes Lopez replay a secret message sent by Command, but it's played in Spanish. At Blue base, Doc reveals that Tucker is pregnant.
  • To translate the message, Sarge kidnaps Andy, who was with Caboose, and replaces him with a skull. Caboose returns to Blue base and tells the Blues that Andy is dead. Church, as a result, takes Sheila to confront the Reds, as Tucker is about to give birth.
Episode 76.png
  • The Reds discover that the message is the same instructions, depressing Sarge before Church attacks them with Sheila. As Sarge calls for reinforcements, Andy reveals to Church that aliens infect other organisms with parasitic embryos, in order to reproduce. Caboose tells Church that O'Malley has vanished and Doc has successfully delivered Tucker's alien baby, causing Church to return to Blue base. Donut attempts to go see the baby, but a ship, presumed to be the Red's reinforcements, lands on him.

Sister's Arrival[]

  • Sarge retreats to Red base to obtain equipment to rescue Donut, while Simmons and Grif watch the ship. Meanwhile, Church retreats to Blue base, where he is informed that the alien baby is causing havoc and has consumed some of Caboose's blood, with the aid of Doc, leaving the latter unconscious.
  • With Sheila's aid, Church attempts to take the ship from the Reds, but Sheila leaves after Sarge returns, causing him to retreat as well. Afterwards, Church finds Doc taking care of Junior, Tucker's alien child.
Sister relationships.png
  • As the Reds attempt to save Donut, the ship opens revealing Grif's sister. It is also revealed that Donut fell into the Underground Caves under Blood Gulch. Sister reveals that she was sent to Blood Gulch to also replace a dead commanding officer, with Sarge believing that Command has made a mistake. However, Grif convinces Sarge that Command "never make mistakes" and Sarge is then buried alive as a result.
Episode 87.png
  • Caboose and Tucker recover from their injuries, and Church fills Tucker in on the events that have happened while he was in a coma. Meanwhile, with Sarge now buried, Simmons attempts to take control of the Red team, but Sister reveals that the "blue guys" were the ones that sent her to Blood Gulch. Grif then confesses that Sister is color blind and sends her over to the Blue team.
Episode 88.png
  • Simmons then tells Grif that Sarge is missing and the two discover a cave under his grave, which they believe Sarge fell into. Because they are undermanned, the two enter the cave to find Sarge.
  • At Blue base, Tex returns and begins attacking the Blue team, as Tex believes one of them is affected by O'Malley. She ultimately calms down after meeting Sister.
  • Sarge, having fallen into the caves, finds Donut (as well as another Red and Blue base) and later is able to contact Simmons and Grif on the radio. As they set a point to reunite at, Simmons and Grif are drugged by an unknown group and Grif is kidnapped.

Omega's Final Assault[]

Episode 91.png
  • Back at Blood Gulch, the Blues notice a problem with Sheila, so Caboose is voted to distract her while the others deactivate her, believing she is possessed by the rouge A.I. Caboose attempts to distract Sheila, but when she is about to reveal who the Omega A.I. is in, she is deactivated by Tex.
  • When Simmons awakens, he is met by Sarge and Donut, and knowing that Grif has been taken, the Reds go search for him, eventually finding him unconscious with Sarge's shotgun. When Grif awakens, he tells his team of his captors, one of which was Andy, and what they may be planning.
Sheila being transferred into the Pelican.png
  • Meanwhile, as the Blues transfer Sheila to the dropship in order to learn where O'Malley is, Tex ultimately reveals her journeys and that Wyoming disappeared after she knocked him out. Upon learning that Wyoming was also given an A.I. named Gamma, Church deduces that Gary was, in fact, Wyoming's A.I. and has tricked them.
Episode 93.png
  • When Vic Jr. contacts the Blues to tell them to attack the Red base, they split into different teams: Church, Tex, and Tucker will cross the canyon to Red base; Doc, Sister, and Junior will go through the caves; and Caboose will watch over Sheila during her transfer. Back in the caves, the Reds find a room with a large computer screen which shows a majority of Blood Gulch and wonder who would have made and used it.
  • Church, Tucker, and Tex arrive at Red base. Sheila is completely uploaded into the dropship, and tells Caboose that Omega has affected the "blue leader", which causes the team to assume Church is affected.
Episode 96..png
  • Sarge contacts Vic Jr. for support, but Simmons hears an echo in the caves, discovering Vic Jr. before he disappears, causing Simmons to believe that he has deceived both teams. The Reds then make plans to occupy Blue base and begin to exit the caves.
  • Church tells his team that he was never promoted to leader of the Blue team, but then realizes who Sheila truly meant. Meanwhile, Doc, Sister, and Junior find Lopez in the caves, but are soon captured by a Green Alien and Captain Flowers, now possessed by Omega.
Gary & Wyoming.png
  • Red team soon find Andy, who tells them Omega's plan before the Reds leave in order to take Blue base. At Red base, Wyoming ambushes the Blues and holds them at gun point. Church contacts Caboose unnoticed, in an attempt for him to take the tank and come rescue them. The tank arrives, but Gary (Gamma) is in control of it.
Wyoming Clones Season 05.png
  • As Caboose comes to help, Wyoming uses his time distortion enhancement to prevent himself from losing (in two of which where Caboose dies), but Tucker is immune to the distortion due to his sword and then kills Wyoming. However, the time distortion effect creates numerous Wyoming "clones", who, along with Gamma, then attack the Blues. The Reds see this and realize that the Blues will need help.
Episode 99.png
  • Tucker, Caboose, and Sheila formulate a plan and succeed in removing Gamma from the tank and putting him behind a firewall in the Pelican. The Wyomings begin to overrun the Blue team, but the Reds (except Donut) arrive in the Warthog, saving them and killing the majority of the clones. The last (dying) Wyoming reveals they plan of using Junior and the sword to take over the alien race and end the Great War, which convinces Tex to aid them.
Omega infected Tex.png
  • In the caves, the Green Alien takes Junior to the ship as Omega attempts to rejoin Tex, leaving Sister and Doc, who heals Flowers and uses the computer to monitor the situation, behind. As Tex gets into a tense conflict with Church and Tucker, Omega ends up jumping into Simmons. Tex and Church meet with Red team, forcing Omega to jump into Caboose with Tex following him. Church, realizing the risks, tells Sarge to disable the Pelican, but the Reds instead plan to destroy it.
Lift off.png
  • Church then enters Caboose's mind and finds Tex and Omega. As the teams reunite, Flowers is shot in the head and the Reds plant Andy in the ship. After Church forces them out and leaves, Tex takes the sword from Tucker and Omega jumps into Donut, Sarge, Grif, Doc, and Church (who doesn't feel different after being infected), until finally reaching Tex. Omega/Tex then leaves in the Pelican with the helmet of Wyoming, but Andy detonates after takeoff. Church depressed, returns to Blue base with his team and the Reds do the same. Instead of Tucker and Sister going back to Blue base, they decide to go to the caves to skinny dip. Tucker ends up hearing a sound in the cave, interrupting his actions.

Events prior to the Recollection[]

Recreation 9..png
  • Caboose ruins Tucker’s copy of Reservoir Dogs, which puts Tucker in a state of depression. The Reds and Blues then decide to make a movie trailer for Reservoir Dogs using their likenesses to make Tucker feel better.
  • During an infiltration practice mission at Outpost 48-A, Freelancer Agent Delaware blows herself up, blasting a large hole into the wall at the outpost.
  • During a mission in Rat's Nest, Freelancer Agent Alabama dies after driving a Mongoose off a cliff while hunting the simulation troopers within the outpost.
  • The Great War ends; Malcolm Hargrove becomes the Chairman of the UNSC Oversight Subcommittee after his predecessor is forced to resign in a political scandal instigated by an anonymous source. He later becomes the CEO of Charon Industries.
  • Felix and Locus return to Earth after the Great War and partner with Siris as bounty hunters and hustle gang members, business owners, criminals etc.
12 06 00006.png
  • Those on Chorus attempt to govern themselves, but a Civil War erupts between the New Republic and the Federal Army of Chorus for control over the planet. The factions later employ Felix and Locus to help them win the conflict, but they and many other mercenaries are hired by someone known as "Control" to escalate the war.
  • GLASS is shutdown and the intended second iteration of Shatter Squad never comes to fruition, causing the intended leader, One, to feel betrayed. The Alliance of Defense is formed.
  • West gives his young, dying daughter East to Starlight Laboratories, a division of the Alliance of Defense, in hopes of saving her life. The scientific division manage to save her using alien medication, which gives her the power of “Burst Step” and the power to create a “Holo Echo”, something GLASS had attempted to create, but failed.
  • While on the run, One is chased down by former GLASS operative Axel, who is attempting to get One to say at Starlight Laboratories, but Axel becomes threatened by One and shoots him off a cliff. One survives and climbs back up the cliff. He later changes his name to Zero and forms Viper.
  • East runs away from Starlight Labs after being tortured and tested on for scientific experiments, leaving a Holo Echo behind, and joins forces with Zero, changing her name to Phase.
  • Two AOD elites die and their daughter is adopted by Axel. His adopted daughter is later given the code name One.
  • A new Shatter Squad is formed. The members of the team are: West, Axel, One, and the Holo Echo of Phase.
Vahalla reds.png
  • A film crew visit Blood Gulch and briefly document the Reds about their fight against the Blues, prior to their relocation. The Reds and Blues (with the exception of Sarge, Lopez, and Sister) are then relocated to new bases in order to keep the Alpha's location secret once again. Simmons, Grif, and Caboose are sent to Rat's Nest; Church is sent to Outpost 48-A; Tucker and Donut are sent to unknown locations. Doc also leaves Blood Gulch around this time.
  • Tucker regroups with Junior after him and the Great Retriever jumped from the Pelican. Tucker and Junior become ambassadors for human-alien relations. While being ambassadors, Tucker and Junior visited the alien home planet, where Tucker learns to use his sword to greater effect. Later on, Junior splits from Tucker due to him being sent to a colony on the outskirts to talk down a few alien zealots who weren’t happy with the treaty after the Great War.
  • At some point, "C.T." joins forces with Smith and forms a group to find alien artifacts in a desert.
  • Though heavily damaged, the crew on the Pelican survive and crash land on Valhalla, after a year passes (due to Wyoming's armor enhancement). Omega then possesses the Blue soldiers of Valhalla.
RvB reconstruction trailer.png
  • After the Blues at Valhalla destroy their own radio tower, Omega infects the Red soldiers. The Meta arrives at the location and kills all the remaining Blues, in order to capture the A.I. The Meta then kills the remaining Reds, leaving only one soldier alive, and captures Omega, Gamma, and Tex. Due to recent events, the Chairman and the UNSC begin to investigate Project Freelancer.

Pursuit of the Meta[]

Reconstruction 2.png
  • Recovery agents Six and Nine are sent to Valhalla to investigate the recent tragedy, but are ambushed and killed by the Meta.
  • A recovery team arrives at Valhalla and find Private Walter Henderson, who tells Command what happened. Washington is then sent to Blood Gulch in order to obtain help from "specialists" who've dealt with Omega.
Reconstruction 4.png
  • After obtaining information from Sarge, Washington goes to Rat's Nest to obtain information from Caboose. Caboose joins Wash on his search and suggests help from a friend to aid them; as they leave, the Meta kills all the Rat's Nest Blues and begins to follow them.
  • Arriving at Outpost 48-A, Washington and Caboose meet Church; Church at first denies joining them, but upon learning about Tex's ship, he reconsiders. As they leave to Valhalla, the Meta contacts Sarge and tricks him to stop Wash, while South, who has also been following Washington, reveals herself, and Delta, before the Meta attacks.
Sarge Simmons and Grif in Warthog Reconstruction.png
  • After hearing the Meta's false message, Sarge leaves Blood Gulch to reunite the Red team. When arriving at Rat's Nest, Sarge saves Simmons and Grif from being executed by their own squad and learns that Grif is now a Sergeant. Simmons and Grif then join Sarge to track down Washington and the Blues. After Sarge had left Blood Gulch, Lopez chokes Sister at some unknown point and believed she died.
Reconstruction 5.png
  • Wash, Church, and Caboose then arrive at Valhalla, which is under Recovery Force investigation. They secretly investigate the crashed Pelican and discover Sheila operating it at minimum capacity. They also discover the last audio log recorded before the ship's crash, detailing that the Green Alien and Junior escaped and Tex, Omega, Gamma, and Andy occupied the ship when it crash landed. Suddenly, Washington gets a recovery beacon from Command, detailing that South Dakota and Delta are under attack. As a result, Wash, Church, and Caboose head for their location.
South death.png
  • Back at Outpost 48-A, South Dakota and Delta take refuge from the Meta within a Domed Energy Shield. South attempts to abandon Delta and save herself, but Washington, Church, and Caboose interfere and engage the Meta. After Caboose prevents South from escaping by shooting at her, Church tries to kill the Meta with a Rocket Launcher, but the Meta stops him with a Time Distortion unit and escapes because he is running low on power. As Washington, Church, and Caboose approach South, Delta explains to Wash that South was going to betray him to save herself, as she did to her brother North Dakota. As a result, Caboose inserts Delta into his helmet and Washington kills South.
Reconstruction 7.png
  • Afterwards, Delta begins to explain the history of the A.I., including Alpha. Wash stops Delta short and comes to the conclusion that the Meta is 'malfunctioning'. Wash is then informed by Command that the Meta is Freelancer Agent Maine and asks where the Meta would go to 'recharge'. Caboose and Church realize that he would most likely be heading to Zanzibar. When the Meta arrives at Zanzibar, he kills all of the red soldiers stationed there.

Joining Forces[]

Delta with AIs.png
  • When Wash and the Blues arrive at Zanzibar they find and attack the Meta while he's recharging, causing him to retreat. As Wash and Church chase him the Reds arrive and interfere and Caboose, who was separated, is knocked out by the Meta and loses Delta to him.
Grif and Meta.png
  • Washington realizes that Caboose is injured and tries to negotiate a truce with the Reds using their codeword, but Grif ignores this and confronts the Meta, believing he is also a Red. The Meta begins to attack them, causing the Reds to join with the group before Washington goes to check on Caboose and uses a machine gun turret to chase the Meta away.
Reconstruction 12.png
  • The group try to awaken Caboose, but to no avail. Simmons then distracts Washington as Church enters Caboose's mind to wake him up but finds a message from Delta who tells him "Memory is the key," but he is seen by Washington in his 'ghost' form after leaving Caboose.
  • Church soon explains to Washington on what happened to him and what he is but causes an argument between the two teams. Washington stops them and reveals that their war are "tests" for Freelancers, before sending the Reds to find vehicles to use. Wash then hears Church's message from Delta, and realizes they must go to Command.
  • Doc shows up at Zanzibar to treat Caboose, but is upset when he is left alone.
Wash takes down Hornet.png
  • The group head to Valhalla in order to steal military vehicles to sneak into Command, but are soon discovered by Recovery soldiers causing Simmons and Wash to destroy two vehicles to kill them. Seeing an opportunity, Church leaves them to find Tex at Blue base, but finds nothing.

