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Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide is the first official Red vs. Blue book. Written by Eddy Rivas and Burnie Burns, the book is the official companion to the longest-running web series in history. It was made available at book stores nationwide on November 17, 2015. A sneak preview of the book was shown to at the Red vs. Blue RTX panel on August, 9th, 2015.


  • Introduction (pg. 1)
  • [Warning] (pg. 4)
  • Character Dossiers (pg. 7)
  • Scouting Reports (pg. 59)
  • Vital Statistics (pg. 99)
  • Simulation Archives (pg. 127)
  • Page to Screen (pg. 191)
  • Conclusion (pg. 225)
  • Acknowledgments (pg. 228)

Simulation Archives[]

  • How to Build a Robot - A guide by Sarge loosely explaining how Lopez was built.
  • Washed Hands  - An interview showcasing the Counselor convincing Washington to join Project Freelancer.
  • Plans B, C, and D - A series of descriptions of O'Malley's ridiculous evil plans.
  • Donut's Super-Secret Diary - Donut's personal diary throughout the Blood Gulch Chronicles.
  • The Wisdom of Caboose - A list of ridiculous philosophical quotes from Caboose.
  • Hero in Maroon - A self-created RPG game coded by Simmons.
  • The Case Against Sergeant Grif - The Reds at Rat's Nest's compilation of Grif's crimes against them, between Season 5 and Season 6, and an audio transcript of Grif and Simmons selling ammo to the Blues.
  • Leonard + Allison - One of the Director's memories describing his first time meeting Allison.
  • Under the Sand - An audio transcript of a debriefing with Tucker before boarding the Hand of Merope.
  • Voices of Chorus - Logs written by Bitters, Palomo, Smith, and Jensen.


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