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Red vs. Blue: Zero is the upcoming eighteenth full season of Red vs. Blue. The season is co-directed and written by Torrian Crawford, Noël Wiggins, and Joshua Kazemi of Rooster Teeth's Death Battle, from a story by Crawford.

While central character models are still based on the Halo franchise, the season features environments and several characters using weapons and fighting monsters not featured in the Halo games, instead utilizing free assets from Unreal Engine, including monster designs from the cancelled game Paragon and weapons and character models from Ying Pei Games.

A first glimpse of the season was released in January 2020, showcasing a brief animated fight sequence between two unknown characters. Additional images and clips of other new characters were later promoted afterward midway through the 2020 year. The first episode, Viper, had an early premiere during the RTX@Home First Night livestream on Rooster Teeth's website, with a trailer being posted not long after, on September 15th, 2020.

It was originally set to premiere on October 19, 2020, but was pushed back on October 7 to November 9 of the same year.[9] The delay coincided with Rooster Teeth dismissing one of the season's cast members, Ryan Haywood.


In Red vs. Blue: Zero, a mysterious syndicate leader known only as Zero seeks an Ultimate Power, and a ragtag team of heroes and misfits called SHATTER SQUAD must work together to save the galaxy[10]


Shatter SquadEdit

Zero’s SyndicateEdit

Reds and BluesEdit


Episode List
# Episode Title Airdate (public) Running Time Description
1. Viper TBA 20209:30Coming soon...
2. TBD TBDTBDComing soon...
3. TBD TBDTBDComing soon...
4. TBD TBDTBDComing soon...
5. TBD TBDTBDComing soon...
6. TBD TBDTBDComing soon...
7. TBD TBDTBDComing soon...
8. TBD TBDTBDComing soon...

Other EpisodesEdit

PSA List
# PSA Title Airdate Description
1. Laundry Day February 8, 2020 Grif and Simmons instruct you on how to keep your Reds and Blues vibrant and clean!
2. Put Your Money Where Your Mouse Is February 15, 2020 Be the change you want to see! Sarge and Simmons demonstrate how to have your voice heard through internet petitions!
3. Spice it Up February 22, 2020 After 17 long seasons, the Reds and Blues think up new and interesting ways to keep things fresh!
4. Caboose's The Price Wheel of Cash: A Red vs. Blue PSA February 29, 2020 Join us for the high-flying, daring, adventurous hit new gameshow on this side of the galaxy! Your host Caboose pits Red Team against trial after trial in: The Price Wheel of Cash!
5. Visit the Doctor! March 7, 2020 After years of fighting, the Reds and Blues go to check in on their personal healthcare at the doctor!
6. Moving Out March 14, 2020 Join Grif and Simmons as they discuss an important step to adulthood: moving out!
7. New Tech March 21, 2020 The times have changed, and technology has shifted the way the world works! Join Simmons and Grif as they demonstrate the wonders of new tech!
8. Cyber Insecurities March 28, 2020 The internet can be a dangerous and volatile place! Simmons guides you on how to prepare yourself for the harsh cyber-land of the web, in Cyber Insecurities!
9. Snowed In April 4, 2020 Harsh weather is upon us! Join Doc as he shows you how to prepare for being snowed in! Just be careful to look out for the dreaded cabin fever!
10. End Preppers April 11, 2020 Prepare yourself for the end times! Join the Reds as they instruct you on how to work through numerous doomsday scenarios in End Preppers!
11. Amateur Voice Actors April 18, 2020 Want to know how to wrangle the fresh voice talent for your show? Sarge and Simmons have the perfect guide to working with Amateur Voice Actors!
12. Hitting the Mark April 25, 2020 The very best takes from the professionals on Red vs. Blue!
13. RvB Zero SDCC Clip July 25, 2020 Take a quick, behind the scenes look at the latest season of Red vs Blue. Buckle up, we're going ZERO to sixty this fall!



  • A brief glimpse of it was shown during the January 13, 2020 episode of the RT Podcast, showing two soldiers battling - the full version was later found in the website of the season's director, Torrian Crawford.
    • A second teaser was released on April 6, 2020, alongside other upcoming 2020 Rooster Teeth productions, showcasing Phase and Zero battling against a large creature wielding twin fire blades.
    • A third clip, featuring Agent One in action, was revealed alongside a teaser image on Torrian Crawford's Twitter.[11][12]
  • The internal name for this season was RvB meets Fast & Furious. [13]
  • Noël Wiggins‘ vision for this season of the show was to make it feel like a Saturday-morning cartoon. [13]
  • With 8 episodes, this will be the shortest season by that measure.
  • This season will be the first not to use Maya for character animation since Season 10, instead using the Unreal Engine.
  • This is the first season of Red vs. Blue to be delayed.
    • This is also the first season of Red vs. Blue to not feature the title characters in any capacity unless you include Carolina and Washington.
    • This is additionally the first season of Red vs. Blue to not feature music from longtime series composer Trocadero.



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