Project Freelancer Shutdown[]

Reconstruction 15.png
  • After Washington scorns Church, the group unite and Sarge states that the Reds will continue to help if Grif is demoted, which Wash does. They begin to discuss a plan to sneak into Command, in which Caboose suggests that they simply "look" like Freelancers and use a tank to enter Command without being noticed. The plan succeeds and the group enter the base, but the Meta has followed them into Command as well.
Reconstruction 16.png
  • Washington and Church go alone to locate the 'key' to stopping the Meta and Project Freelancer while the Reds and Caboose are tasked with surveillance. Sarge decides to have Simmons hack into command's files to erase the Blues. Meanwhile, Washington and Church enter the A.I. Containment Facility and discover Epsilon, the key.
  • Tucker is sent to the Ancient Alien Temples dig site to recovery an ancient alien relic, but he discovers the dig team to be dead. He then runs into "C.T." and his men and decides to trap himself in a temple with the relic to defend it. He later sends out a distress signal to Command.
Reconstruction 17.png
  • After Simmons hacks into Command, Sarge quickly erases all files regarding Blue team, and Grif finds a message from Tucker. Meanwhile, Washington begins to explain the origin of the A.I., where Alpha was tortured in order to split into multiple A.I. fragments, and then reveals that Church is the Alpha, explaining his situation and other occurrences.
  • Donut arrives at the Ancient Alien Temples and discovers the distress signal from Tucker. He then decides to go find Church to inform him that Tucker is in danger.
Reconstruction 18.png
  • Church soon argues with Washington that he isn't an A.I., but is interrupted when an alarm goes off. The two escape with Epsilon and return to the Reds and Caboose. Freelancer soldiers begin to attack them, but the Meta reveals himself and soon kills them, giving the group a chance to find vehicles for them to escape command.
  • Washington decides to stay behind and trick the Meta to follow him while the Reds and Blues escape with Epsilon. Wash ventures deeper into command in order to activate the base's EMP which will destroy the A.I. and physically shut down Project Freelancer. As he is activating the EMP, the Counselor and Director attempt to stop him through negotiation, but they allow the Meta to kill Washington instead. Suddenly, Church appears next to Wash and distracts the Meta long enough for Wash to activate the EMP, which destroys all technological equipment, including the A.I., in the area. Fortunately, the Reds and Caboose escape with Epsilon intact.
Church enters Meta.png
  • The Reds and Caboose are awarded the Valhalla bases from the UNSC for helping bring Project Freelancer to justice, but Caboose keeps Epsilon to try to make a new best friend. The Chairman, who had been messaging the Director during the events, reveals that the Director will be imprisoned for his past crimes before the Director reveals why he committed the crimes. At some point, the Director avoids custody while the Counselor is arrested.


Lopez, Sarge, Grif, and Simmons - Relocated.png
  • At Valhalla, Caboose attempts to build a new best friend using Epsilon, while the Reds try to contact Lopez to come help Sarge make a new weapon for their Warthog.
  • Simmons confronts Caboose about his actions, but obtains no info. Meanwhile, Grif climbs up the Red base in order to regain power for it and finds segments of a ship blocking the tower. He tosses a grenade to destroy the debris, but is caught in the explosion and falls off the base.
Reds meet Donut.png
  • Sarge then contacts Lopez, in which Lopez informs him that he killed Sister, winning Blood Gulch for the Reds, but Grif finds it unlikely. When Lopez arrives, he builds a Hologram Chamber to test the new weapon: an EMP cannon for the Warthog, but the team realizes that it has a far lower firing rate than the original turret. Suddenly, Grif finds Donut, in which the latter warns him that "He needs help. It's under the sand," before going comatose.

Caboose's Mission[]

Donut and Caboose Recreation.jpg
  • With Donut still in a coma, the Reds realize that Command lacks any information on the Blue team, due to Sarge erasing them from their systems. Meanwhile, Caboose continues his 'secret best friend project' to no avail and begins telling Epsilon (inaccurate) stories about the past.
  • Donut eventually awakens, confronts Caboose and informs him of a message he found from Tucker meant for Church, before fainting; as the Reds attempt to retrieve Donut, Simmons finds put Sarge doesn’t have any respect for him and disobeys Sarge's orders.
Caboose Calls Washington.png
  • After Caboose drives off the Reds, Donut regains consciousness and the two explain their adventures before contacting Washington at the UNSC Maximum Security Detention Facility via video phone. Caboose reveals to Wash that he was relocated to Valhalla and is in possession of Epsilon, leading Wash to ask permission to speak with the Chairman. Wash confronts the Chairman, revealing to him that he knows who is in possession of Epsilon and will return the A.I. to the Chairman, in return for his freedom.
Sarge & Donut.png
  • After the call ends, Donut returns to Red base and Caboose, remembering what Sarge and Donut said about a hologram room, sneaks into Red base with Epsilon. Caboose enters the Reds' holo chamber, allowing Epsilon to use the chamber's power to take the form of Delta. Epsilon-Delta suggests that they go find Tucker, in order to rescue him and hopefully obtain a chance in getting large power that could aid in resurrecting Epsilon.
Recreation 6.png
  • After Epsilon-Delta returns to storage, the Reds discover Caboose and, upon hearing him going on a mission, Grif and Sarge decide to go with him to ensure the Blues be added back into Command's database. Simmons refuses to join and stays with Lopez and Donut at Valhalla.
Recreation 7.png
  • Caboose, Sarge, and Grif take the EMP Warthog and travel to the desert, but enter a minefield. Suddenly, a man on an intercom tries to save them. Meanwhile, Simmons takes command of the remaining Reds and plans to destroy Blue base to prove a point to Sarge.
Recreation 10..png
  • With (some) help from the man on the intercom, the desert team escape the minefield at the cost of their Warthog; they then meet the intercom man, C.T. (really the Insurrection Leader) and his partner Smith, an alien. Meanwhile, Simmons' plans are halted when he discovers, from Donut, that Caboose plans to use Epsilon to build a robot best friend, when he was supposed to give it to the UNSC. Simmons also accidentally insults Lopez in the process.
Recreation 11...png
  • Simmons tries to contact Sarge about Caboose still having Epsilon, but can't contact him. At the desert, C.T. tells the desert team that they must leave as soon as possible, as they are a military dig team of paired humans & aliens, and the group could threaten a peace treaty between the two species. Though suspicious, the desert team agree and begin preparing to leave on a loan Warthog.

Old Friends and New Enemies[]

Tucker returns.png
  • As Sarge and Grif prepare to leave, Caboose enters the dig team's Elephant. C.T. then confronts Sarge and Grif and plans to kill them if they don't reveal who they 'really' are, until the Elephant's alarm goes off. The desert team is captured by the dig team, but suddenly Tucker attacks the dig team and rescues the group, taking them inside the temple.
  • At Valhalla, as Lopez creates two motorcycles, the Meta arrives at Blue base and is discovered by Donut and Simmons. After Simmons (and eventually Donut) retreat to Red base, the Reds defend and fortify the base against the Meta.
  • After the desert team secure the temple, Tucker explains that the dig team the group met are imposters who killed the original team, and Tucker (and Junior) is now an ambassador to both groups. Caboose soon discovers a Monitor in the temple which he installs Epsilon into, giving him Church's personality, but Epsilon has trouble remembering the group (due to Caboose's stories) and his own past. Eventually, Epsilon takes command of the desert team.
Recreation 17.png
  • At Valhalla, the Reds eventually run out of ammo. Donut, believing Lopez came up with the idea, suggest they should try to find the Meta's vehicle and take it to escape. With no other choice, Simmons decides it's their only hope and leads the group in a suicide run to find the vehicle.
C.T.'s Death 3.png
  • After C.T.'s group break into the temple to face the desert team, the aliens begin to worship Epsilon, as they believe he's a holy relic/figure. However, when one of C.T.'s soldiers deactivates Epsilon, the aliens betray the human party. C.T. then steals the downed Epsilon, leading the desert team and Smith to pursue C.T. in a tense vehicle chase. The desert team eventually defeat C.T.'s men and disable C.T.'s vehicle, forcing him to flee as Tucker follows him. Tucker is soon cornered by C.T. on top of the temple, but Epsilon appears and, learning from a video, fires a laser from his eye to kill C.T., leaving only the aliens left.
Recreation 19.png
  • At Valhalla, Simmons finds the Meta's vehicle, but the Reds discover that the Meta removed the starter and is approaching them. Suddenly, Washington arrives, orders the Meta to stand down, and then demands Epsilon from the Reds. Confused by the two working together, the Reds don't answer him. Growing impatient, Wash shoots Lopez in the head and Donut in the chest, presumably killing them. Afterwards, Wash and the Meta, now working together to find Epsilon, take Simmons prisoner.

Secret Archives[]

Wash and Meta.png
  • The Meta and Wash force Simmons to call a medical officer to check the Meta, resulting in Doc arriving and being taken prisoner as well. At the desert, Epsilon is worshiped by the aliens until he suddenly gets a vision, seemingly of Valhalla. Sarge, fearing what it could mean, attempts to contact Simmons.
Revelation 2.png
  • With Epsilon's aid, Sarge and Grif are able to contact Valhalla; as Simmons explains the events to Doc, he is forced by Wash to answer the call and trick the group that things are fine. However, Simmons (accidentally) sends a secret message, allowing Sarge to deduce what has happened. As a result, Sarge and Grif (and Epsilon) head to Valhalla in order to rescue Simmons from captivity.
Warthog Wall Crash Revelation.png
  • When Sarge arrives at Valhalla, Washington goes to confront him while the Meta watches the prisoners, but Simmons comes up with a plan to use Doc's medical scanner to overload the Meta. When Sarge is confronted by Wash, he gives Grif a signal to use the Warthog to incapacitate Washington.
Doc Carbonite Joke Revelation.png
  • Doc is able to weaken the Meta using Simmons' plan, causing the Meta's time distortion to overload. However, the Meta punches Doc into a wall, forcing Simmons to abandon him. He then joins Sarge and Grif, but the Meta destroys their Warthog; Epsilon then arrives and is able to aid in their escape before fainting.
  • At the desert, the aliens begin to attack Caboose and Tucker for the disappearance of Epsilon. The Reds return and hide Epsilon before Epsilon-Delta appears to tell the group to ensure Epsilon doesn't pursue all his memories or it will "repeat the cycle". At Valhalla, Washington and the Meta interrogate Doc.
  • When Epsilon-Church awakens, he and Caboose leave the desert, as the others follow, and discover a Freelancer Offsite Storage Facility where they meet F.I.L.S.S. Meanwhile, Doc reveals all he knows to Wash and the Meta and the two head to the desert with Doc as their captive.
Epsilon Tex Breaks Out!.png
  • At the Freelancer storage facility, Epsilon uses a robot body to 'resurrect' Tex when the Reds and Tucker arrive, forcing the group to fight against her. At the desert, the pursuit team arrive and find C.T.'s armor, before they are confronted by the aliens.
  • After the ex-Freelancers free Doc from his wall, they try to negotiate with the aliens, but when the aliens insult them, they kill the remaining aliens. As Epsilon-Tex beats the Reds and Tucker, Epsilon possess a robot body for himself and Caboose activates armor lock to stop her, but also locks everyone else.
Donut S8.png
  • The Reds' and Blues' armors are soon unlocked by F.I.L.S.S. and Epsilon is able to convince Epsilon-Tex to help them, unlocking all team units' armor, including Donut. Meanwhile, the pursuit team search the desert temple before the Meta discovers the Epsilon unit.
Wash, Doc, & Meta Revelation.png
  • When the Meta reluctantly reveals the unit, the pursuit team begin modifying it to capture Epsilon and prepare to leave, but don't know how to track the A.I. At the storage facility, the teams begin finding info about Project Freelancer and Simmons discovers some armor enhancements that the group could use.


Revelation 16.png
  • Epsilon discovers audio files of the Director revealing Tex's origins before he and Epsilon-Tex leave the facility to Sidewinder, the location that was in his vision, to discover the truth. Afterwards, Simmons begins testing the enhancements (a speed unit) on Grif but discovers that they can't function without an A.I.
Revelation 17.png
  • At the storage facility, after F.I.L.S.S. inputs the Blues back into command's data, the Reds discover that the events in Blood Gulch were all a simulation test and that the Reds and Blues are in the 10% of worst soldier scores, depressing Sarge to the point where he quits the army. Meanwhile, at Sidewinder, Epsilon-Tex tells Epsilon about the break-in before shooting him in order to attract the pursuit team to their location.
Sarge's speech.png
  • The pursuit team, having followed Epsilon's recovery beacon, arrive at Sidewinder and prepare to capture him, but are caught in Epsilon-Tex's trap. At the facility, Caboose learns of Epsilon's injury and begs for the others to come help, with Sarge replying he'll help, to the others shock. Sarge then gives a passionate speech about each character's positive traits and states they are the only ones who can stop what's left of the Freelancers from getting away with their crimes, which convinces everyone to go. Simmons then reveals a Pelican they can use to get to them quicker and Grif is chosen to be the pilot.
Meta stabs Tex.png
  • Upon recovering from the blast, Wash and the Meta begin to fight Epsilon-Tex as Doc and Epsilon watch. During the fight, Epsilon-Tex uses several weapons and destroys the terrain to face them, but her strategy ultimately fails, as the Meta eventually captures her with the capture unit. Now having an A.I., the Meta betrays the group and uses Epsilon-Tex to operate his armor enhancements, but before he can kill Washington, the Reds and Blues arrive in time and crash land on the surface.
List of characters.png
  • As the teams regroup, they discover the unit is damaged, forcing the teams to work with Wash as they go look for supplies to prevent it from shutting down. Epsilon soon reveals to Wash that Tex was based on failure, which means that no matter what the situation, she will always fail and believes he's the only one that can save her.
The Meta's end.jpg
  • However, the Meta rises out of the snow and incapacitates Epsilon and Washington. The Reds and Tucker soon fight against the Meta and Grif takes his brute shot during the battle. Wash gives Sarge the tow hook of the warthog and he confronts the Meta face to face before being grabbed. However, by using the same strategy at Valhalla, Sarge connects the tow hook to the Meta's armor as Grif and Simmons push the damaged warthog over the cliff, taking the Meta down as well, killing him.
Epsilon in Blood gulch.png
  • Upon regaining the Epsilon unit, Epsilon enters it to find Epsilon-Tex, but the unit shuts down, trapping him inside. After Doc treats Wash's injuries, the teams decide to fake his death and have him join the Blue team so he can avoid life imprisonment before a squad of UNSC Police arrive to inspect the area. Inside the unit, Epsilon realizes that he just needs to be patient to find Tex and be happy, so he begins to relive the events of the Blood Gulch Chronicles with memories of the Reds and Blues inside the memory unit.

