Season 9 Soundtrack

The Red vs. Blue: Season 9 Soundtrack contains music from Season 9 of Red vs. Blue. The music is composed by Jeff Williams and features members of the cast. It also features other artists such as: Casey Williams, Sandy Lee Casey,[1] and Lamar Hall. The soundtrack is currently available on iTunes , Google Play , Amazon , and Spotify .

Track Listing Edit

# Song Title Artist(s) Running Time Featured In
1. Extraction Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Williams) 3:54 The Twins, Number One, The New Kid
2 Pelican Escape Jeff Williams 2:45 Evacuation Plan
3. The Terrible Demise of Coffee Man Jeff Williams 2:27 Season 9 Trailer, Rounding Error, The Twins, Realignment, Case File 01.045, Hate to Say Goodbye, The New Kid
4. Round 1 / Bullfight Jeff Williams 2:56 Captive Audience, Introductions
5. Maniacs Jeff Williams 2:04

Introductions, Lifting the Veil

6. Planning the Heist Jeff Williams 3:34 Planning the Heist, Whole Lot of Shaking
7. Pelican Cruise / Infiltration Jeff Williams 3:41 Son of a Bitch, The Sarcophagus
8. Sharkface / Rooftop Jeff Williams 3:20 The Sarcophagus, Spiral, Whole Lot of Shaking
9. Falling Towards the Sky Jeff Williams (feat. Lamar Hall & Casey Williams) 2:41 The Sarcophagus
10. Hell's Angel Jeff Williams 1:35 Hell's Angel
11. Spiral Jeff Williams 4:04 Spiral
12. Delta Birth Jeff Williams & Steve Goldshein 1:44 Labor Pains
13. Kill the Director Jeff Williams & Steve Goldshein 0:26 Hate to Say Goodbye
14. Can't Trust Anybody Now Jeff Williams 1:59 Hate to Say Goodbye
15. Locus Desperatus Jeff Williams 2:56 Season 9 Trailer, Rounding Error, The Twins, Case File 01.045
16. Round One Jeff Williams (feat. Lamar Hall) 3:43 Captive Audience, Introductions
17. On Your Knees Jeff Williams (feat. Sandy Lee Casey & Lamar Hall) 4:30 Introductions
18 Donut: The Musical Jeff Williams (feat. Dan Godwin, Matt HullumGus Sorola, & Geoff Ramsey) 3:59 The No. 1 Movie in the Galaxy: 2
19. Bow Chicka Wow Wow Wow Jeff Williams (feat. Jason Saldaña & Lamar Hall) 2:55 Where There's a Will, There's a Wall: Episode 1

Immortuous In Aeternum (from Immersion)

Jeff Williams 2:58 Immersion
21. The Dastardly Painter (from Rt Shorts) Jeff Williams 2:15 RT Shorts

Talkin' That Shit (from Rt Shorts)

Jeff Williams (feat. Lamar Hall) 3:49 RT Shorts, Camp Camp, Episode 5


Jeff Williams 0:48 Immersion
24. Pelican Reveal Jeff Williams 0:33

Number One, Spiral

25. Crazy Carolina Jeff Williams 0:32 Spiral
26. Such a Bitch Jeff Williams 0:15 None



  • This is the second Red vs. Blue soundtrack to feature songs containing lyrics in a language other than English. In this case, the song Extraction utilizes Italian lyrics.[2] The song Hell's Angel reprises a snippet of the song Plagam Extremam Infligere from the Red vs. Blue: Revelation Soundtrack, which utilizes Latin lyrics.
  • The songs Pelican Reveal and Crazy Carolina are not present on the album; instead, they were released for free by Jeff Williams on Rooster Teeth's forums. In addition, the song Such a Bitch is combined with Immersion as a hidden track.
  • Despite the fact that it appears on the Season 9 soundtrack, Donut: The Musical wasn't used until Season 13, and even then it was a five second appearance in one of the PSAs


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