RvB Book The Ultimate Fan Guide

Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide is the first official book of the Red vs. Blue machinima series created by Rooster Teeth. Written by Eddy Rivas and Burnie Burns, the book is the official companion to the longest-running web series in history. It was made available at book stores nationwide starting November 17, 2015. More information on the book and method of ordering a copy online can be found at A sneak preview of the book was shown to at the Red vs. Blue RTX panel on August, 9th, 2015.


  • Character dossiers
  • Character-driven lists, such as "The Wisdom of Caboose".
  • Charts and statistics mapping character, world, and episode trivia.
  • Best Red vs. Blue quotes ever. Of all time.
  • Alternate stories and character arcs that have been abandoned due to time constraints or change in direction.
  • Spotlights on the key cast and crew of Red vs. Blue, featuring-behind-the-scenes stories and what the series has meant to them in their own words.
  • New, never-before-seen content: Includes some the annotated scripts of some of the most watched episodes, side-stories, expanded universe material, alternate endings, deleted scenes and trivia.
  • Original sketches and drawings.

Simulation ArchivesEdit

  • "How to Build a Robot" - A guide by Sarge loosely explaining how Lopez was built.
  • "Washed Hands"  - An interview showcasing the Counselor convincing Washington to join Project Freelancer.
  • "Plans B, C, and D" - A series of descriptions of O'Malley's ridiculous evil plans.
  • "Donut's Super-Secret Diary" - Donut's personal diary throughout the Blood Gulch Chronicles.
  • "The Wisdom of Caboose" - A list of ridiculous philosophical quotes from Caboose.
  • "Hero in Maroon" - A self-serving RPG game coded by Simmons.
  • "The Case Against Sergeant Grif" - The Reds at Rat's Nest's compilation of Grif's crimes against them, between Season 5 and Season 6, and an audio transcript of Grif and Simmons selling ammo to the Blues.
  • "Leonard + Allison" - One of the Director's memories describing his first time meeting Allison.
  • "Under the Sand" - An audio transcript of a debriefing with Tucker before boarding the Hand of Merope.
  • "Voices of Chorus" - Logs written by Bitters, Palomo, Smith, and Jensen.


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