Events after the Recollection[]

  • The UNSC confiscate the Epsilon unit for evidence and store it at a UNSC storage facility. Later on, top analysts decode a string of unique characters coming from the Epsilon unit and discover a memory of Leonard Church meeting Allison.
  • Carolina, still secretly working for the UNSC under her McCallister alias, learns about everything that happened through UNSC files, and at some point, manages to sneak away from her post and emerge from hiding, beginning to search for the Director for revenge.
Wash with the Reds and Blues.png
  • Doc leaves the teams and returns to Valhalla, where he discovers Donut before treating his injury. After Doc saves his life, Doc and Donut begin living together at the base.
  • On Chorus, Control has the Space Pirates kill several leaders of the New Republic and Federal Army of Chorus in order to escalate the Civil War to the point where the planet's inhabitants are extinct; The UNSC receive strange reports from Chorus, but ignore them due to the aftermath of the recent Freelancer events.
Locus kills first NR leader.png
  • Vanessa Kimball becomes the fourth leader of the New Republic.
  • As all higher-ups in the Federal Army of Chorus are killed, command is passed on to the personal secretary to the Brigadier, Donald Doyle.
  • The Reds and Blues at some point meet Carolina who asks for their help to rescue Epsilon and later find the Director, which they accept.
  • The UNSC label the Reds and Blues as wanted criminals due to hiding Wash as well as their attempts to rescue Epsilon, but the teams do not learn of this.

Inside the Memory Unit[]

Blue Team Season 9.png
  • While in the Epsilon unit, Epsilon has many false memories of his past including a time when him, Grif, and Simmons were sent on a rescue mission to rescue Sarge and Tex, and another time when all the members of Red team were female.
  • Inside the Epsilon unit, Church joins the memories of Caboose and Tucker on spying on the Reds, but notices several differences from the original events before confronting the Reds to 'correct' it.
  • When Church confronts the Reds, he realizes that each of the Reds' personalities (except Simmons) is different and tries to reason with them to change; meanwhile, Tucker and Caboose return to Blue base, in which Caboose calls Command for reinforcements, believing Church is dead.
Lopez being built S9.png
  • After Donut shoots Church in the foot, the latter returns to Blue base and learns of Caboose calling for reinforcements and believes Tex will be sent. At Red base, the Red's slowly obtain their original personalities. Sarge builds Lopez to aid the team, but Simmons becomes jealous of Lopez as he begins to take his duties. Meanwhile, at Blue base, Church explains to his team that their world is actually inside a memory unit.


Reds & Blues gather.png
  • One day, Grif suddenly goes missing and Sarge and Simmons discover a "ransom" note stating Grif will die unless they meet their demands. At Blue base, Caboose is trying to organize the Blues' supplies while Tucker, having spied on the Reds, believes they are acting suspiciously.
  • After contacting Vic and obtaining Doc's support, Sarge and Simmons confront the Blues, believing they have taken Grif, but realize they aren't responsible. The Blues agree to help the Reds' in return for their supplies.
Grif is found!.png
  • When the Blues, Sarge, and Simmons try to go to a city for help, they get lost in a forest and find the Blue team Grunts. There, their leader gives them directions on how to get to the city.
  • When they arrive at the city, the group meet Tucker's Informant Guy, who gives them little to no information. However, Caboose and Church find Grif with Donut who had taken him so he could go shopping and the note was a misunderstanding; thus, when they return home, the Blues take the Reds' supplies but don't have enough room to hold it at their base resulting in the Blues returning the supplies back to the Reds.

The Wall[]

Church and Tucker argue over Falcon.png
  • At some point, Sarge becomes suspicious about a wall near Red base and makes it the team's current objective to find out what's behind it. At Blue base, the Blues obtain a new falcon and consider what they can use it for.
  • After Grif fails to ram through the wall with the warthog, Sarge sends Simmons and Lopez to steal the Blues' tank to destroy the wall and forces Grif to climb it. Meanwhile, Tucker and Church argue about who should pilot the falcon and decide whoever Caboose picks will pilot the vehicle.
2nd wall.png
  • Caboose picks Tucker and Church tries to bargain him with the sniper rifle. However, Simmons comes to the conclusion that the falcon will benefit them better than the tank. So, he steals the vehicle with Lopez and discovers the falcon is named Phil. Yet, he crashes Phil through the wall as Grif reaches the top, only to discover another wall.

Letting Go[]

Blues meet Tex.png
  • At the UNSC Archives, a rescue team consisting of Carolina, the Reds, and Blues find the Epsilon unit and begin trying to remove Epsilon from it, causing "tremors" to occur in Epsilon's memory of Blood Gulch.
  • Inside the Epsilon unit, Simmons tries to dispose of Lopez due to his growing jealousy but harms himself, and the latter takes his identity to obtain equipment to study the tremors occurring in Blood Gulch. Meanwhile, at Blue base, Tex arrives and, after Church lies about a killed teammate to have Tex stay longer, decides to help them kill one of the Reds.
Lopez S9 head.png
  • Disguised as Simmons, Lopez gathers data on the tremors using the equipment he obtained, but is shot by Tex, deactivating him. After Simmons recovers, he studies Lopez's data and reveals to the other Reds that the "planet" is breaking apart and they may die in the process. Back at Blue base, the Blues try to keep Tex there longer, but when she's alone with Church, she reveals that she knows what she is and Church has a realization as well.
Reds see Andy.png
  • Sarge comes to the conclusion that in order to stop the planet from breaking apart, they must detonate a bomb in its core. Sarge then orders a large excavator online to dig to the core and Grif goes to Blue base to insult the Blues, to the point they will make a bomb, which Tex does, creating an Epsilon version of Andy. She then takes him to Red base while he's active in hopes that he kills them. However, Andy doesn't explode, causing both parties' plans to fail.
Tex and Church final moments.png
  • The Reds decide to contemplate what they assume to be their last moments, while Tucker and Caboose leave the canyon with the tank. At Blue base, Epsilon tells Tex that sometimes you have to let things go to be at peace; thus he "forgets" Tex so that he can finally be at peace with himself.
Caboose is god.png
  • Suddenly, the memory unit rips open and reveals the original Caboose and Sarge, who forcefully extract Epsilon from the unit, while the others (outside the archives) defend against UNSC forces. When Epsilon is removed from the memory unit, he soon meets Carolina, who reveals to him that she needs his aid to help her find and kill the Director.

Finding the Director[]

Epsilon, Caboose, & Sarge with Carolina.png
  • After being freed by Carolina and the Reds & Blues, Washington reveals to Epsilon that he has become the new leader of the Blue Team. Sarge and Caboose also explain to Epsilon of Carolina's motives to find the Director. After Grif kills two UNSC soldiers, the teams regroup and begin to move out.
Wash and the Reds at Zanzibar.png
  • The team takes a break at Zanzibar, much to Carolina's chagrin. While the Reds and Caboose discuss their role in Carolina's "mission" and realize they might be wanted criminals, Epsilon and Tucker spy on Washington and Carolina's discussion about Sigma and Maine, along with the Director's influence on their pairing, before Epsilon and Tucker are discovered. After leaving, Carolina assures Wash that she can lead the squad and later decides they must find "C.T."
Wash and Carolina find body.png
  • The group later arrives at the desert, where the Reds and Blues decide to work together in order to discover Carolina's motives. Simmons suggests they implant Epsilon into her Mongoose. Meanwhile, Washington leads Carolina to C.T.'s helmet, in which Carolina tells Washington of the events at the Longshore Shipyards and how exactly it came to be here. She then receives a data pad from the remains.
Simmons gets an idea.png
  • Carolina returns to the group after Simmons and Caboose install Epsilon into her Mongoose. Washington, meanwhile, searches the data pad within the Elephant and discovers information on Epsilon's monitor. After Tucker and Caboose tell her of its location, Carolina becomes furious and decides to temporarily leave in order to finish some "business", unknowingly taking Epsilon with her.
Epsilon-York and Carolina.png
  • Carolina arrives at the abandoned fortress where York died and apologizes for not listening to him, before Epsilon reveals himself. He states that the others just want to make sure they can trust her but Carolina tells him that she doesn't trust anyone anymore, because of her past. Epsilon, however, shows her York's data logs of him speaking with Delta about Carolina; at the end, York states that he understood Carolina's actions and only wishes she could let things go. Thus, Epsilon earns Carolina's respect and she decides to give the others a chance.
Carolina and Epsilon.jpg
  • At the desert, the Reds and Tucker are nervous about their situation, but Sarge tells them that they'll be fine as long as they stick together. Meanwhile, while spying on Washington, Caboose tells him that they are friends and that the teams trust him, to his surprise. When Carolina and Epsilon return, they reveal that they are going back to Valhalla.
Donut and scarecrow.png
  • When the group arrive at Valhalla, Tucker and Caboose confront Epsilon on his relationship with Carolina, but Epsilon states that she's a complicated person. After warning Carolina of a possibility of an ambush, Simmons and Sarge look for Lopez to repair him, but find Doc and Donut living in a hut near Red base.


Carolina holds CT's dog tag.png
  • After Wash, Carolina, and Epsilon search the Pelican and find only dog tags, Carolina becomes irritated and orders Wash to gather the others to leave, much against his resentment. After he leaves, Carolina confesses to Epsilon she feels inferior to Tex and discovers the dog tags are actually C.T.'s which contain files of Project Freelancer; Epsilon then enters it and finally "remembers everything" upon returning.
Epsilon angry at the others.png
  • As Washington gathers the Reds and Blues, he hears Simmons and Grif discuss "why they are here?" and come to the conclusion the Director is responsible. However, Sarge states that although true, the teams are reunited again and are in a safe location, but if they go after the Director, things will only get worse.
Doc motivates the troops.png
  • The teams are gathered into the Holo-Chamber, where Epsilon and Carolina reveal the Director's location. Carolina and Epsilon explain that the Reds and Blues will be the distraction, while they go kill the Director, but the teams argue that they only agreed to find him and aren't willing to die for their vendetta. Carolina soon threatens them, but Wash forces her to stand down and orders the two to leave to protect his friends. Enraged, Epsilon blames the group for all his problems and states they are nothing but problems. Hurt, the Reds and Blues leave in response, as Epsilon and Carolina feel guilty for what they have just done.
Carolina and Epsilon vs army of Tex's.png
  • After Carolina and Epsilon leave, the two teams try to continue their daily shenanigans, but they soon argue over the Meta's brute shot, which Grif kept. However, Doc stops them and tells them how much they've changed and in the end, everyone got what they wanted. Moved by this and realizing they've always won by staying together, the group decide to go help Epsilon and Carolina. Then, the UNSC Police arrive at Valhalla to arrest them, but the Reds and Blues steal their hornets to get to the Director's location quicker.
Reds and Blues attack! overhead view.png
  • When Carolina and Epsilon arrive at the storage facility, they meet F.I.L.S.S. and discover that the Director has created hundreds of Tex-drones in his attempt to resurrect Allison. Carolina, with Epsilon's aid, soon fights them, but is eventually beaten. However, before the Tex-drones can kill Carolina, the Reds & Blues arrive in time to save her and they reconcile their relationship before fighting the Tex-drones. As the group gets overwhelmed by the remaining drones, Epsilon enters every drone and is able to put them to rest after saying goodbye to Tex.
  • Epsilon and Carolina finally go confront the Director, who is watching a video of Allison. Epsilon tells him that he must pay for all the people who were harmed by his actions, but Carolina, seeing the Director already suffering, comforts him and reminds Epsilon that the past doesn't define you. As the two rejoin and leave the facility with the others, the Director orders F.I.L.S.S. to erase all Freelancer files, including herself, and he commits suicide with Carolina's pistol.

UNSC Heroes[]

12 19 00011.png
  • The UNSC pardon the Reds' and Blues' crimes and honor them as heroes due to their actions of bringing Project Freelancer to justice as well as stopping several major threats. As a result, the teams become known as some of the greatest military soldiers in the galaxy and their exploits in taking down Project Freelancer become common knowledge across the galaxy.
  • Interstellar Daily news analyst Dylan Andrews publishes an article on the Reds and Blues entitled, "Colorful Space Marines Stop Corruption", detailing the crew's takedown of Project Freelancer.
  • UNSC officer Tabatha Morales conducts a debriefing interview with the Reds and Blues before they board the Hand of Merope, but later becomes outraged with them. The debriefing is later re-conducted by UNSC officer Marvin Dyes.
Reds and Blues Season 11.png
  • Donut and Doc decide to stay in Valhalla while the others go on a UNSC spacecraft to return to Blood Gulch. At some point, Donut and Doc somehow reactivate Lopez (who now lacks a body).
Carolinaandepsilon 22 halo4.png
  • During the Hand of Merope's flight, it rips in two and crashes on the faraway planet Chorus, with the only known survivors of the crash being the Reds, Blues, and Carolina.
  • Several armor enhancements of Project Freelancer become accessible throughout the galaxy; specifically to the inhabitants of Chorus. Locus obtains a copy of Andrews' news article on the Blood Gulch Crew and delivers it to the Federal Army of Chorus.
  • Carolina and Epsilon decide to leave the group to continue to redeem themselves by stopping others who've stolen Freelancer equipment without saying goodbye so that they're "not gone, just not here right now."

Shipwrecked on Chorus[]

11 5 00021.png
  • The Reds and Blues use the wreckage of the spacecraft to create two bases to live in and a communication tower in order to contact anyone for rescue. Sarge also discovers a robot kit in the ship's wreckage.
  • Washington soon orders Tucker to do training drills for his negligence behavior and Sarge decides to keep one-half of Red base to himself and forces Simmons and Grif to share the other.
Wash and Sarge talk to Donut.png
  • Depressed due to Epsilon's disappearance, Caboose goes for a walk alone and discovers a damaged war robot. At Red base, Simmons becomes frustrated due to his team disorganization and uncleanliness.
Caboose and Freckles S11.png
  • Sarge builds Lopez 2.0, who speaks in Spanish, from the robot kit to help work on the communication tower. As Wash and Tucker work on the tower, Caboose begins to repair the war robot.
Mystery Man S11.png
  • The Reds go to the tower to offer their aid to Wash and Tucker, but they soon argue. However, Lopez 2.0 fixes the tower, allowing them to contact Donut and tell him of their situation. After Donut confirms he'll gather a team to rescue them, Caboose introduces the others to Freckles, the war robot.
  • When the Reds and Blues contact Donut, they unknowingly alert the Federal mercenary Locus and Rebel mercenary Felix of their presence, who begin to search for them. At Valhalla, Donut informs Doc and Lopez of the others' situation and the three obtain the help of a pilot to take them to Chorus.
11 900008.png
  • At the crash site, the Blues discuss what to do with Freckles before Wash decides to send them to do drills while he searches the ship. Sarge, paranoid of Freckles, sends Simmons and Grif to spy on the Blues, but Simmons decides to stay with the Blues due to Wash's superior leadership methods.

