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Red vs. Blue: Season 5 is the fifth full season of Red vs. Blue. It began airing September 30, 2006. The season continues the story when a ship lands in Blood Gulch, an evil plan is concocted, and friends become enemies; with the addition of two new arrivals: Grif's sister and Tucker's son.

It is the fifth and final installment in The Blood Gulch Chronicles.


The fifth season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue and marks the end of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. Three new arrivals keep the Red and Blue armies on their toes as they fight, bicker and argue for control of the universe's most worthless piece of real estate -- a box canyon in the middle of nowhere. In the riotous conclusion of the series that took the Internet by storm, The Blood Gulch Chronicles return with the usual gang of luckless troops -- joined by a mysterious stranger, a half-alien child, and a crashed ship. Together they discover a hidden world that could finally answer the question, "Why are we here?"


Red Team[]

Blue Team[]



Episode List
# Episode Title Running Time Description
78. You Can't Park Here 6:38 It's the happy day for the Reds and Blues as new arrivals upset everything in Blood Gulch.
79. Got Your Back 4:47 As a tapping noise begins to sound from the ship, Sheila abruptly leaves, forcing Church to retreat to the base. Believing the tapping noise to be Donut the Reds attempt to figure out how to lift the ship.
80. Baby Steps 4:08 Doc introduces Church to Tucker's alien son, Junior, while the Reds continue their plans to rescue Donut.
81. Sibling Arrivalries 4:50 Grif's newly arrived sister gets acquainted with her new friends.
82. The Grif Reaper 4:14 As Caboose attempts to see the new Red soldier using the sniper rifle, Tucker wakes from his coma. Sister explains to the Reds that Command has promoted a soldier and sent her to fill in.
83. In Memoriam 4:16 A very depressing funeral takes place at Blood Gulch Outpost #1, with everyone sharing eulogies.
84. Strong Male Figure 4:15 Church and Tucker admire the new abomination, while Grif reveals to Simmons that Sister is colorblind.
85. Yellow Fever 6:17 In order to keep her safe, Grif confronts the Blues and convinces them to take Sister.
86. Brass Tacks 4:10 Now on the Blue Team, Sister gets a tour of Blue Base and meets its members.
87. The Nesting Theory 4:21 The Blues are attacked by an angry Tex, while Grif and Simmons decide to enter the cave to look for Sarge.
88. Spelunked 3:33 Sarge and Donut go adventuring in the caves, while Tex and Sister have a little chat.
89. The Haystack 4:58 While the Blues decide to reboot Sheila, Grif and Simmons look out for bats and snakes.
90. Terms and Provisions 4:46 While Sarge and Donut find an unconscious Simmons underground, Church and Tex help Caboose with his womanizing skills.
91. Missed Direction 4:56 As the Reds find Grif, who claims that he was questioned by his captors, the Blues execute their plan.
92. Where Credit Is Due 5:15 The Blues decide to transfer Sheila's intelligence program to the ship's on-board computer. Meanwhile, Grif recounts his interrogation.
93. Biting the Hand 5:37 While Tex tells the Blues about her adventures with York, the Red team discover a surveillance system in the cavern.
94. Tucker Knows Best 4:13 After giving his son, Junior, some life lessons, Tucker, along with Church and Tex, go investigate the Red base.
95. Loading... 5:19 The Reds decide to take control of the deserted Blue base. Meanwhile, Sheila, now uploaded into the ship, tells Caboose about Omega's whereabouts.
96. The Wrong Crowd 4:20 While Simmons hears an echo in the cavern and leaves to investigate, Tex interrogates Church.
97. Uncommunicado 6:56 While the Blues are ambushed by Wyoming and Gamma, the Reds find Andy, who tells them that Omega has infected a revived Captain Flowers.
98. Same Old, Same Old 5:50 While Caboose leaves Sheila to go rescue his teammates, Tucker finds out that Wyoming has the ability to time loop.
99. Repent, the End Is Near 6:45 As Omega begins his master plan, the Wyoming clones wreak havoc in Blood Gulch.
100. Why Were We Here? 17:02 In the finale of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, the Reds and Blues attempt to stop Omega at all costs, before he is able to execute his plan of enslaving an entire alien race. It's the end of many things, but it ain't over 'till it's over.

Other Episodes[]

Planning to Fail[]

Grif, Simmons and Sarge share their plans for dealing with a zombie invasion with Doc, while the Blue Team pretends to be zombies to scare the Reds so they can capture the Red flag.

Let's All Go to the Movies[]

Church and Grif present scenarios of common annoyances in movie theaters.