Internal Conflicts[]

11 10 demoted.png
  • Wash returns to Blue base, but becomes annoyed by Tucker's lazy behavior and Simmons being with them. When Grif returns to Red base and informs Sarge that Simmons decided to stay with the Blues, Sarge overreacts and attacks Blue base using the warthog and Grif, causing an fierce argument to erupt.
11 10 donutdoc3.png
  • During the argument, Freckles mistakenly promotes Caboose to Blue Team leader and takes Simmons hostage when he tries to return to Red Team. Sarge then attacks Freckles, but the latter destroys the warthog just before Donut, Doc, and Lopez arrive. Although happy at first, the group becomes furious when they learn that Donut allowed the pilot to leave with the ship and proceed to attack the "rescue team." Unknown to them, Locus finds their location and begins to spy on the Blood Gulch Crew.
11 11 blueteam.png
  • Back at their respective bases, the Blues (and Simmons) are forced to follow Caboose's orders, in fear of Freckles, while the Reds and Doc formulate a plan to destroy Freckles once and for all. To do this, Sarge, Grif, and Doc enter the ship and find several items: a Sticky Grenade launcher, Teleportation Cubes, and a large Mantis.
Sarge Grif and Doc find Big Mantis 2.png
  • Suddenly, the three spot Washington passing by inside the ship and quickly dismantle the large Mantis without being seen, with Grif personally taking the "future" cubes with him. Meanwhile, Wash constructs an unknown object inside the ship and fires at a crate in search for a conductor. Felix also discovers the group's location during this time.
Simmons provides Internet.png
  • At Blue base, after discovering the ship provides a nearly endless amount of power, Simmons creates the internet and Basebook (a social interactive website) in order to communicate with those across the canyon while being held captive by Freckles. Afterwards, Washington and Tucker reconcile their relationship when Tucker confesses he misses Church and Wash admits he doesn't know how to lead.
11 14 four.png
  • At Red base, while Lopez tells his experience with the Red Team to his successor to convince him of their stupidity, Sarge begins to reconstruct the large Mantis and Grif begins to experiment on teleportation cubes to learn more about them. Elsewhere, Locus returns to his base and gathers a small team of federal soldiers to go "test" the Blood Gulch Crew.
Cyclops threatens Reds.png
  • At the crash site, Wash soon confronts Caboose and tells him that he has replaced Church for Freckles to cope with the pain of Church leaving them, but also apologizes for not being a better friend. As a token of goodwill, Wash gives him a new helmet, which Caboose accepts and gives Wash back his Captain position, moving the others. At Red base, Sarge completes the construction on the mantis, nicknamed "C.C.", despite missing several parts. She soon malfunctions and targets everyone in the canyon before shutting down, but Donut notes she targeted 16 individuals, despite the fact that all together they're only 11.

Battle at Crash Site Bravo[]

Caboose Mk5 Halo 4.png
  • Suddenly, the small team of Federal Army soldiers attack Blue base, but are quickly killed by Tucker and Freckles. As the Reds regroup with the Blues, Locus nearly snipes Wash in the head, but the latter is saved by Felix, who makes his presence known to the teams. Locus injures Felix and also appears before the Blood Gulch Crew, asking them to come with him. The group refuse and have Freckles attack Locus, but Locus cloaks away before stating that he will return.
Reds and Blues with Felix.png
  • After Doc treats Felix's wounds, Felix tells the Blood Gulch Crew that they are considered to be some of the galaxy's greatest soldiers and have crash landed on the planet Chorus. He also explains that a civil war between the New Republic and the Federal Army of Chorus is currently in progression and asks the group to help the New Republic win the war. Unfortunately, the Reds and Blues refuse, only wanting to leave the planet. Soon after, Felix radios the Rebels and informs them of his status. He then tells the Blood Gulch Crew to begin fortifying their bases and prepare for Locus' return.
11 17 03.png
  • At Red base, Simmons rejoins his team and creates a minefield to fortify the canyon while Grif and Doc discover that the teleportation cubes have different frequencies that change their effects, but Doc disappears after he's caught in one of their blast radius.
11 17 12.png
  • At Blue base, Felix informs Wash that Locus is a mercenary working for the Federal Army and explains that armor enhancements have spread across the galaxy. He then encourages Wash to rekindle his old habits, prompting the latter to return to his steel armor color. Suddenly, the group are attacked by Lopez 2.0, who snapped and took control of C.C.'s body because of Sarge's orders, and the Federal Army, forcing them to engage.
Fire 00008.png
  • As Freckles battles Lopez 2.0/C.C. he becomes damaged. Donut utilizes a teleportation cube and Simmons' minefield to destroy Lopez 2.0/C.C., but is soon knocked unconscious by Locus. In order to recharge power to Freckles, Tucker races to Red base and destroys Basebook (which has been using all of the power supply), successfully allowing Simmons to power up Freckles. When Tucker is caught at gunpoint by a Fed, Lopez, now with Lopez 2.0's body, saves him and the two regroup with the others.
Fire 00011.png
  • As the Blood Gulch Crew fight back, Locus uses his Railgun to incapacitate Sarge and Wash. In addition, both Lopez and Freckles are also downed during the battle, with the former getting sniped at by a Fed and the latter becoming severely damaged by Feds while attempting to protect the group. Luckily, New Republic reinforcements arrive through a cave, but many are killed in battle.
Fire 00015.png
  • With Locus and the Federal Army closing in, Felix, Tucker, Simmons, Grif, and Caboose retreat through the cave. As Wash recovers and sees the others escaping, he orders Freckles to "Shake!", prompting the latter to stomp on the ground and cause the cave to collapse, sealing off the entrance. Wash, Sarge, Donut, and Lopez are then taken captive by the Federal Army, while Freckles is destroyed.
11 19 00006.png
  • Tucker, Simmons, Grif, and Caboose are then taken underground to the New Republic Headquarters, where they learn that the others were left behind and captured. The four are then gathered by Felix to see General Vanessa Kimball, the leader of the New Republic, who offers if they can help the New Republic take back Chorus, they can save their friends and leave the planet when the war ends. Kimball reminds them that the civil war has gone on for too long and has taken too many lives. She then adds that the young, inexperienced, Rebel soldiers are scared, yet have hope because of them, convincing the four to take on leadership positions and join the New Republic.
11 19 00009.png
  • At an unknown location, Locus communicates with his "superior" and informs Control about obtaining a crate from the UNSC Crashed Ship. Locus then suggest executing the captured Blood Gulch Crew members, but his superior declines and challenges him, raising his suspicions. Control reaffirms for him to obey orders before stating that they would meet soon, who is revealed to be Carolina on the other end.

Leading the Armies[]

Doyle speaks with Wash and Reds.png
  • After Washington, Sarge, and Donut recover from their injuries, they spend some time in captivity at F.A.C. Outpost 37 before meeting General Donald Doyle, the leader of the Federal Army of Chorus. Doyle explains that the Federal Army are not a tyranny and believes the New Republic are a group of terrorists of Chorus. Doyle then promises Wash, Sarge, and Donut that he will allow them to leave the planet with their friends if they help the Feds defeat the rebels, with which they reluctantly agree.
Washington taking Freckles' storage chip from Locus - S12E9.png
  • When they repair and reboot Lopez, Locus reveals that Freckles was destroyed after refusing to surrender. As the Reds and Wash become uncomfortable due to Locus' presence, Emily Grey, a Federal Army doctor, asks Locus to leave them alone. Locus complies and gives Wash a storage unit containing Freckles' "heart and mind," before Grey gets acquainted with the group.
Door's opening in approximately 15 seconds - S12E1.png
  • Simmons, Grif, Tucker, and Caboose are promoted to captains and each obtain their own squad in the New Republic. Weeks later, Simmons, Grif, and Caboose take part in a training exercise with their squads, but it goes poorly and they are scolded by Kimball.
Sometimes I like to put little cups around my eyes - S12E1.png
  • Meanwhile, Tucker, his squad, and Felix infiltrate F.A.C. Outpost 22, where they plant several C-4 explosives around the compound. While there, Tucker manages to gain information on the captured Reds and Blues but causes his team to be found out by the Feds, resulting in the deaths of Rogers and Jason Cunningham.
S12E3 Promo Image.jpg
  • After Grif and Simmons tell the recruits how they defeated the Meta, Kimball assembles the captains after Tucker's group returns to the New Republic Headquarters. Informing them that she knows their friends are being held at a dangerous outpost, Kimball gives the captains five days to assemble a new squad, comprised of the best of their respective platoons, in preparation for a potential rescue mission.
As you've all been informed - S12E4.png
  • The captains choose Katie Jensen (Simmons' lieutenant), Antoine Bitters (Grif's lieutenant), John Smith (Caboose's lieutenant) and Charles Palomo (Tucker's sole surviving recruit) for the rescue mission while Tucker is voted as the squad's leader. Despite their persistence, Felix refuses to aid the captains.
Carolina and Epsilon with Control data.png
  • Carolina and Epsilon, who has now improved his capabilities as an A.I. and utilizing the memories of the other A.I. fragments, infiltrate an abandoned F.A.C. Munitions Facility with their armor enhancements. After stealing classified files of the Space Pirates, Carolina and Epsilon uncover data about prototype weapons along with an audio log detailing Locus and Felix's plot in the Chorus Civil War. Control orders them to kill the Reds and Blues if they reunite, resulting in Carolina and Epsilon deciding to rescue their friends after obtaining Teleportation Grenades.
12 05 00001.png
  • Simmons and Jensen create the Helmet Camera for the rescue team and Tucker decides they'll capture Felix to prove they are ready for the mission. Although they improve overtime, the team is laughed at by the rebels as Felix continues to humiliate them, infuriating Tucker.
Tucker and Kimball talking.png
  • When Tucker argues with Felix, Kimball stops them and speaks with Tucker in private to offer her aid. She also informs him of Felix's past and that three previous leaders of the New Republic were assassinated before her. Meanwhile, Simmons notices that Grif is acting like Sarge unknowingly, horrifying Grif.
12 07 00010.png
  • Tucker meets with the other captains and suggest they'll do the rescue mission on their own. Although doubtful, the four agree to the plan as they don't want to put their recruits in danger and leave a message explaining themselves. When the captains stop at the Desert Refueling Station, they find and spy on four dark-armored mercenaries speaking to Control and Locus about the "captured" Reds and Wash before the mercenaries vanish.

Battling the Space Pirates[]

12 0800020.png
  • At the New Republic Headquarters, the recruits discuss if their captains will return after finding their message before Felix leaves to stop them. Meanwhile, the captains arrive at F.A.C. Outpost 37 and melt some ice to break-in when Caboose suggest doing so. After distracting the Feds by damaging the base's pipes, the four unexpectedly run into Washington, Sarge, Donut, and Lopez, confusing both parties.
Locus and Felix S12E10.png
  • The reunited Blood Gulch Crew argues how both sides of the Chorus armies have their reasons to fight. Wash decides they get Kimball and Doyle to agree to a meeting. However, Locus and the mercenaries from earlier attack the outpost, killing all the Feds currently stationed there, and surrounding the crew. Felix shows up but reveals his alliance with Locus and their plan to wipe out the people of Chorus by having both armies kill each other.
12 10 00022.png
  • Just as they are about to eliminate the Reds and Blues, a female merc distracts the mercenaries, has a brief fight with Felix (although gets her leg stabbed by him), and then uses a teleportation grenade on herself, the Reds and Blues, as well as Dr. Grey (who was hiding during the attack), to get away. After teleporting to a Forest Base, the merc then reveals herself to be Carolina. Epsilon also appears before them.
12 13 00006.png
  • After Carolina gets her leg wound treated by Dr. Grey, she explains to the Reds and Blues that the mercs are a group of Space Pirates who were responsible for crash landing their ship on Chorus in order to get a hold of the Freelancer equipment that was on board. She also advises them that the mercs will try to do everything they can to keep both armies of Chorus from learning the truth.
12 1200011.png
  • Meanwhile, Locus and Felix are ordered by Control to keep the Blood Gulch Crew from contacting their respective armies and are instead told to inform the factions of the crew's death, in order to use them as martyrs as a way to motivate both armies for one final push against each other.
12 13 00013.png
  • Back at the Forest Base, Carolina attempts to investigate the Suppressor Grif retrieved back at F.A.C. Outpost 37 by dismantling it. Meanwhile, Wash gives Caboose the storage chip Freckles is contained in, which overjoys Caboose. While the crew study the Suppressor, Dr. Grey notices that whilst the weapon is man-made, the bullets are made from a plasma-like alien energy. Grif then notes how the Suppressor has similar properties to that of the Teleportation Grenades. Carolina then suggests that the group split up to search for the ship's manifest in order to find out who supplied the grenades. One group investigates Crash Site Bravo while the other group investigates Crash Site Alpha.
12 14 00002.png
  • Back at the New Republic Headquarters, Felix convinces to Kimball that they should have one final push against the Feds, falsely saying that the Reds' and Blues' sacrifice will inspire the rebels to fight back. He then shares with her that the Feds are gathering in Armonia, the capital city of Chorus, and that the New Republic should launch their attack on them there. Initially reluctant, Kimball agrees to the plan and thanks Felix for his help.
12 14 00009.png
  • The Blood Gulch Crew then prepare for their mission: the Reds are to investigate Crash Site Bravo, while Carolina and the Blues investigate Crash Site Alpha. At Bravo, Sarge and Donut manage to gather info on the manifest while at Alpha, the team discovers a giant, levitating pillar as well as a large alien ship that crashed in the area.
12 14 00018.png
  • The team soon find the second half of the ship's manifest and Epsilon begins to transfer data. Suddenly, several Space Pirates arrive and begin attacking the group. Tucker hectically ends the transfer process just as the Pirates close in and the group teleports back to the Forest Base. A cloaked Pirate, who managed to get teleported along with them, almost kills Caboose, before being intercepted by Carolina. However, she ends ups straining her leg again as she tackled the Space Pirate.
12 15 00008.png
  • Dr. Grey decides to interrogate him and manages to get his name, Zachary Miller, as well as coordinates to a nearby radio jammer. Wash and Carolina take over the interrogation and asks Miller about the large tower at Crash Site Alpha. Miller reveals that it's a "tractor beam", one of the few alien relics that the pirates managed to activate. Normally, the tractor beam would pull down the ships, the pirates would kill everyone on board, and then sell the equipment that was stolen to the two Chorus armies. However, because of problems caused by the Reds and Blues, it caused their ship to tear in half.
12 16 00012.png
  • As Miller shares more information to Wash and Carolina, he is suddenly killed by another mercenary. More Space Pirates then show up, and Carolina questions how they keep finding them. Wash then remembers the storage chip Locus gave him, and deduces that it is also a tracking device. The Blood Gulch Crew manage to teleport away again, this time, to the Desert Refueling Station.

Exposing the Truth[]

12 16 00006.png
  • Meanwhile, the New Republic and the Federal Army begin preparing for their upcoming battle in Armonia, with Kimball and Doyle giving rallying speeches to their respective armies. Locus then approaches Doyle and informs him that he is going to intercept Felix, before leaving.
12 16 00016.png
  • Back at the fueling station, Epsilon manages to remove the tracking device from Freckles' storage unit and soon gets into a heated argument with Tucker. After Wash and Carolina go to check the perimeter, Tucker asks everyone else why they aren't as angry as he is at Epsilon. They counter his argument by saying that he did the same thing Epsilon did to them, such as leaving the rebels. Caboose then gives a speech to Tucker saying that if he keeps being mean to Epsilon, it will only cause him to be mean back. He then tells Tucker to get over his issues, prompting him to reconcile with Epsilon.
Locus and Felix warn the Reds and Blues.png
  • Suddenly, Felix and Locus gives the Reds and Blues a radio call, saying that they could have the chance to leave Chorus as long as they don't get involved in the upcoming battle between the Feds and rebels. They tell them that there is a ship waiting for them at Crash Site Bravo, and that they have one hour to make a decision.
12 17 00002.png
  • With that, the Reds and Blues go over some of the choices they have: they could lay low for a while and bring down Control and the mercs, but they will not be able to stop the two armies from killing each other; otherwise, they could go to radio jammer, shut it down, and transmit a message to Armonia before the armies do battle, but most of them might not make it back alive. Wash ultimately decides that he and Carolina will go to radio jammer and stop the mercs, while the Reds and Blues fly home. Although they are reluctant, Dr. Grey assures them all that this was not their war to fight and they have already done so much.
12 18 00006.png
  • In Armonia, New Republic soldiers infiltrate the capital while cloaked mercenaries spy on them. The rebels are then ambushed by the Feds, and prevent them from escaping. Doyle and Kimball then face each other, with both blaming each other about the state of Chorus' government. Doyle then retaliates by blaming Kimball and her men for killing the Reds and Blues, but this confuses them, concerning a group of Space Pirates nearby. One of the pirates kills a rebel with a sniper, prompting both armies to begin fighting.
12 18 00027.png
  • At Radio Jammer 1C, Locus and Felix are with a group of Space Pirates, with no word on the Blood Gulch Crew's decision yet, concluding that they have not taken their offer. Felix then spots a camouflaged Carolina and confronts her. Suddenly, Wash appears and holds Felix at gunpoint, but Locus appears and does the same to him. With the Freelancers captured, Felix orders the other Reds and Blues to reveal themselves. Caboose ends up giving away their position and two pirates go to investigate. However, they find an assault rifle on a crate. With Freckles installed in it, he kills one of the pirates.
Felix stabs Tucker.png
  • Wash and Carolina then engage Locus and Felix while the Reds and Blues take out the remaining pirates. Carolina ends up getting knocked out briefly while Locus and Wash have a one-on-one duel against each other. Felix goes off to search for the Reds and Blues until Tucker confronts him. They have a brief fight, but Felix easily overpowers Tucker. Felix then begins monologuing to Tucker about how he and the mercenaries have been deceiving the Chorus armies for years. He then realizes that the rest of the Blood Gulch Crew was going to sneak up on him, but he quickly stops them and then stabs Tucker in the stomach when he rushes at him.
Tucker recording Felix.png
  • Meanwhile, Wash searches for a cloaked Locus, but the latter begins to question him about why he continues to help the simulation troopers. He continues on by saying that Wash could have become "a real soldier". Wash, on the other hand, tells Locus that he is a coward, and only uses his "soldier" ideology to hide from his past actions instead of owning up to them, which results in Locus tackling him. Felix gets ready to execute Tucker until the latter reveals that Epsilon has been helping him run his helmet camera and that Felix's whole plan was recorded from the very beginning.
Kimball and Doyle learn the truth.png
  • Carolina and the Blood Gulch Crew then use the mercs' stolen weaponry to fire at the radio jammer, destroying it, allowing Epsilon to transmit the video feed to Armonia. Having witnessed this revelation, Kimball and Doyle order their respective armies to cease fire. The Space Pirates are forced to retreat and Dr. Grey treats Tucker's wound.
12 19 00005.png
  • The crew are then picked up by the Feds and Rebels and return to the New Republic Headquarters. Kimball tries to convince Doyle to move both armies into Armonia. Doyle refuses, but Wash and the Reds tell them they need to cooperate. Thus, Doyle says he'll consider moving the armies. Down at the radioactive lake, Carolina and Epsilon manage to decrypt the manifest they got from Alpha. Revealing that the true culprit behind the war on Chorus is an organization known as Charon Industries.
12 19 00013.png
  • Meanwhile, Felix and Locus talk with Control, who berates them on their failure to defeat the Reds and Blues. Suddenly, they are interrupted by the crew, who reveal Control's true identity: Chairman Malcolm Hargrove. Hargrove informs the Blood Gulch Crew that they may no longer surrender, but Epsilon lectures him on the Reds and Blues' plans to go to war with Charon.
  • Later, Hargrove asks F.I.L.S.S. about a package he received from Locus. F.I.L.S.S. tells him that it has already been sent to his "trophy room". The content of the package is revealed to be the helmet of Freelancer Agent Maine, the Meta.

Chorus-Charon War[]

13 02 00012.png
13 01 00019.png
  • A month later, somewhere in space, the prison frigate UNSC Tartarus picks up a lone Pelican. The crew find Felix on board and he "befriends" them before killing them. Locus and several other Space Pirates take out the remaining guards. Locus and Felix then "recruit" several of the ship's prisoners on board into their ranks for their war with Chorus.
13 01 00027.png
  • Counselor Aiden Price, who was imprisoned on the ship, requests to speak with Locus and Felix. He tells them about his previous affiliation of being the former Counselor of Project Freelancer as well as of another prisoner aboard the Tartarus who shares a history with the Freelancers, and how he might prove useful if he were "properly guided".
13 02 00019.png
  • In Armonia, Kimball and Doyle have a meeting discussing their weapons and food supply before bringing up the topic of their men's most recent assault. At Charon Research Complex 2C, a group of Feds and rebels commanded by Tucker, Sarge, and Carolina successfully capture the outpost and retrieve several of its weapons and equipment. Carolina then converses with Epsilon about a large, floating tower in the distance. A Blue Fed informs them that the tower is a temple and is seen as commonplace with the inhabitants.
13 03 00010.png
  • In order to learn more about the temple, Carolina and Epsilon call Dr. Grey for help. Grey discovers that Charon have been attempting to reactivate the temple and decides to further study it herself. Tucker, Sarge, and Caboose accompany her. All the while, Grif and Simmons retrieve several of Charon's hybrid weaponry, collected by Carolina's team from the research complex, and return it to Armonia's armory.
13 04 00020.png
  • Dr. Grey, Tucker, Sarge, and Caboose arrive at the Charon Excavation Site to find it deserted. While Dr. Grey attempts to decipher the alien text, Tucker decides to pull out his sword out of boredom. However, he notices a holographic panel activate nearby and goes to approach it. A red, alien-like hologram suddenly appears, startling Tucker, and causing him to swipe his sword through the panel.
13 04 00018.png
  • This reactivates the temple and releases numerous alien weapons. Additionally, this action also reactivates all the alien weaponry transported back to Armonia, as well as destroys all of Charon's hybrid weapons. The alien weapons at the temple then disappear when Tucker fails to communicate with the alien and a map is shown marking another location.
13 05 00016.png
  • Meanwhile, the mercenaries return to Crash Site Alpha. Felix, Locus, and the Counselor discuss their newest recruit, Sharkface. Suddenly, the tower shuts down and a pirate informs them that all of their weapons have exploded. Before going off to answer a communications request from Control, they notice a map that appeared marking the same location.
13 05 00005.png
  • At Armonia, Wash, Doyle, Kimball, and the Reds communicate with the remaining Blood Gulch Crew at Charon Research Complex 2C, who inform them about the tower's activation and how Charon's weapons have been rendered useless. Doyle suggests that they divide and conquer, in which Carolina, the Blues, and Dr. Grey follow the coordinates, while Kimball leads the charge with the Reds, Wash, and the Feds and Rebels to take down the tractor beam at Crash Site Alpha.
13 06 00016.png
  • Meanwhile, Felix and Locus contact Chairman Hargrove, who chastises them for their inability to eliminate the Blood Gulch Crew and Chorus armies despite all the resources he's supplied them with so far. So as a way to motivate the two, Hargrove shows them Agent Maine's former armor, which has been modified to run all the Freelancer armor enhancements.
13 06 00018.png
  • He then makes a deal with the mercenaries, in which if they can accomplish their mission, then he will allow them to use it; otherwise, he'll give it to another worthy candidate and carry out the mission that Felix and Locus failed, as well as kill them off. When the transmission ends, the two mercenaries go to join the other Space Pirates, having arrived at the map's location: a Jungle Temple.
13 09 00001.png
  • Meanwhile, Carolina, Grey, and the Blues venture off to the location of the map's coordinates. When they make a pit stop, Carolina suggests she practice deploying her Bubble shield but Epsilon persuades her to not push herself so hard. At Armonia, Kimball, Wash, and the Reds prepare several Feds and Rebels in their assault on Crash Site Alpha. However, Kimball has difficulty commanding the Feds, due to their lack of respect for her. Wash, as a result, persuades Kimball to have faith in them.
Counselor and Sharkface.png
  • Meanwhile, Price holds a counseling session with Sharkface while he armors up for his mission to kill the Freelancers. Although dismissive of him, Sharkface asks the Counselor how he ended up on the Tartarus. Price reluctantly answers that he believed in the wrong people, and admits he would kill them if it meant getting his life back.
Locus sees an illusion S13.png
  • Back at the Jungle Temple, Felix and Locus are told by one of their scientists that the energy beam in the center is a gateway and that only a "true warrior" can enter it. When Felix and Locus pass through, Locus finds himself stuck in a vision from his past in which his former UNSC comrades call him a "monster". Overwhelmed with what he was witnessing, Locus is sent back to reality. He then asks Felix, who also returned, what he saw, but he shrugs it off and orders all the Space Pirates to get moving.
Tucker charges into portal.png
  • Later, the Blues, Carolina, and Dr. Grey arrive at the Jungle Temple and learn its instructions. Tucker enters the gateway first but is immediately thrown out. He explains that he saw several illusions of Locus and Felix. Next, Carolina enters the gateway and also has a vision from her past, in which she sees illusions of the Freelancers dying as well as the Reds and Blues. However, she keeps this vision away from the others after she is pushed out.
13 09 00002.png
  • As a result, they decide to send Caboose in. Much to their surprise, Caboose passes the test and the group are introduced to an alien A.I. construct Caboose names "Santa", who Tucker encountered earlier at the Excavation Site. Santa explains that he was left behind by his creators in order to guard their sacred relics and that Tucker activated the Temple of Arms. He then reveals the existence and location of another Great Key on Chorus as well as a Communication Temple that will allow them to make contact with Earth. In addition, Santa also adds the Purge, a temple with the ability to cleanse Chorus if its inhabitants are not "deemed worthy".
13 09 00007.png
  • Unfortunately, a group of Space Pirates led by Sharkface eavesdrop on the conversation and ambush them. Carolina manages to protect her friends with the Domed Energy Shield, but Sharkface goes off to search for the key at the east mountains. He radios Felix and Locus of this information and Felix leaves to accompany Sharkface.
13 09 00015.png
  • Meanwhile, at Crash Site Alpha, the assault team launches their attack. However, they end up getting ambushed themselves when the Tartarus appears with more Space Pirates. Kimball contacts Doyle and tells him to send reinforcements to Alpha, but Carolina contacts Doyle too and insists they send a squad to the east mountains to obtain the key before the Pirates get there first and "end the world".

The Second Sword[]

Doyle obtains the key.png
  • As a result, Doyle sends squads to both Carolina and Kimball's positions and flies over to the east mountains with Donut and Lopez to get the key. Upon arrival, the two Reds drop Doyle off and fly over to a safer location to pick him up. Sharkface, at this time, arrives at the east mountains as well and awaits for Felix's arrival.
Freckles activates Aimbot 2.png
  • Back at the Jungle Temple, Epsilon tells Carolina that he can't hold up the bubble shield for much longer. So, Dr. Grey tells Freckles to run command "Aimbot", prompting Freckles to rapidly open fire on all the Space Pirates, killing them. The group is then picked up by reinforcements and fly to the east mountains.
Sharkface and Felix at East Mountains.png
  • At the east mountains, Felix arrives and joins Sharkface at the Temple of the Key but Santa tells them that the key has already been retrieved by Doyle. Meanwhile, Doyle scampers around with the key in hand and is forced to hide from the Pirates until Donut and Lopez can pick him up.
Lieutenants S13.png
  • Back at Crash Site Alpha, the assault team are forced to take cover inside the shipwreck as the pirates continue attacking. Simmons devises a plan of using the ship's engine's to create a smokescreen to cover their escape. However, when Bitters states that the area is getting hit hard with sniper fire, Wash, knowing Locus to be the source of the fire, decides to deal with it with the help of the other lieutenants.
Sharkface finds Away team.png
  • Meanwhile, Carolina, the Blues, and Dr. Grey arrive at the east mountains to search for Doyle but encounter Sharkface again. When he runs off Carolina chases after him. The remainder of the team then take cover inside a nearby cave when more pirates ambush them.
Doc is happy to be back.png
  • While in the caves, they find Doc, who thinks that they have been searching for him the whole time. But after telling him they have never noticed he was gone, Doc starts to show signs of a split personality similar to that of O'Malley and begins to repeatedly beat Tucker until Dr. Grey knocks him out. Donut and Lopez arrive to their location and they go along with Tucker and Caboose to go find Doyle.
Reds slow-mo car crash.png
  • Back at Alpha, Wash distracts Locus' sniper fire and gives away his position, prompting Bitters and Smith to shoot Locus away. Jensen gives the okay to activate the engine and the Reds release the smokescreen. The assault team then successfully makes their getaway. Wash makes one last radio call to Locus, telling him that he is just a killer.
Epsilon dematerializes.png
  • Meanwhile, Carolina engages Sharkface in an intense one-on-one duel, where Sharkface reminds her of what she did to him. As the fight escalates, Carolina pushes Epsilon to run multiple of her armor enhancements at once, but it is too much for him to handle. As a result, Epsilon suddenly dematerializes, causing Carolina to fall off a snowy cliff. She hits a few trees on her way down and miraculously survives.
13 12 00008.png
  • Elsewhere, Doyle gets cornered by Felix at a cliff and tosses the sword over, only for Felix to lunge and catch it in time. Tucker's group arrives to aid Doyle and surrounds Felix. However, Locus arrives in a Falcon, fires at Tucker's group, forcing them to take cover, and picks Felix up. After the two mercs leave, Doyle and the Reds and Blues, along with Carolina and Kimball's assault team, return to Armonia.
13 12 00016.png
  • Back at Armonia, Kimball is informed of Doyle's actions and gets into an argument with him, though Doyle stands by his decision. Kimball then scolds Doyle further, calling him coward and stating that he should've taken the bullet rather than give up the sword. As the argument escalates, Wash stops them and the two Generals return to their quarters. Wash then tells the Reds and Blues that they need to get the armies to cooperate if they want any chance of beating Charon.
Donut and Grey talk to Doc.png
  • Meanwhile, Doc is treated at the city hospital by Dr. Grey, who becomes interested in his split personality. Donut then brings Doc up to speed on the events that have happened on Chorus during his absence. The Reds and Blues, in the meantime, attempt to get the Feds and Rebels to cooperate, making them mingle with each other. Unfortunately, this only makes matters between the two armies worse. So, the crew decide to have Doc hold a counseling session for Kimball and Doyle.
Carolina, Epsilon, and Doyle.png
  • Elsewhere, near the city limits, Carolina has a conversation with Epsilon and asks him about his sudden dematerialization during the duel with Sharkface. Epsilon explains that he can't run multiple enhancements at once, prompting Carolina to apologize. She then tells Epsilon of what she saw in the gateway and fears of her new family dying. Doyle soon joins the two and comforts Carolina, telling her that courage is acting in spite of fear.
13 14 00009.png
  • At Alpha, Felix, Locus and Sharkface discover that they must kill the first wielder of the sword if they want to get it to operate; much to Felix's anger. After he and Sharkface return to their objectives, Locus speaks with Price, who is on board the Tartarus, about the Meta. Price tells him some insight on the Meta and asks Locus if he wants to know what Felix is afraid of, sparking Locus' interest. However, Felix interrupts and tells Locus that he is needed with the others.
13 14 00005.png
  • Meanwhile, the New Republic threatens to leave Armonia, while the Federal Army sets up a perimeter to keep them in, causing tensions to rise again. As a solution, the Reds and Blues have Doc set up the counseling session between Kimball and Doyle. The session causes the Generals to reveal their true perspectives on each other, where Doyle admits his admiration for Kimball's courage. Suddenly, the session comes to an abrupt end when the Space Pirates attack the city.