You Know What We Mean[]

Simmons and Grif begin to present a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays message but are interrupted by Doc who explains that the holidays can be offensive to many people.

Go, Go Gadget[]

Grif and Simmons complain of the constantly advancing state of current technology, seemingly rendering each device obsolete shortly after release. Sarge argues that the best way for a gadget to remain high-tech is to never make it into the public's hands, and that money should be contributed to items that "don't exist, and hopefully never will". Some examples are HHD DVVDD BVD players, Red-ray discs and MP48s.

European Machinima Festival 2007 Video: Going Global[]

Church and Tucker introduce a series of RvB videos designed for different countries in Europe (and Japan) and comment on them.

The Silverlight 2007 Video: Sweating the Details[]

This video features Scott Guthrie, the General Manager for Microsoft Silverlight. Sarge was expecting Scott to attack the Blue Team but since Sarge considers General Managers as pencil-necked weaklings he decided to paint Donut blue. Scott briefly explains the features of Silverlight before being shown around Blood Gulch. On encountering Donut they let Scott shoot Donut thinking that he would miss. They were surprised to find out that being a General Manager had a lot in common to shooting Donut: being accurate (shooting Donut in the visor), knowledgeable (knowing it was Donut), having fun (shooting Donut in the first place) and being thorough (shooting Donut again then using a grenade on him).

Halo 3 Preparations[]

On July 31, 2007, an unnamed, five-episode series premiered on five retail websites, including those of Best Buy, Circuit City, and Gamestop. These episodes detail the Red Team's transition from Halo 2 to Halo 3; Sarge introduces his men to the new graphics, weapons, and vehicles. Segments are intermixed with comments made by Church and Tucker, who are spying on their activities.

Upward Mobility[]

Sarge explains to the Reds about the basis weapon changes in Halo 3. He shows the change in the Needleras an example.

Personal Spaces[]

Sarge explains to the Reds about the new vehicles in Halo 3, like the Mongoose.

Fully Equipped[]

Sarge explains to the Reds about a new feature in Halo 3: Equipment.

Open House[]

Sarge explains to the Reds about the new locations in Halo 3. Church shows them a few maps they can choose from.

Moving Day[]

The Reds and Blues begin unpacking their bases for their move to Halo 3.

Beta Complex[]

Released in high-definition on the Xbox Live Marketplace and on the general site, Simmons and Sarge, in an attempt to calm down avid fans waiting for the public Beta test of Halo 3, play them a video introduction in which the cast of Red vs. Blue welcome them to the Beta, and point out many of its features as well as possible problems.

New Digs[]

The Reds and Blues pick their new teams and explore the new bases and equipment of Valhalla. The Reds discover new motorbikes while Donut has fun with the "man cannon". Meanwhile, the Blues discover several weapon enhancements.

Getting the Call[]

Sarge calls Church, Tucker, Grif and Simmons together to explain Master Chief's image wants to protected and that a new understudy will be chosen. After explaining the various criteria each candidate was judged on, Sarge eventually reveals the new understudy to be Tex. As compensation, he offers the others roles as stunt doubles with screen tests consisting of them being shot or blown up.

Turn On, Tune In, Zune Out[]

Available on limited edition Halo 3 branded Microsoft Zune media devices, this video was also created with the Halo 3 Beta engine. The cast go over the various functions of the Zune, though they lament how the local radio stations (in particular three ran by Sarge, Tucker and Doc) they can receive have poor content, and the pictures they can share are only of Sarge injuring Church over and over again.

The Spike TV VGA 2007 Video: Bungie Labs[]

The Reds and Blues showcase a scientific video for Spike TV's 2007 VGA Awards.


The group journeys through the newest Halo 3 maps. They get a grand tour with Guilty Spark's stunt double, Ralph, exploring the Foundry, Rat's Nest, and Standoff maps, and describing the capabilities of Forge. In Foundry, Simmons creates a mancannon for firing objects at Grif. Ralph explains the layout of Rat's Nest while discouraging Church from touching a twenty megaton warhead. The Reds are impressed by the base in Standoff, which Caboose claims to have created. Ralph concludes by announcing the release date for the maps.

Rules of the Game[]

Church and Simmons explain the rules and regulations of the new hit sport known as Grifball. And also Sarge is pleased by this sport because you get to kill Grif as many times as you want and, according to Caboose, "It's fun because you get to use a hammer!"



  • This is the second longest season of the series in terms of episodes, behind Season 14.
  • This is the only season of The Blood Gulch Chronicles not to be remastered. This is due to the season already being produced in high definition.
  • On the DVD re-release, the Warthog song in the final episode is replaced by an original Trocadero composition.

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