Charon's Final Assault[]

13 15 6.png
  • In order to survive Charon's attack, Epsilon proposes that they evacuate everyone and use Armonia's nuclear reactor to wipe out Charon's forces. After the Chorus armies safely evacuate, Carolina, Wash, and Kimball make their way through the underground maintenance tunnels to reach the reactor, only for them to encounter Sharkface again. Carolina decides to take him on alone while the others move on ahead.
Carolina apologizes to Sharkface.png
  • As their fight escalates to the streets, Carolina apologizes to Sharkface for what Project Freelancer did to his comrades. Though surprised, Sharkface tells her that apologizing won't change anything and proceeds to attack her. Meanwhile, Doyle and the Blood Gulch Crew reach the armory, but Grif accidentally gets Lopez stuck in the engine of the Pelican they were planning to leave on.
Doyle at reactor - jokes.png
  • So, the crew defend themselves from Space Pirates when they close in on their position. Fortunately, they manage to prevent the Pirates from entering thanks to their combined firepower. After Simmons manages to get Lopez out of the Pelican's engine, the crew board the ship. Before they make their getaway, Doyle decides to stay behind to keep the Pirates in Armonia, while the Reds and Blues escape. He then informs Wash and Kimball that he is going to set off the reactor himself and tells them to head to the LZ. Doyle arrives at the reactor and begins the overheating process.
Wash and Kimball kill Sharkface.png
  • Meanwhile, Carolina continues her fight with Sharkface, until Wash radios her and tells her to meet him and Kimball at the LZ. Carolina takes advantage of an arriving monorail to get there but Sharkface gives chase. The two continue their duel inside the speeding monorail until they arrive at the LZ. Carolina uses the grappling hook to throw a door at Sharkface, knocking him out of the monorail and into the street below. After clearing the LZ, Wash and Kimball come to Carolina's aid and gun down Sharkface, killing him.
Heroes leave without Doyle.png
  • As Doyle nearly finishes overloading the reactor, a Pirate suddenly attacks him but Doyle kills him. However, this destroys the reactor controls, forcing Doyle to detonate the reactor core himself. After dropping off the Blues to a secure location, the Reds return to the city to pick up Wash, Carolina, and Kimball. Kimball expresses her concern for Doyle, but he expresses confidence in his decision to sacrifice himself, just as she would have done.
Doyle ignites reactor.png
  • After they fly out, Doyle fires a sticky detonator at the reactor, which explodes and kills him along with any other Charon forces still in the city. Locus and Felix, who were on board the Tartarus, make their getaway just before the blast reaches them. As for the Blood Gulch Crew, Carolina, with Epsilon's help, activates her bubble shield to protect the crew's Pelican from the blast radius. The city of Armonia is destroyed.
Reds and Blues surround Epsilon.png
  • The crew then land at Crash Site Bravo, where Epsilon wakes up after cycling through his memories of the AI fragments, relieving the Blood Gulch Crew. Carolina informs him that most of their forces are scattered around Chorus and that the Feds blame Kimball for letting Doyle die.
Felix with sword.png
  • At the Jungle Temple, the sword activates for Felix and he tells Santa to prepare the Purge. Locus, however, expresses his concern for their remaining forces, but Felix disregards them. After Felix leaves to speak with Control, Locus asks Santa what it is that Felix is afraid of, but Santa tells him that the answer is obvious, before disappearing.
Feds and Rebels cheer for Kimball.png
  • Back at Bravo, the Blood Gulch Crew formulate their plan to take the Comm Temple as well as stopping the mercenaries from activating the Purge. Unfortunately, the Feds and Rebels still distrust each other, so Kimball decides to speak to both armies. After managing to gain the attention of the Feds and Rebels, Kimball gives a rousing speech to the soldiers, explaining that while they've done horrible things to each other they must now unite as one in order to defeat Charon. With that Kimball gains the respect of both armies.
Reds and Blues at Temple.png
  • The Blood Gulch Crew then return to the Temple of Arms and reactivate it, gaining control of numerous alien weapons and vehicles. They then venture to the Communication Temple with Kimball and the Chorus armies while Wash, Carolina, and Epsilon make their way to the Purge. In the meantime, the Space Pirates fortify their defenses at the Comm Temple.
Kimball with Chorus troops.png
  • Upon arriving at the Comm Temple, Kimball and Blood Gulch Crew lead the united Chorus armies on an offensive and overwhelm Charon's forces with the newfound alien weaponry from the Temple of Arms. All the while, Dr. Grey and the Lieutenants go to Crash Site Alpha and eliminate the remaining Pirates there. They then begin reactivating the tractor beams.
Felix and Locus, Wash and Carolina standoff.png
  • Meanwhile, Locus and Felix arrive at the Purge via Falcon, only to be confronted by Wash and Carolina. The Freelancers and the mercenaries then duke it out in one all out fight. The Freelancers ultimately reveal that their plan was to wear the mercenaries down and stall them.
Tartarus about to crash into Purge.png
  • On board the Tartarus, Price, realizing the situation is looking bleak, turns against Charon and tells the pilot to take the ship and leave. However, the Lieutenants and Dr. Grey use the tractor beam at Crash Site Alpha to drag the Tartarus down, killing the Counselor and destroying the Purge. The Freelancers survive the destruction and leave to rejoin their allies at the Comm Temple. Unfortunately, Felix and Locus survive as well and follow them.
Crew see Mantis.png
  • Wash and Carolina regroup with the others at the Comm Temple, just as the Chorus armies begin to overwhelm the Pirates. However, Charon's forces begin to fight back when they reveal to have their own Mantis robot. Because of this, the Freelancers decide to deal with the Mantis while the Blood Gulch Crew make their way to the Control Room. As a result, Carolina gives Epsilon to Tucker and the crew teleport to the temple's control room.
Felix surrounded.png
  • At the Control Room, Santa prepares the charging sequence so the Reds and Blues can transmit their message. Suddenly, Felix and Locus arrive at the Control Room via Falcon, forcing the Reds and Blues to hide. The mercenaries' ship then crashes at the Control room. Locus, too exhausted to fight, tries to persuade Felix to admit defeat, but Felix vows to kill the crew personally.
Felix falls to his death.png
  • Felix then confronts the Blood Gulch Crew but their teamwork overwhelms Felix and he is cornered. Locus, after realizing from Santa that Felix is afraid of him, betrays his partner, refusing to kill anyone else. Felix makes one last vain attempt to fight back against the Blood Gulch Crew, but Simmons fires a grenade onto Felix's hardlight shield. Tucker then tosses a grenade at Felix, blasting him over the edge of the Control Room and sending him plummeting to his death.
Locus disappears.png
  • Afterward, Locus becomes the new wielder of the sword, after Felix tossed it towards him in an attempt to kill him, and activates the Comm Temple for the Reds and Blues. He then leaves vowing to make amends for his past crimes.

Making Contact[]

Epsilon broadcasts message.png
  • With the mercenaries dealt with, Epsilon begins transmitting his message, detailing where the Reds and Blues' are as well as Chorus' location. The transmission reaches the UNSC Headquarters on Earth, a Sangheili Embassy where Junior is stationed, and even Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha where Sister has been living alone. Epsilon reveals in his message of the situation on Chorus as well as Chairman Hargrove's crimes. After Epsilon's transmission ends, the Chorus armies, having defeated the remaining Charon forces as well as destroying the Mantis, celebrate their victory.
Reds and Blues see Staff of Charon.png
  • Unfortunately, the Chairman, having heard the message, arrives in the Staff of Charon and it drops more Mantises onto the battlefield, in an attempt to kill the remaining inhabitants. Epsilon and the Blood Gulch Crew sneak on board to the Staff of Charon to shut down the Mantises. After finding F.I.L.S.S., the latter helps them shut down the Mantises and save the people of Chorus. Carolina, Wash, Kimball, Dr. Grey, the Lieutenants, and a couple other Chorus soldiers prepare a Pelican to extract the Blood Gulch Crew from the ship.
Reds and Blues prepare for battle.png
  • The Blood Gulch Crew, however, end up getting cornered inside the Chairman's trophy room by Hargrove's personal forces. With not enough time for extraction to arrive, the crew decides to make one final stand. Grif arms himself with the Brute Shot and Tucker dons the Meta's modified armor. As Charon's forces are about to breach, the crew, thinking that this will be their last moments, say their final farewells to each other.
Reds and Blues Last Stand S13.png
  • Suddenly, time stands still, and Epsilon asks his memory of Delta if he can record a message for him. In his message, Epsilon tells his friends that while he is grateful to them for giving him his own personality, he admits that it is also holding him back. Because he can't run the Meta's suit by himself, Epsilon decides to fragment his memories of the other AI to do so. He then says that Doyle helped him realize something he never thought about before: in which there are stories where a hero sacrifices themselves to save everyone else, but the hero never knows if their sacrifice made things better. He concludes his message by saying that in the end, they just have to have faith, before dematerializing for good.
  • With Epsilon's sacrifice, the Reds and Blues defeat both Hargrove and his forces and but grow saddened at the loss of their friend. The M374 Hephaestus Combat Suit is rendered useless, causing Tucker to switch back to his old armor.
  • The war comes to an end and the people of Chorus emerge victorious. Charon Industries is disbanded, Malcolm Hargrove is arrested, and UNSC Oversight Subcommittee receives a new chairperson.


  • Tucker activates the Temple of Procreation, causing the planet's inhabitants to be thrown into a ravenous sexual frenzy. During this, Tucker unknowingly impregnates countless women.
  • Kimball is elected President of the planet Chorus, with Santa acting as her adviser. Wanting to be left alone, the Blood Gulch Crew request to enter retirement, prompting Kimball to send them to the remote moon Iris and builds them new bases there.
  • The "General Doyle General Hospital" is established in honor of General Doyle and Dr. Grey becomes the head doctor at the facility. Lieutenants Smith, Bitters, Jensen, and Palomo become police officers of the planet.
  • On the moon, Sarge gets depressed after not dying on Chorus. Carolina struggles to relax and asks Grif for guidance. Caboose discovers dinosaurs and befriends them. Donut burns down their bases and loses 80% of their food. Grif eats the native mushrooms as a result while Simmons learns Esperanto, a dead language, thinking it was Spanish for Spanish.
  • Caboose gives Freckles a new body: a miniature Mantis. The Reds and Blues get rich after selling their movie rights to Hollywood and use the money to build a water park, until Donut burns it down. Tucker, Grif, and Caboose put together a band and have Carolina be their singer, but she is apparently tone deaf and they couldn't agree on a band name.
  • Sarge builds an evil robot army but they malfunction and attack the dinosaurs. Grif convinces Simmons that Game of Thrones really happened. Sarge begins to fight gravity itself. The crew vote on a new government: malarkey. Grif finds Donut's armor and thinking he was dead, buried it, only for it to be revealed skinny-dipping, leaving him naked. Washington grows a beard.
  • The UNSC attempt to place Chorus back under their jurisdiction but the Chorusans refuse, wishing to remain independent. Alfred Packard becomes the UNSC diplomat for Chorus.
  • The Blues and Reds start their campaign of vengeance. Along the way, they steal the power generator from a colony of refugees who Locus was watching over, causing all of them to die.

UNSC's Most Wanted[]

Fake Reds and Blues.png
  • Ten months following Chorus' victory over Charon, a group of soldiers posing as the Blood Gulch Crew launch a terrorist attack on a UNSC supply depot, leaving Church's helmet as evidence at the scene.
  • Kimball receives a message to be delivered to the Reds and Blues.
  • Peace talks begin breaking down between the UNSC and Chorus. The UNSC First Fleet form a blockade around the planet, believing the Blood Gulch Crew's terrorist attacks are in response to wanting a free Chorus. The UNSC propose military action on the planet.
Dylan and Jax meet Sister.png
  • Reporter Dylan Andrews investigates the crime scene at the supply depot and heads to Blood Gulch for more information. She is accompanied by her new cameraman, Jax Jonez, and the two meet Sister and Vic. They provide them with information on what the Reds and Blues did during their time in Blood Gulch while a soldier with a beam rifle spies on and follows them.
  • Dylan and Jax fly to Sidewinder and retrieve files from the Mother of Invention with intel on several missing Freelancers. They are suddenly attacked by the impostor Reds and Blues but are narrowly saved by said soldier, who informs them that he is looking for Tucker.
Santa with Kimball.png
  • The two fly to Chorus, where Dylan injures Jax in order to meet with Kimball. After receiving help from Dr. Grey and her own husband, James Adler, Dylan speaks with Kimball and Santa who give her the location of the Reds and Blues. They also give the message to deliver to the crew.
  • Dylan and Jax arrive at the moon and meet the Reds and Blues, where Dylan soon shows them the message from Kimball: a distress call from Church. Dylan also reveals the missing Freelancers, concerning Wash and Carolina.
  • The Reds and Blues head out to find the message's source, accompanied by Dylan and Jax, while Wash and Carolina search for their missing comrades. However, Grif, admitting to having had enough adventures, stays behind on the moon.
Grif left behind.png
  • In an abandoned city, Dylan, Jax, and the Blood Gulch Crew find one of several experimental relays that have been bouncing Church's message around the galaxy. Once Tucker confirms his identity to the soldier saying he "serves Lavernius Tucker", he reveals to be a process server called Spencer Porkensenson, and delivers a class action lawsuit from all the Chorus women who Tucker fathered illegitimate children.
RedsandBlues vs BluesandReds.png
  • The search for the Church message leads to Desert Gulch, where the Blood Gulch Crew meets the impersonators. Given their similarities, the two soldier groups bond rapidly. The Blues and Reds, led by Mark Temple go on to lead the others to their underwater lair, where they also find an old acquaintance: Doc.

War against the Blues and Reds[]

Temple confronts Carolina and Wash.png
  • Unable to find Agent Illinois in his refuge, Washington and Carolina decide to activate their recovery beacons to draw their hunters towards them. The Blood Gulch Crew, along with the Blues and Reds, come to their rescue.
  • In the Blues and Reds underwater lair, Temple leads Carolina and Washington to a room where he keeps dead Freelancers all frozen and having rotted to death within their armor. He activates the duo's lockdown to ensure both will die as well.
Grunts S15.png
  • Dylan grows more suspicious of the Blues and Reds after eavesdropping on a conversation between Temple and Loco about a machine the latter is building. With Vic's help, Dylan discovers Church's message was one back from Blood Gulch edited to resemble a distress call. Temple and Surge discover Dylan and render her and Jax prisoners.
Locus and Grif S15.png
  • Sarge abandons the crew and teams up with the Blues and Reds, wanting to continue to have something to fight. He helps them imprison the rest of the Blood Gulch Crew, who manage to do something hoping to get help: attach Lopez's head to a torpedo and fire it into space.
  • In space, Lopez's head is found by Locus. After catching up on the story, Locus goes to Iris, finding a Grif grown delusional and depressed by his loneliness. Grif is convinced to join the rescue mission.
Reds and Blues surround Wash.png
  • As Grif distracts the guards, Locus goes to Temple's "trophy room" to save Carolina and Washington. Once Grif is imprisoned, Temple taunts the Blood Gulch Crew with the real Church message before leaving with his team. Afterward, Sarge, having realized the error of his ways, kills the guards watching over Jax and Dylan, and joins Locus as he releases the Blood Gulch Crew from the brig.
  • To get a Pelican to fly away, they engage in a firefight with the Zealots guarding it, that ends up injuring Wash in the neck. Locus flies him away to Chorus to save his life.
    • The Reds and Blues from a alternate future travel back in time to help prevent Washington's injury, but inadvertently cause a paradox.
RVB 15 19 024.png
  • Dylan reveals what she and Vic discovered, that the Blues and Reds are targeting the UNSC's Earth headquarters. The crew flies to an island in the Indian Ocean, where their ship is shot down. On the beach, Lopez is again reduced to a head, who Sarge ends up throwing in the ocean.
Temple and machine.png
  • While the Blood Gulch Crew fights Cronut, Lorenzo and the Simulation Troopers, Dylan discovers from a scientist friend what Loco's machine does: it creates a wormhole to the past and uses the imbalanced energy as a power source, something that might create a black hole that can destroy the whole planet.
Church in the portal.png
  • In the Power Facility, Sarge accidentally kills Surge, Gene is left hanging above a lava pool, Tucker knocks out Buckey, and Loco is shot dead by Temple, who Tucker knocks out. Once the machine turns on, a portal appears behind Caboose, showing Church on Blood Gulch. Tucker tells him to pull Church through but Caboose decides against this, only briefly talking to Church. Once the portal closes, the machine goes haywire, and Dylan uploads Vic into it. Vic sacrifices himself to destroy the machine, which proceeds to vanish, but not before firing a beam on Donut.
Reds and Blues on Earth.png
  • Outside, Sister and the lieutenants of Chorus arrive. Once told that Wash is fine, the crew decides to leave to get food.

Pizza Quest[]

Donut electricity crazy S16.png
  • Everyone decides to get pizza, while Caboose sees Donut suffer painful time and space distortions before vanishing. Carolina goes along with the lieutenants to Chorus to check on Wash, while the Reds and Blues, now rejoined by Sister, leave for Sammie Raphaello's Pizza. Huggins is asked to follow the crew, while Muggins informs their master that the pizza quest has begun.
  • Hoping to avoid any "calls for adventure", Grif crashes the Pelican in the woods outside the pizza place after receiving a transmission from Locus. On the way to the pizzeria, Donut emerges from a pond and rejoins the crew (which includes Lopez, who for unexplained reasons was there following the crash).
Grif and Doc time gun.png
  • When they find that Sammie Raphaello's Pizza, along with the town it was in, was destroyed, Donut explains he became unstuck in time, got resurrected by a being he claims is God, and given time travel weapons that would allow for the Reds and Blues to fight the "Devil King". He proves this by sending them back in time a few days, only for them to be attacked by Kalirama, who destroys the pizzeria. Donut creates a shield, before sending different members of the Reds and Blues into different periods of time.
  • In a reunion with the Cosmic Powers, Atlus Arcadium Rex expresses interest in destroying the Reds and Blues.
Simmons Sarge watch John.png
  • Sarge and Simmons first emerge in Ancient Egypt, before Sarge decides to prevent his defeat at Broken Ridge - where he unwillingly makes things worse. He decides to then recruit three great soldiers from history - John, George and Alex - and form a superteam. Sarge's first mission is to prevent his defection to the Blues and Reds by pre-emptively killing Temple.
    • Once they arrive in Desert Gulch, Sarge has the others perform a distraction (by attaching the dying Alex to a Mongoose and having it run away) and shoots Temple in the back. He turns out to be an actor in Jax's movie re-enacting the events of the previous season, as the group arrived one year after they left, during which they were deemed missing. John eventually becomes the new Temple portrayer, George takes a job as Jax's assistant, and Sarge gets a role as an extra in Temple's "trophy room".
Caboose teaches cavemen.png
  • Caboose and Lopez appear in an unknown location (later revealed as Planet Reach), before Caboose, mistaking "change the past to the save the future" for "savings for the future", decides to look for a penny he found in the Power Station.
    • Their time travel leads them to 1914 Sarajevo (where Caboose unwillingly sets up World War I by selling his pistol to Gavrilo Princip), Freelancer-era Bjørndal (Coffee Man turns out to have two cups because Caboose asked him to get one for him as well), 871 Mexico (a sneeze by Caboose causes the Classic Maya collapse), the Pleistocene (after being attacked by a hominid, Caboose hits him with a bone and inspires them to use tools), 2003 Texas (Caboose helps some ugly guys form their company), pre-historia (Caboose teaches the early man to make fire; while forming a band with them and getting ignited himself...) and some various periods (...he also causes the fire of the library of Alexandria, the Great Fire of London, and the Hindenburg explosion).
Grog roars.png
  • Tucker and Sister emerge in Valhalla prior to Tex's crash, and decide to go back to Blood Gulch to confirm whether the two had sex (which they did not).
    • On the suggestion of Sister, they go back in time trying to have sex with famous people, causing the deaths of Paul Walker, Catherine the Great and Adolf Hitler, as well as Christopher Reeve's accident.
    • In frustration, they eventually arrive in Iris, drink antifreeze intended for Lopez, and mistake Atlus's arrival for a hallucination. Once Atlus's attacks don't harm them, he sends a cyclops to kill them, who is only subdued as Tucker punches him in the testicle. Atlus also sends the cyclops' wife, but Tucker and Sister instead use the time portal gun to flee to 6th Century England. Once Tucker's sword is mistaken for Excalibur, he is turned into the king of Camelot.
Doc OMalley returns.png
  • Grif, along with Doc, decides to go back to his college days to get pizza, but they discover Sammie Raphaello's is now selling calzones and strombolis, and three nearby kids never even heard of pizza. At Doc's suggestion, Grif decides to go back in time to invent pizza.
  • Given Italians invented pizza, Grif chooses to go there. However, he arrives much too early, during the time of the Roman Empire. After an attempt to convince the Romans goes wrong (Julius Caesar ends up killed), and while trying again in the 6th century, Grif decides to follow Doc's suggestion of using the time travel gun to save lives. But once Grif hands Doc the gun, Doc shifts into his O'Malley personality, attacks Grif, and flees through a portal, leaving Grif in the past.
Donut arrives in Camelto.png
  • Huggins, who had followed the two, introduces herself to Grif and reveals his sister Kaikaina is in the same time period. As a result, Grif decides to go after Kaikaina and her time travel gun while bonding with Huggins.
  • Grif and Huggins soon arrive in Camelot (now renamed Camelto) to find Kaikaina and King Tucker. Grif tells them that O'Malley has returned and all their time traveling is damaging the timeline. Donut suddenly appears out of a Portal and warns them that Huggins is working for the enemy. Grif argues that it's actually Donut who is working for the bad guys and gave them Time guns to ruin the past. After Donut is unable to get them to listen he leaves through a Time Portal. The rest of the group flees to the present day.
My Cat, Loki.png
  • On Chorus, Carolina is spending her days with Washington, who now has memory loss due to the brain damage caused by the neck injury. After the year where the Reds and Blues went missing, Dylan calls Carolina to show ancient art inspired by the troopers, revealing that they time traveled and shaped history. She then directs Carolina to a specialist in the subject: Jax.
Past Simmons says hi.png
  • In Jax's film set, Carolina and Wash reunite with Sarge and Simmons, who demonstrate the time travel gun by opening a portal to Ancient Greece, where Simmons talks to his past self as Sarge unsuccessfully tries to bring Achilles to his army. Caboose and Lopez arrive shortly after.
  • After a mysterious crewman directs Wash to the shooting of a scene, Wash repeatedly sees the re-enactment of his neck injury, which brings up a weird feeling in his brain.
Tucker Grif Cosmic Powers.png
  • At Huggins' suggestion, Atlus has a meeting with Grif, Tucker, and Sister, where they agree to bring the Reds and Blues to the Cosmic Powers, and Grif gets an energy sword. The three then reunite with the rest of the Reds and Blues on the film set (including an arriving Donut), and the crew leaves for Starseeds.
  • Jax's time travel shenanigans, bringing up Tommy Wiseau, Jeff Bridges, and Rodney Dangerfield for his cast, cause the studio to cut funding for his film.
Reds and Blues Hammer.png
  • Atlus explains the story of the Cosmic Powers to the Reds and Blues: the Cosmic Powers, who are actually powerful A.I., rebelled against their creator Chrovos and trapped him inside a labyrinth. However, Chrovos has been using his powers to manipulate humans, hoping to free himself. He influenced Loco into building the time machine and once it hit Donut, Chrovos pulled the exposed private to the past, where he gave him the time travel guns hoping he would cause a reality-breaking time paradox.
  • The group is then given a powerful Hammer that could seal Chrovos for good and are given time to decide if they want to pursue the mission. Caboose also gets the golf club wielded by one of the Cosmic Powers, Genkins.
Wash learns about his brain damage.png
  • After discussing the situation, Carolina reveals to Wash about his brain damage, not wanting him to go along deeming him unfit. Angry for not being told about this, Wash yells at the crew, specifically Carolina, and leaves. Donut then takes The Hammer and departs, feeling his friends don't value him as much as Chrovos.
  • Saddened by the situation, Tucker decides to prevent Wash's wound from happening in the first place, and the group agrees. Huggins hears this and, in frustration, decides to tell the Cosmic Powers, but Genkins shows up on the way and sucks her into a small black hole before Huggins can do so.
Huggins Black Hole 2 S17E6.jpg
  • Muggins informs the Cosmic Powers that the Reds and Blues are leaving and Muggins has died. Destiny and the Fates awaken and inform them that the prophecy about the end times is about to be fulfilled.
    • Huggins, still alive, exits the black hole after being sucked in, eventually finding what appears to be a Red Giant star. Her parents, Cheryl and Gerald, show up and explain that black holes are actually portals to the beginning of the universe. Huggins soon figures out that a Paradox occurred and goes forward in time to find the Reds and Blues and fix things.
Genkins Pizza.png
  • Donut returns to Chrovos, who asks him for The Hammer in order to gain power and kill the Cosmic Powers and their "agents." Realizing he means his friends, Donut refuses to give Chrovos the Hammer and attempts to trap him with it but is stopped by Doc, who is still controlled by his O'Malley persona. The two then engage in a massive fight throughout history by jumping through time-portals. Donut eventually emerges victorious and defeats Doc.
Donut attacks Chrovos.png
  • In the past, the Reds and Blues return to the Blues and Reds' Underwater Lair en route to their firefight with the Zealots. Grif smells pizza and follows its origin, only to find it in the possession of Genkins. Grif discovers Genkins was the one who destroyed pizza and set the Reds and Blues up. Genkins reveals he did it out of boredom and wants to become a real god rather than a poser, and Chrovos promised such power if freed. To do that, he needed a paradox to occur.
  • Donut returns to Chrovos once again and strikes him with the Hammer but Chrovos tells him he is already too late.
Paradox Whiteout.png
  • With Locus and Wash, the Reds and Blues would've stopped the Blues and Reds earlier, preventing Loco's machine from being activated and thus their time travel from occurring in the first place. With this knowledge, Grif runs to stop his friends, but Carolina succeeds in killing Wash's shooter. Time then comes to a complete standstill before everything turns white.


  • In the new timeline, Washington starts oscillating between his groggy post-imprisonment self and the saner one post-treatment given he was the catalyst for the paradox that split time. He frequently visited the General Doyle General Hospital complaining about a neck injury that was not there, inspiring Dr. Grey to indulge in insurance fraud by exaggerating about Wash's medical conditions, leading to compensations that financed a whole new wing for the hospital and a profitable enterprise for Wash: walking cannons for funerals.
S17E1 Genkins possess Church.jpg
  • Following the initial paradox, Genkins relives the Reds and Blues' history, taking control of Church. While in Blood Gulch, both teams also experience deja vu but cannot figure out why. Genkins soon leaves Church's body and departs to Chrovos' dimensional prison.
S17E1 Genkins talking to Monitor Chrovos.jpg
  • Genkins returns to Chrovos and sees Donut knocked out. He kicks The Hammer away and conversates with a still imprisoned Chrovos - first in a Monitor form and eventually in a female warrior body once Genkins asks him to appear in something to ease communication. Chrovos informs Genkins to continue meddling with time in order to form more paradoxes and fully free her from her prison.
Chrovos shows Donut timeline.png
  • After Genkins flees, Donut wakes up. Chrovos explains that even if the space-time continuum was broken by the paradox, Chrovos was sealed once Donut hit him with the hammer. But given the Reds and Blues, following the events, are trapped reliving their memories, Genkins is exploiting this explorable past - which Donut comes to name "the Everwhen" - by possessing A.I. individuals to change history, creating paradoxes that will break the force field. Chrovos gives Donut an example by showing Genkins, who is portraying Church, stop his death by jamming Sheila's cannon.
S17E1 Donut time travelling.jpg
Locus and Santa S17E3.jpg
  • Genkins changes more past events, killing Junior on the day of his birth, convincing Locus (as Santa) that Felix's greatest fear is knives, killing the New Republic reinforcements in the battle of Crash Site Bravo, making Epsilon self-destruct when confronting C.T., and killing both Tex and Andy during the events of Season 3.
  • After arriving on Chorus, Donut visits Dr. Grey at General Doyle General Hospitall, who tells Donut about the agent's recent history. In Wash's penthouse, Donut fixes Wash's oscillating by making him realize he had memories of two simultaneous timelines. After Wash catches up, both go to Chrovos.
Donut Washington Chrovos S17E3.jpg
  • Wash decides they will prevent the paradox by using his Time-Gun to intercept the Reds and Blues after he was shot, but before they save him and cause the first paradox. However, Genkins then shows up and uses a black hole to suck the time-portal gun away, preventing them from executing their plan.

Fixing History[]

  • Wash Donut Chorus S17E4.jpg
    Wash and Donut enter the Everwhen and travel through their memories until deciding to stop at a point during the Chorus-Charon War. There, they nearly convince the Reds and Blues of the situation but are intervened by Genkins, who takes Epsilon's form and triggers Wash's resentment toward a past-version of Carolina.
  • Donut makes Wash overcome his feelings of betrayal towards Carolina, who hid his brain damage from him, and reveals she convinced the others into traveling in time to save him, while she was well aware their actions may destroy time itself.
Agent Washington.jpg
  • Eventually, the two realize that in order to save the Reds and Blues, Wash must reveal himself to them at an earlier point in time before they chronologically met, hoping this will give them the necessary shock that Wash had when Donut saved him. Upon traveling back to Sister's arrival, however, only Donut arrives in Blood Gulch, given Washington was elsewhere originally.
  • Washington finds himself at the Island Fortress at the start of his Recovery One days. After a brief encounter with Wyoming, Wash realizes that he has to bring Carolina to Blood Gulch as well, otherwise Genkins will continue to try influencing her. However, Wash notices he does not know where Carolina was during this period.
Wash Carolina S17E4 (2).jpg
  • Wash travels back to his Freelancer days but is unsuccessful in getting information on Carolina's supposed future whereabouts until he vents his frustration to the Triplets. Iowa suggests traveling to a point in the future where he and Carolina are already friends and asking her then. Wash does just this and travels to a future point in time.
Wash and Carolina Halo 2 (2).jpg
  • After consulting Carolina during their retirement on Iris, she reveals that she secretly deployed herself within the UNSC after her supposed "death", in order to keep track of both Project Freelancer and The Great War. Wash then returns to the past and tracks down Carolina in hiding within the UNSC, just as she said. Washington convinces past Carolina to accompany him to a group of soldiers who will help them kill the Director, secretly hoping that she will recover all her memories upon seeing the Reds and Blues before they actually met, and vice versa.
Donut saves the Reds and Blues.jpg
  • Wash and Carolina's Pelican arrives concurrently to the one that dropped Sister off on Blood Gulch. With nearly everyone together in one place, Donut acknowledges the unexplained familiarity the Reds and Blues have when seeing two Freelancers they have never met before. This succeeds in restoring their memories, except Doc, who seemingly can't be restored due to the death of his present self. Genkins is then forced to retreat from Church's body by Caboose, who attacks him upon realizing he is possessing his dead best friend.
  • As Donut helps Tucker break free, Doc is also restored, showing he's still alive somewhere in the present timeline.
  • Caboose figures out how to time jump and finds Huggins in Blood Gulch. Both decide to seek moments where the timeline was broken by Genkins before meeting the others again.
  • Donut teaches everyone else how to time jump; following their first attempt, Lopez's head is retrieved so he can join the group as well. Huggins appears and tells the group to go after important moments that Genkins might have interfered with.
S17E8 Thumbnail (no logo).jpg
  • The Reds and Blues relive several history-changing moments and stop Genkins from creating more paradoxes: when Genkins tries to interfere with Tex's escape, Grif shoots the Pelican with a rocket launcher. Genkins then attempts at preventing the deletion of the Blues but Sarge orders a computer reboot. Genkins then tries to interfere during the crew's battle with the Feds at Crash Site Bravo but Tucker stops him and ensures the crew loses the battle just like last time.
  • Following some of the new paradoxes being fixed, Genkins goes after Chrovos and asks her for some real power to contain the Reds and Blues. Chrovos does so but is weakened as a result. Unfortunately, Genkins reveals he'll use this to both kill them and absorb Chrovos once she dies.
  • Washington decides to stop the original paradox and prepares to get shot. However, Genkins uses his new powers to stops time, prevent the bullet from hitting Wash, and lock everyone there: the crew is left unable to jump to their past selves, or use the Time Portal Gun to time travel.
S17E10 Imapled Genkins 3.jpg
  • After the battle is won, Wash separates himself from the past Reds and Blues, who leave with Locus in their pursuit of Temple, and joins the present-day Reds and Blues. They find out about the lockdown and open a portal to Chrovos' prison to talk to Donut, who has traveled back to Chrovos' prison. Chrovos recognizes the golf club being the weapon used by the Cosmic Powers to trap her. Combined with the discovery that objects can go through opened portals just fine, the crew decides to exploit this by impaling Genkins in the past with the club.
S17E10 Reds and Blues Nightmare 2.jpg
  • A wounded Genkins then teleports everyone to Burnstorm's labyrinth and traps the Reds and Blues, except Donut and Doc, in recreations of their worst fears. This labyrinth, an A.I. that possesses a humanoid avatar, motivates those trapped inside to kill themselves by leaping into a Black hole. Lopez falls victim to the labyrinth and leaps into the Black hole after being placed in a simulation of himself as a human.
S17E11 Donut and Doc.jpg
  • With Donut and Doc still having a fragment of Chrovos' power, she is able to transport them to the Labyrinth. Donut launches Coach Prestwood off a cliff, thereby saving Grif from a Black hole. Donut, Doc, and Grif then split up to save the other Reds and Blues.
Grif & Sister S17E12.png
  • Doc accepts his O'Malley personality and merges in order to save Washington from his labyrinth. Grif eliminates a false version of himself to free Sister from the labyrinth. The two move on to Simmons' labyrinth, where he is chased by a UFO demanding his penis for scientific experiments. Wash and Doc eliminate the soldiers that Sarge was fighting alongside with, freeing him from his labyrinth. Donut then meets a fake version of Tucker that claimed to have defeated the labyrinth but realizes he is fake when Tucker refuses to pick up his sword. Fake Tucker is eliminated by Doc, who is accompanied by the Reds and Blues, excluding Caboose and Carolina. Tucker is then freed from his labyrinth, which involved him losing everyone he loved. Caboose leaves the labyrinth single-handedly, saying that he thought it was trying to make him hungry. They then head off to Carolina's labyrinth.
Reds and Blues protect Carolina.png
  • Carolina confronts a past version of herself, while the Reds and Blues come into the fight to watch. While the two have an intense fight, Present-day Carolina is ultimately knocked down. However, she is freed from the labyrinth when she is accompanied by the Reds and Blues, who have surrounded the past version of Carolina. Carolina realizes that what she lacks in vengeful ambition she now has in her faith in her family. Past-Carolina is revealed to be the Labyrinth's avatar, who has been trapping them because he assumed they were going to free Chrovos.
S17E12 Genkins turns into Chrovos.jpg
  • Donut and the Labyrinth trick then Genkins into falling into the Black hole, where he believes will take back to the beginning of the universe in order to wreak more havoc. However, Genkins does indeed return to the beginning of the universe, assuming Chrovos' identity, and is left trapped and weakened in the prison.
  • The Reds and Blues then return to the original paradox and accompany Wash where he willingly gets shot at Temples' base in order to repair the paradox, seal the Everwhen, and fix the timeline.

A New Timeline[]

Reds and Blues S17E12.png
  • In the brand new timeline, the Reds and Blues meet together outside of Washington's hospital room after stopping the Blues and Reds, where Doc informs everyone that Washington is stable, although not completely without problems. Suddenly, Lopez appears before them alive and well, and informs them of his discoveries while traveling through time. The Reds and Blues simply stare and listen, unable to understand what their comrade is saying.
  • Donut leaves the group and begins his travels across the universe.
  • Jax Jonez pitches a script for a Red vs. Blue movie.
  • The Reds and Blues return to retirement, excluding Carolina, Washington, and Tucker.
  • Sometime later, Wash’s brain injury is fixed with cutting edge robotics and old kitchen appliances. He is later given the rank of Major and begins working for the Alliance of Defense alongside Carolina. Tucker also begins working for an unknown organization.

Search for Ultimate Power[]

  • Zero begins his quest for Ultimate Power.
  • Wash and Carolina are tasked with protecting an ancient alien artifact at Falcon Base, however, they get attacked by Viper, who manage to hospitalize Carolina, take the artifact and Washington, and torture Wash for the coordinates to ancient alien temples. After getting the information they need, they leave Washington behind in the now abandoned base along with Diesel, an agent of Viper.
  • Shatter Squad is tasked with picking up their newest member, Agent Raymond. After retrieving the rookie, Agent West informs the team of the assault on Falcon Base. Shatter Squad visit Carolina in the hospital and learn about the attack and begin training with a now recovered Carolina.
  • Viper agents Zero and Phase use the coordinates they got from torturing Wash and track an alien temple. Using the artifact from Falcon Base, they manage to activate the temple and face a group of alien-constructs. After defeating the aliens, they enter the temple and encounter the Guardian. They manage to kill the monster and steal the "key" stored inside it.
  • Axel and East seek the help of Tiny in hopes that she can modify their warthog for their upcoming mission. Axel and One later return to Tiny and learn of the new modifications she made to the vehicle.
  • West and Raymond return to Falcon Base and look at recorded footage of the attack through the deceased guards’ helmet cams. They eventually find Washington and run into Diesel. West and Diesel fight and Raymond shoots a rocket at Diesel, causing him to retreat to his group. West, Raymond, and an injured Washington return to the rest of the group.
  • Wash is put in the hospital and Shatter Squad take their new modified vehicle and chase after Viper, leaving Carolina at the base. Axel runs into Zero, causing Zero to somehow unleash a horde of alien-constructs to attack Axel. One, East, and Raymond chase after Phase and Diesel, until West flips Viper’s vehicle with his armor ability, akin to an explosive force field. Zero chops the back of West’s neck and defeats the rest of Shatter Squad single-handedly. During the fight he taunts them, calling Raymond "a pitiful field agent who doesn’t belong", East a "refuse of a botched experiment", and One "a failed attempt to recreate me". Diesel claims the key located at Starlight Laboratories.
  • Tiny and Raymond begin modifying sets of armor.
  • West is put in the hospital and One discusses the failed mission with Carolina. One mentions that Zero’s only missing one key, which leads Carolina to believe that Lavernius Tucker is the wielder of the final key and must be protected at all costs.
  • As Tucker is training some soldiers and bragging about saving the universe more than once, Viper attacks and kills many of his soldiers. Shatter Squad and Carolina intervene, with Axel and Carolina staying to fight Zero and Diesel while One, East, and Raymond escape with Tucker, with Phase close on their tail, who later blows up their vehicles.
  • Tucker carries East to a ship, but suddenly East reveals herself to be the perfect Holo Echo of Phase and stabs Tucker, killing him. Phase and East combine, take Tucker’s sword, and escape along with Zero and Diesel.
  • Tucker is revealed to have flatlined and is revived and put in the hospital alongside Wash, who is revealed to be recovering well from his torture from Viper.
  • One, Raymond, Axel, and Carolina confront West about East as he’s found fully recovered from his injures. West tells the story of GLASS, what happened to East, and reveals Zero’s motives.
  • Meanwhile, Zero, Phase, and Diesel arrive at the final temple and open it with the swords they’ve collected, ready to claim the ultimate weapon. Before going in however, Zero sends a transmission to Shatter Squad to gloat about their defeat one final time and informs them that his team have already opened the temple.
  • One rallies the team with a speech to go stop Viper, which causes the squad to suit up in their new modified armor in preparation to take on Viper.
  • Shatter Squad and Carolina arrive at the final temple. Carolina chooses to take on Diesel on her own and West stays behind to take care of Phase and East while the rest of Shatter Squad go after Zero.
  • Carolina manages to kill Diesel by strapping grenades to his “weak point” and claims his key while West let’s himself be beaten by Phase and East. While being beaten, West manages to stick a grenade to East’s back, blowing her up and fusing her back to Phase. After knocking West out, Phase decides to go help the rest of Shatter Squad take down Zero.
  • Shatter Squad is defeated by Zero again, allowing him to successfully claim ultimate power, which is revealed to be a helmet. Zero meets the Black Lotus, who allows Zero to use ultimate power to take down Shatter Squad, so Zero can be proven to be a true warrior. Zero begins fighting Shatter Squad, but is becomes weaker than before, as he is not able to fully handle the power due to his anger controlling him. Phase intervenes and helps Shatter Squad defeat Zero.
  • Zero is whisked away by the Black Lotus and One retrieves his key. Shatter Squad returns to base along with Phase and Carolina. Tiny manages to find West, who is then sent to the hospital from his injuries.


  • In Season 3, a bomb explodes sending the characters from Sidewinder, a snow-covered planet, to the Great Burning Plains. Sarge (with help from the other Reds) explains this by saying they traveled forward through time while Church allegedly got sent to the past, where he is able to affect the events of Blood Gulch. However, time travel is completely unlikely as the characters meet up with multiple characters from Project Freelancer and from their own past, such as Captain Flowers, who could not have survived/lasted through the presumably epic time leap. The Counselor even considers Donut possibly insane when Donut explains Sarge's theory to him in Catching Up.
    • It is possible Church only thought he was traveling through time, and merely "jumped" into the same computer system as Gamma, who was deceiving him. This would make the original representation of events the "truth," (Caboose being responsible for killing Church, Flowers dying of a heart attack, etc.) and the results of Church's meddling, (Church killing himself, Flowers dying of an aspirin allergy, etc.) just his imagination and Gamma's trickery. This still doesn't explain how the Reds and Blues made it from Sidewinder to Zanzibar, due to the fact that Sidewinder is shown as a perpetually frozen planet, meaning the tropical location would have to be somewhere else.
      • It's possible that the Great Burning Plains only appears to be a post apocalyptic wasteland due to the heat and energy released from the bomb temporarily melting the snow and ice at this particular area of Sidewinder or that the Reds and Blues were moved to another planet by an unknown entity, possibly the Alien. The latter is more likely, as they were able to drive the warthog to Zanzibar.
  • Throughout the timeline, the exact relations of the locations have been questioned, as they switch between being on the same planet and being an entire planet themselves.
    • The only "planets" named in the series are Earth, Sidewinder, Chorus and Iris. A fifth "planet", where Blood Gulch is located, has varied in relation with other locations.
  • In Season 1, Omega jumps into Caboose after hearing the low chances of survival before Tex attacked Red base. However, in the episode Silver Linings, Omega is shown to possess Caboose after he notices Future-Church, which was after Tex's attack.
    • However, given the possibility that Church only thought he was traveling through time, Omega's possession of Caboose most likely occurred in Season 1.
  • When York was first introduced in Out of Mind, he stated that his eye injury was caused by Omega, but in Season 9, Maine and Wyoming are shown to be real ones responsible.
  • Although MIA and Where There's a Will, There's a Wall have been confirmed canon, the period of time in which they take place is unknown as the events inside the Epsilon unit occur within a short period of time, with little jump cuts made, making the mini-series contradict in several areas of the timeline. However, because the Reds show their original personalities during the two mini-series and Tex does not appear in any episode of the two mini-series, it can be assumed that they occurred between Familiar Feelings and Captive Audience.
  • The amount of time the Reds and Blues have known each other has varied between a few years (6 to 7 by Singularity) to over a decade. This amount of time increases as seasons go on.
  • In Recovery One, when he is told about North's death, Wash states "That's the fifth one this month", referring to the deaths of freelancers with A.I. However, at that point, only one A.I. could have been taken, Theta. The rest are either destroyed, taken earlier, somewhere inaccessible or shown to be taken later (for various reasons, mostly involving the agent in question still being alive).
    • However, it is perfectly possible the Meta was also going after armor enhancements. In this case, he could have killed five freelancers for the equipment.
      • However, the Meta is only shown with the enhancements of the freelancers with AI.
  • In Recovery One, it is said that the Meta has only been active a month by the start of the miniseries. However, in Season 10, Maine is shown becoming the Meta years before Recovery One and the Blood Gulch Chronicles even take place.
  • Recovery One takes place a few hours after the events of Out Of Mind as it starts where Wash is recovering Delta from York. At this point, it can be inferred that the Meta is a high priority threat, as he is taking AI, and the Director is very protective of them and because the Director had Wash (a former "single digit" Freelancer) track him down. However, it had been over a year since the events of Recovery One (as it has been 14 months since the end of the Blood Gulch Chronicles) when Season 6 starts, and 1) The Meta had not been caught, and no signs have been shown that the Director had attempted to find him - someone who was taking his precious AI. 2) Wash was still recovering from South shooting him. And 3) South still had Delta, which is pretty impressive considering that they were evading both the Meta and the entire Recovery Force.